Latest HR Coordinator Job Description 2021 – Duties & Salary

HR Coordinator Job Description

Who is an HR Coordinator?

A human resource coordinator is responsible for resolving issues raised by employees in an organization. He or she coordinates with all the other HR functions and performs activities required to provide support. It is a “generalist” role and depending on the requirement of an organization, the role can be customized to supplant one KRA with another.  To ensure all functions and programs about an employee lifecycle run efficiently, organizations hire HR coordinators to facilitate the same. A human resource coordinator is a go-to person for employees on all issues faced by them from joining to leaving. We will discuss the HR Coordinator Job Description here.

Larger organizations have well-established HR structures and more defined HR teams with a clear demarcation between generalist and specialist roles. They have separate teams for recruitment, learning, and development, competency, performance management, compensation benefits, Separation, and administration. In that case, HR coordinators play a key role in efficient governance, negotiation, resolution, and a liaison between employees and the specialist teams.

HR Coordinator Job Description

While different companies will have different key responsibility areas (KRAs) earmarked for an HR coordinator role, basic responsibilities remain the same. They focus on maintaining a high growth rate and employee satisfaction index by facilitating the people and process functions. Continuous learning programs, reward, and recognition, onboarding, engagement practices are some such functions where an HR coordinator is required to facilitate.

Usually, HR Coordinators are required to report to the People Operations manager or director and work in collaboration with the center of excellence teams in people management such as Compensation Benefits, Recruitment, Competency Management, Diversity and Inclusion, Learning and Development. They are also expected to be self-starters who can work autonomously and have a deep sense of ownership. HR Coordinator is also expected to work towards building a strong company culture of inclusiveness through quality people practices.

Here’s an indicative list of what may be required in the job:


  • Identify future requirements in discussion with business teams and inform the recruiters to form a hiring strategy depending on skill requirements
  • Collaborate with recruiters for screening, interviewing process to check organization fit and core value alignment
  • Keep business informed about hiring status and expected joining dates
  • Build a contingency plan in collaboration with account managers in case of delayed joining
  • Onboarding the new joiners
  • Manage administrative duties for new joiners and contracted employees

Talent Management

  • Keep track of internal account requirements and talent pipeline
  • Have a workforce plan ready for upcoming requirements that can be fulfilled with the internally available talent pool
  • Role movements and better fitment due to promotions
  • Maintain a database of employee skills, training, performance, role aspirations to match and map accordingly
  • Keep track of contracted employees and work the administrative responsibilities regarding contract extension or release
  • Fulfillment of open requirements through employee attrition
  • Plan for a succession of critical talent
  • Assist supervisors with performance management especially feedback mechanism

Employee Engagement

  • Develop an engagement strategy for business units
  • Appropriate allocation of company budget for employee welfare
  • Grievance and query handling by providing adequate support through complete awareness of company policies
  • Drive company’s initiatives for people welfare and location-specific events
  • Drive participation among employees for engagement practices or people initiatives
  • Build a culture of robust communication using all available means of internal communication channels
  • Network with external agencies to organize events to boost the morale of employees and invite inspirational speakers
  • Employee Retention initiatives especially in areas where high attrition happens
  • Conduct employee engagement surveys and collect feedback
  • Create an action plan based on survey results and conform to the plan to improve engagement scores

Reward and Recognition

  • Build an apt reward and recognition strategy which is suitable and relevant
  • Work on the allocation of necessary budget for reward
  • Track employee milestones – personal and professional such as anniversaries/ birthdays/ long service awards
  • Applaud, on-the-floor appreciation, pat on the back, Client appreciation recognition to be recorded for increased commitment

Diversity and Inclusion

  • Actively work with the recruitment team to identify alternate recruitment channels for accessing a more diverse talent pool
  • Network with associations where a company may invest to build a culture to promote diversity
  • Create and implement diversity initiatives into the engagement calendar
  • Drive all diversity and inclusion related events within the account

Learning and Development

  • The survey, interview and chalk up a Training need analysis for the account
  • Maintain a record of employee learning and skill training 
  • Collaborate with the Learning and Development team to identify training sessions
  • Build a training calendar for the account 
  • Identify upskilling requirements for employees
  • Partner with third-party training organizations to invite external trainers
  • Identify training needs for supervisors especially in areas of people management


  • Personnel filing and documentation of contract employees, new joiners, and existing employees
  • Arrangement for travel, dinners, and other logistical requirements for events
  • Arrangement of logistics by coordinating with third vendors/suppliers for gifts, gift cards, or coupons


  • Conduct exit interview
  • Handle procedures of off-boarding
  • Documentation for contract termination, retirals for exiting employees or contract employees


  • BA/BS degree 
  • 3-4 years of experience in a people management role
  • Exposure to industry-leading practices in employee engagement, recruitment, and employee welfare
  • Broad knowledge of generic administrative responsibilities
  • Previous experience working with HR analytics/ or analysis tool is preferred
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint

Skills needed

The ideal candidate is expected to have the below skills:

  • A dynamic contributor who likes to get things moving
  • Adapts to changes and knows how to deal in ambiguous situations
  • Takes initiative and is a self-starter
  • Strong presentation and communication skills
  • Strong understanding of corporate functions
  • Result oriented with a problem-solving bent of mind
  • Analytical abilities to discern a problem, identify trends and come up with a solution
  • Strong sense of accountability and ownership for the account
  • Quick Turnaround Time (TAT) for queries or offering solutions to a problem
  • Excellent time management skills and ability to meet deadlines

Above all, a company hires an HR Coordinator to help build a cohesive company culture and better engagement of employees. Therefore an HR Coordinator is expected to be a person who is a team player who is genuinely a people’s person with a ready to help attitude.

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Latest HR Coordinator Job Description 2021 – Duties & Salary

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