Subway Manager Job Description- A Complete Guide 2021

Subway Manager Job Description

Subway managers, including senior management staff, are in charge of the fast-food place chain’s everyday activities. Subway managers are responsible for training new staff, opening and closing stores, and providing consumer assistance when needed. Subway managers should carry out meal reservations, maintain foods sections and maintain the store as required if short of aid or even during busy hours. To maintain food security, the production of products, sanitation, and stocks requirements, the Subway Manager oversees the workers at the restaurant and day-to-day activities. Timetables and personnel supervision. The restaurant management and privacy standards are maintained. An essential part of this profession is excellent customer service. Therefore, we will discuss the Subway Manager Job Description and other additional details any prospective employee needs to know.

Subway Manager Job Description 

Management is a vital part of the successful management of the organization. Their duties include:

  • Directs businesses to work on food production, analysis method, and cleanliness needs.
  • Promotes rules for food security and hygiene Select and supervise the training plan.
  • Finance and inventory management technologies are responsible for establishing stock agendas. 
  • Area promotional activities – sales visits to potential clients may be made. 
  • Conserves track of financial transactions. A significant feature in this job is the ability to offer outstanding services. 

Application Information

  • Need for Basic Age: You need to be 16 years or above
  • The work schedule of the Subway will vary by region but are open Monday to Friday between 6 a.m and 9 a.m. and Saturday morning between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m. and 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. Weekend.
  • Registration choices available: individuals applying can search the metro station by completing the online application form or by submitting it to the nearby underground site.

Searching for an Open Position

  • You will have to browse My Subway Employment for an open position. 
  • You may now explore all career requirements or request a vacancy by pressing the link “Register Here”.
  • Once you click the “apply now” button, you will be taken to the section where you will search for a position based on your location.
  • Once you enter your location click search, you will then need to press “show stores” under the location name. A list of all stores in the area will be displayed.

Applying an Employment

  • Select the box beside your chosen shop, and select ‘register immediately.’ To seek a job
  • The registration is pulled directly, and it may be requested that you first input your private details.
  • The process consists of a series of questions that asks you either you have ever teamed up for Subway but what kind of job you want.
  • Then, you will complete your eligibility, training, and past work.
  • The very last part requests that recommendations be added as well as the petition could then be signed and submitted.

Subway Manager Duties

Do all duties and duties described above in its employment contracts by a Sandwich Artist, Office Administrator, and Director.

  • Management of allocated businesses to maintain the guidelines required out in the User Manual, Procedures and Policies Handbook as well as the regulatory rules relevant to the State.
  • Please provide all the eventually found for employees not just to mention influences on food processes, formulae, regulations, etc.
  • Work together with employees to reach marketing goals and using the government mandates to develop strategies.
  • Ensure appropriate operating standards are being observed and, where required, take immediate measures.
  • Ensure compliance with all regulations for regional and regional food protection and quality and implement business management and protection standards.
  • Ensure consistency of storage health & safety assessments.
  • Coach and teach all workers for the perfection of the operations, oversee education procedures to guarantee that personnel are competent in reliability, and establish and implement operating expenses for all businesses allocated.
  • Identify and engage potential sales clients.
  • Carries out cash and financial responsibilities. 

Subway Manager ResponsibilitiesSubway Manager Job Description

The team member accomplishes and appoints the personnel.

  • Hire, promote and finish employees as required.
  • Wants to communicate to the personnel changes in formulae production, regulations, etc.
  • Ensuring the preservation of and compliance with all of the locally and nationally food and protection regulations.
  • Searches and engages potential sales clients.
  • Planned unique marketing and activities.
  • The work plans of the staff are finished and uploaded.
  • Preserve the instructions described in financial records. Analyze financial records to improve sales.
  • Provision of ideas, guidelines, and other methods for food production to staff changes.
  • It supports national and regional marketing tactics.
  • Confirm safety within all regulations and company avoidance and wellness in international and global nutrition and health.
  • As needed, hire, develop, educate, and staff.
  • Searches and connects potential sales promotion consumers.


  • Expertise: Junior high or comparable university degree certification, desirable. A minimum of 2 (2) decades of fast food, skills supervision, and instruction.
  • Excellent communication and interaction abilities are essential. 
  • Physical: If necessary, you should operate in any area of the economy technological payments together with / checking station (cashier). Allow all employees to kneel, stand and move on a regular activity day. You need to raise 10 dollars frequently or sometimes up to 30 dollars.

Wages and Compensation

The ordinary Subway Manager is $11.48 an hour. Some executive managers have personal income eligibility. Many assistant managers in the metro also receive 401(k) pension plans, including healthcare involvement in healthcare coverage.


The manager is an active leader with service efficiency in all areas and staff working in recruits, training, and programs. The manager manages and manages the results in increased productivity of restaurants. Directs personnel to guarantee the maintenance of food safety, necessary steps, and requirements of sanitation. The restaurant privacy and protection requirements are upheld. Employ and supervise the program of training. Finance and trade and money management solutions – stock plans may be established. Involved in local marketing campaigns – contact potential clients for sales promotion.

Interview Questions

  • Several customers may be linked to the opening. How can u do will a  client? 

Answer: I could solve this demand by taking one customer at a time. I can minimize my anxiety by not overwhelming myself and simply taking it client by the user.

  • Why would you like Subway to collaborate?

Answer: I’d like to operate on Subway since I have a quick pace of work. I’m excellent at making friends, and I can transform my client support talents into a nice understanding of customer needs.

  • What would you believe that subway differs from several similar fast-food restaurants and in what ways?

Answer: Since people care, I believe Subway is unique from other casual food places. In contrast to everyone else, Subway utilizes raw food and prepares its meals in front of its consumers. This implies the clients are satisfied with what they consume.

Subway Manager Job Description- A Complete Guide 2021

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