Volunteer Coordinator Job Description and duties

Volunteer Coordinator Job Description

Have you ever wondered how volunteers perform all their work perfectly? How do volunteers help you to understand the role of organizations easily? Do you know the person behind volunteer training and Coordination? Well, that is the job of the volunteer coordinator. If you have ever volunteered and managed teams, you can become a volunteer coordinator. 

The job of Volunteer Coordinator is diverse and works of leaders. They perform various responsibilities to manage several elements of volunteering for the organization. It includes identifying, recruiting, and managing volunteers within the organization’s goals. They either work within a company or perform on behalf of organizations that require volunteers. The educational requirements for the Volunteer Coordinator change with every organization.  Organizations prefer Bachelors in Human Resource, business administration, or related fields. Volunteer Coordinators didn’t just need leadership skills, but they had few other skills to communicate, manage, and market the volunteering projects. 

If you want to become a Volunteer Coordinator, you have to broaden yourself with the organization’s requirements. Different organizations ask for diverse job requirements for volunteer coordinators. We have detailed the information which organizations post in the Volunteer Coordinator Job Description.  

Volunteer Coordinator Job Description

The job of a Volunteer Coordinator is to recruit volunteers and give guidance and consultation to the volunteers. They confirm that the volunteer interest and the organization’s interests get served at the same time. They have to instruct and train volunteers for designated positions. The Volunteer Coordinator coordinates the chosen volunteers about the upcoming events and assigns them duties. They inform the volunteers through different communication methods like newsletters. 

The volunteer Coordinator’s major is to recruit volunteers in the organization and ensure it remains fully staffed. They use various marketing tools and help from the existing volunteers to enroll the new one. Some of the marketing tools they use are email letters, volunteer databases, outreach events, etc.  

 It’s the job of the volunteer coordinator to respect and convey the values of the organization to others. Most of the time, volunteer coordinators work for Non-Profit Organizations to serve their mission. Organizations choose volunteer Coordinators based on the skills, qualifications, and experience gained in the field.

If you want to become a volunteer coordinator, you need to fulfill the basic requirements for the position. Organizations look for individuals to possess good leadership and communication skills to handle whole volunteer organizations. 

Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a Volunteer Coordinator vary depending on various organizations. Some of the primary duties and responsibilities of a Volunteer Coordinator are:- 

  • Volunteer Coordinators prepare volunteer recruitment plans and include ways to select the potential candidate. 
  • They should identify the volunteers that fit the organization’s requirements. 
  • They choose the volunteers with the set skills set and the organization’s purpose of recruitment. 
  • They provide appropriate training to the volunteers for their job. It includes organizing orientation, providing tours, and on-the-job training.
  • They have to ensure that the recruited volunteers feel welcomed and comfortable in their job. 
  • Depending on the organization, the Volunteer Coordinator may conduct interviews and select individuals as per their roles. 
  • They appoint responsibilities to the right person for the volunteering events.
  • Volunteer Coordinators need to communicate with the individuals and big groups. Volunteers contact the volunteer coordinator for any problem or guidance. 
  • They have to collect and manage up-to-date information of volunteers. 
  • Volunteer Coordinators use various marketing tools to share information with volunteers. It includes emails, newsletters, volunteer databases, outreach events, etc. 
  • They keep complete data and schedules of Volunteers’ work. 
  • Keep the volunteers informed about the organization and available opportunities. 
  • They organize informative sessions to prepare volunteers before their volunteering events.
  • Volunteer coordinators prepare the code of conduct and operating procedure as per the organization’s purpose.
  • Their work should convey the organization’s objective to the public. 
  • They coordinate with communication and marketing departments to prepare content for different communication platforms, identify volunteers’ contributions, and help with promoting volunteering events. 


The work of a volunteer coordinator is broad and unique. You need to get basic qualifications, acquire experience and knowledge for the role. Along with that, you have to possess some skills that go with the Job of Volunteer Coordinator. Let’s look at the requirements for the Job of Volunteer Coordinator: 


Educational requirements for volunteer coordinators vary as per the employer. Business firms prefer a bachelor’s degree in business administration, human resources, social studies, or other relevant degrees or diplomas for Volunteer Coordinators. 

Experience and Knowledge 

  • Have prior experience as volunteer coordinator, director, manager, or with operating work. 
  • They must have experience with volunteering at local or international events. 
  • Have experience with Human Resource and Recruitment tools. 
  • They should have a working knowledge of databases and software like MS Excel, MS Office. 
  • They need to know marketing tools for organizing volunteering events. 

 Skills and Abilities 

The volunteer Coordinator needs to possess some skills to manage the volunteering tasks. Here are a few skills and abilities for the Job of Volunteer Coordinator:- 

  • Communication Skills: To communicate with the volunteers, marketing, and communication department. They need to motivate and inspire others with their excellent communication skills. 
  • Networking Skills: To organize and promote local and national volunteering events. 
  • Leadership Skills: They lead the volunteers and teams for the functioning of volunteering work properly. 
  • Project Management: To formulate, organize and manage various volunteering projects and assign duties to volunteers. 
  • Time Management: The volunteer Coordinator organizes and handles all the events in the given amount of time. 
  • Resolve Conflict: Volunteer Coordinates need to coordinate with various departments and individual or big groups. Many a time, conflict arises between the volunteer or organization. The Volunteer Coordinator has to regularly communicate and resolve the issue that leads to the disputes. 
  • Open-Minded: They need to be open-minded and willing to listen to others’ perspectives. It builds a feeling of belonging and trust towards the organization. 
  • Attention to Detail: Volunteer Coordinator formulate code of conduct, identify and screen volunteers as per their skills and work, and ensure everything reflects organizations purposes
  • Interpersonal: As a Volunteer Coordinator, you need to deal with different types of people and understand their perspectives for the smooth functioning of volunteering work. 
  • Organization and Team Management Skills: To develop, administer and manage various projects, schedules for the volunteers. Volunteer Coordinators need to identify the appropriate candidates for the suitable role and ensure they work properly. 

Employment Outlook and Salary

Non-Profit Organizations, Social Service Organizations, and Healthcare Sectors are the top recruiters of Volunteer Coordinators. Working in the voluntary sector provides the opportunity to develop personally and adapt to new skills. But small organizations have a limited number of chances for promotions. While big organizations have a large volunteering structure and hence offer promotion and employment opportunities. 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicted an increase in the employment of human resource specialists (including Volunteer Coordinates) by 6% in 2019-2029.  

The salary of a volunteer coordinator keeps on changing. It varies according to the organization, location, experience. As per payscale.com, the volunteer coordinators earn between $30,000 and $52,000 per year. 


In the past few years, the volunteer coordinators have received recognition and value among organizations. Most of the organizations have seen the value of hiring volunteers to reach the local community. It led to growth in the job of Volunteer Coordinator for managing all the volunteering work. Big organizations and Non-Profit Organizations place Volunteer Coordinators to identify, recruit and manage volunteers and the volunteering department. If you have appropriate education and prior experience and knowledge in this field, you can become a Volunteer Coordinator. You have to possess a few skills like communication, leadership, and attention. Attention to detail, etc. 

Volunteer Coordinator Job Description and duties

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