Wells Fargo Teller Job Description – Duties and Salary

Wells Fargo Teller Job Description, Duties, Salary

Wells Fargo was established in 1852, and its head office is in San Francisco. We will discuss Wells Fargo Teller Job Description here in this article. Its vision is to meet its clients’ investment requirements and assist them to excel economically.  With a value of $1.92 trillion, Wells Fargo is one of the most expanded companies that deal with banking services.  The multi-trillion company contributes a lot to the financial market regarding banking, mortgage products, services, and investment. In the United States, Wells Fargo has roughly 265,000 staff members hence benefitting one within three family units. In 2020, Wells Fargo was positioned No. 30 as American’s biggest company on Fortune’s rankings. You can find them on their website for more news, perspectives, and insights about Wells Fargo.

Additionally, branching banking serves more than 70 million consumers and minor business clients throughout issuing network comprising of retail branches, mobile banking, ATMs, the internet (wellsfargo.com), and digital channels, providing investment outcomes and services to consumers and minor businesses pass roughly 5,200 retail financial transaction branches and higher than 13,000 ATMs within 37 states. 

Washington D.C. Branches incorporate Business Initiatives, Distribution Strategies, Business Performance & Accountability, Regional Banking, the Business Development Office, the Affluent Segment and Strategy team, and Wells Fargo At WorkSM, and Future Banking. 

Small Business Banking (CSBB) and consumers are at the company’s focus to restore trust and modify the way it serves its clients and consumers.  Delivering to the consumers is its primary goal, and it’s pleasing to be an industry leader in many small business areas and consumers, along with small business lending, retail deposits, purchase volume, and debit card transactions. With their employees committed to serving the consumers, it is displayed within their market position as a result of the great work.

The company’s desire to build a strong worth proposition for the customer and minor business sections by recognizing openings and chances and constructing potential to modify how to engage consumers and deliver advice. Whether you prefer to work on a full-time or part-time job that offers different advantages, Wells Fargo teller may be the right decision for you to consider as you get to connect and interact with different people from different backgrounds.

Wells Fargo Teller Job Description

Duties of a Wells Fargo Teller

  • Being a Wells Fargo teller, you’ll be mandated to provide comprehensive services concerning investments to clients. 
  • As well as processing deposit and withdrawal requests from the customers will be among some of your major obligations.  
  • A teller should always ensure that he/she serves the customer to the satisfaction to trigger the customers’ desire always to want to return. 

The key responsibilities of a Well Fargo teller are not limited to:

  • Adhering to the organization’s policies always.
  • Rectify discrepancies in auditing operations. 
  • Welcoming customers as well as appreciating them for their visits.
  • Processing deposits and withdrawal requests.
  • Confirm and resolve balances for independent money 
  • Replying to phone calls appropriately and efficiently.
  • Pinpoint and sort out customer requirements in a timely fashion. 
  • Contributing to numerous investment affairs.
  • Strengthen customer honesty.
  • Help out and back up other banking members in their jobs.
  • Secure standard services to clients.


In case one is selected to move forward in the process, the following steps for this task can be:

  • An online evaluation and a video screen. 
  • A profile should include a working email address for frequently examining if the requests for the projects will be emailed to you.
  • As for internal candidates, they must apply through the jobs site on Teamworks or Teamworks at Home. They should make sure their profile lists a personal (external) email address as their primary email so they can receive communications and complete these potential activities. 

One can refer to the Team Member Handbook for more information on the internal Job Opportunities Process. To take part in various option projects, you are required to reply to a request. A text message and email can both be sent as a request. In the contact details of your application, your account should possess a cell phone number for you to obtain a text message request. Wells Fargo is searching for brilliant individuals who will position their customers at the middle point of all they do. They are looking for candidates who accept the variation, equity, and involvement in a workplace where everybody feels motivated and cherished.

Required Qualifications

  • 1 + year of competency to communicate with people, indicated through education, work, or military.

Desired Qualifications

  • Cash handling experience.
  • Previous experience working with colleagues to meet clients’ requirements. 
  • The capacity to connect and educate clients to innovation besides sharing the importance of mobile banking alternatives.
  • Being able to adhere to the policies, regulations, and procedures.
  • Customer service center with competence resolving difficult transactions over numerous systems.
  • Capable of spotting likely deception/ unsafe accounts and implies applicable measures to avoid damages.
  • Able to practice penalties, adhere to the policy guidelines, and raise questions to the authority.
  • Experienced with motivated sourcing, maintaining relationships with customers, colleagues, building, and acquiring. 
  • Capable of communicating with honesty and professionalism with staff members and clients.
  • Well-organized, able to organize in a quick-paced environment, and independent.
  • Applicable military encounters include wartime readiness operations, processing military personnel orders or transitions, human resources or military recruiting, and personnel benefits management.

Other Desired Qualifications

  • Multilingual speakers are highly encouraged to apply.

Job Expectation

  • Able to work on holidays and weekends as scheduled or required.
  • Able to stand for a longer duration of time.

Wells Fargo Teller Working Hours

  • This position of a teller can be attainable for a part-time or full-time job. 
  • Part-time workers might be programmed to work for an average of 20-30 hours per week. 
  • Full-time workers will have no choice but to work for consistently 40 hours every week.
  • Working overtime is out of the picture as it hardly occurs since the job is well integrated. 
  • Moreover, your office working hours are quite ideal, within this position.
  • Working days are mostly tiresome with longer hours of work than Saturday with fewer working hours, and shifts are regularly interchanged between the staff.
  • Besides, you’ll take a rest mostly on holidays.

Work Environment for a Wells Fargo Teller 

  • Mainly work indoors.
  • Work within a few meters of customers throughout banking transactions.
  • Work with the bank’s policies.
  • Working in a quiet place. 
  • Work under supervision.
  • Working under high security.

Work Performance as a Wells Fargo Teller

  • Beat the exact deadline every day.
  • Must be a strong team player who enjoys helping others.
  • Following proper procedures to minimize errors.
  • Provides exceptional customer service.
  • Redo the exact conceptual tasks, for instance, calculating money.
  • Working with Wells Fargo’s most important asset.

Wells Fargo Salary Teller

  • The minimum salary range of a Wells Fargo teller is between $12-13 per hour. 
  • You can expect a higher starting income in case you have a prior banking competency or understand a second language.
  • Furthermore, as a Wells Fargo teller, you can earn bonuses associated with the progressive promotion of several investment affairs. 
  • Other than the compensation packages, you will be entitled to comprehensive benefits. 
  • All full-time workers are in a position to acquire paid time off, health insurance, and employer-matching 401k. 
  • Keep in mind that: For qualifying degree programs, tuition compensation is sometimes accessible.

Risk and Protection

As a Wells Fargo teller, you’ll be provided with insured benefits involving disabilities and death coverage. The staff is also protected by Business Travel Accident insurance during the traveling on company business.

Health and well-being

All the staff acquires medical protection and access to equipment so those who come across any health issues can bring about positive changes for the future.

Time Away

Wells Fargo’s time away schedule gives a diversity of choices to adapt to life occasion, for instance, loss of a family member, illness, birthday, going on a holiday, and more. The company maintains that staff is at good when they have had an opportunity to rest and resolve personal issues.


Any person who owns an excellent standard of professionalism as well as a friendly attitude. For those people who dislike working until late at night, this position as a Wells Fargo teller will be a great match for them since it has stable working hours.  

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Wells Fargo Teller Job Description – Duties and Salary

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