Safeway Career Complete Guide

Safeway Career Complete Guide

Are you looking for opportunities to work in your dream organization: Safeway? Here is the Safeway career complete guide for you to get insight into Safeway and the job opportunities available in the organization for you to grab. You will also get to know about the job description of few profiles and the salary provided for the company’s profile. We will also cover the benefits that the employee gets from being a part of Safeway.

Introduction of Safeway | Safeway Career

So, as you must have already researched Safeway, it is an organization founded in 1929 in Manitoba. It has a history of 85 years in the retail industry, where it started with serving western Canada regions. Starting from a single store now, it has 183 stores covers Vancouver, British Columbia, to Thunder and Ontario. In the journey of Safeway,  its assets were acquired in 2013 by Sobeys, Inc. The employee count of Safeway is around 127,000. It is headquartered in Calgary, with its regional offices located in Winnipeg, Edmonton, and Vancouver.

Taking you back in the grocery stores’ history at the time of 1929, customers used to provide a long list of few days food to the grocery stores. As the items were perishable and refrigerators were not so prevalent at that time, they bought only a few day’s foods and came back again when the stock was finished. They gave the list to the clerk at the store, and he would select all time and pack it to give to the customer. 

But the commencement of Safeway in this industry changed the outlook. The transformation era put the mandate on the organization to move with the changes happening in the industry. Safeway grocery store provided much more than a usual grocery store was not able to provide. Safeway provided free parking spaces that could accommodate around 100 cars. Customers were provided with the shopping carts to make the task easier for them; home delivery was started- on just one call, the customers could get the groceries at their doorstep, without much of the handwork. Customers were provided with weighing scales, which helped them buy produce by the pound. Safeway did not follow the status quo method of grocery. Rather it chose the self-serve concept. 

In 1940, Safeway introduced open-top refrigerated display cases, due to which the frozen products were made more accessible to shoppers. In 1950, a new philosophy of “distribution without waste” came into the picture, becoming an imperative part of the food retail industry. Today, it is also implemented with utmost importance.

Why Choose Safeway? 

For customers, there are several reasons you choose Safeway, as the groceries are not just randomly picked, but the best ones are chosen to provide the best to the customers. They provide the fresh and pure quality of products to the customers. Inspection for the product is done 5 times so that there is no scope of impurity left in the products being sold by Safeway. There are a plethora of options available for you to choose from.  What’s More? Safeway has collaborated with various growers and farmers to get fresh fruits and vegetables for you. This way, the customers get the best of the products in the market, but farmers also get bread and butter. These farmers bring the best from their harvest for us because they know whom to trust. The products are grown in an economical and environmentally sound condition. The produce that Safeway has been certified and fulfills every criterion of Canada. 

For employees, any employee wants to get a job in a people-centric company. Along with customer safety, employees’ safety is the priority of the organization. Safeway has 160,354 followers on LinkedIn, and the top layer of the talent pool keeps itself updated with any job being posted on the platform. As it has been in the industry for a long time, it is trusted for its operations worldwide. Employees have a beautiful time of their career journey in Safeway, and if they are asked about they will refer any of their known to work in the company, the majority of them said yes, why not? If you are looking to work with an organization with diversity and inclusion practice right in place and has a positive work environment, then this is just the right place for you. Safeway is not all about the organizational goals, but the operations are such that the individual learns and grows with the company. At each step, you get to learn something or the other with a 

Job Opportunities

Safeway has opportunities for a large pool of talent in their corporate headquarters, manufacturing and distribution units, Safeway Pharmacy, and stores. When they are giving so many job opportunities, will you not fill in those? Yes, you will. So the job opportunities and their job description is given below for your reference:


Salary for Various Profile: 

Approximate salary for the employees of different profiles are:

  1. For Replenishment Associate, the salary is $12.94 per hour
  2. For Deli Associate, the salary is $13.14 per hour 
  3. For Cashier, the salary is 12.48 per hour
  4. For Pharmacy Technician, the salary is $15.81 per hour
  5. For Barista profile in food preparation and separation, the salary is $12.93 per hour
  6. For clerk profile, the salary is $13.73 per hour
  7. For Meat Cutter, the salary is $16.16 per hour
  8. For a Produce clerk, the salary is $12.79 per hour

How to Apply?

To apply for any job in the Safeway organization, you need to fill the online application form. You have to go through the online application process. To start with the application process, you first have to go to Safeway’s career page, after which you need to select the type of position you want to apply for.  Select the age in the column that requires you to specify your age. As Safeway is now present globally, talent from any region can apply for the job opportunity present in their area; without any second thought, you can choose the opportunity by the location filter on the career page. When you have found the right type of profile for you, you can hit the apply button and fill in all the required information.  Before applying, you can log in with your LinkedIn account, giving the Safeway recruiters a clearer picture of your persona. Fill in the details, and you are good to go to apply for any job in Safeway like this

What are the benefits offered by Safeway?

This is a vital question that has to be answered by the organization that wants the cream layer of talent to be part of their workforce. Benefits enjoyed by Safeway are better than any other organization. Along with a positive and collaborative work environment, which is the imperative part of the criteria on which the employees choose the organization, employees get other monetary and non-monetary benefits. Research has suggested that 72 % of the employee who is retained for the organization’s longer duration is because of the positive and growing organizational culture. 

  1. Growth Opportunity:- not only organization grows as a whole but organization let the employee grow with them, there is a mentoring session provided for the employees’ growth. And to give the employees the right direction to move in the career. This sense of security is important among the millennials as they don’t want to stop at any stage of their career growth.
  2. Employee Assistant Program:– Safeway understands the importance of the mental health of employees in the organization. If the employees are not well mentally, an organization cannot expect productivity from them, right? But when you are a part of Safeway, you don’t have to worry about your mental wellbeing because Safeway has an employee assistance program that they can avail according to their need.
  3. Paid time off for Vacation, Sick Leave:–  A paid off vacation is a dream come true for any person, right?  Then Safeway has made your dream come true by providing you with the opportunity of paid vacation. While you are working with Safeway, you don’t have to think before you plan the vacation. As humans, and at some point in time, we need a break from the routine. Safeway understands this and provides you with paid vacation.
  4. Prescription Drug Coverage:– What is the benefit of working in a retail company when you cannot have the benefit of its product, right? But you have all the benefits when you are working with Safeway. 
  5. Employee Leisure-time Activities:- With Safeway, you will not only be engrossed in work, but there will be plenty of time given for you to do some leisure activities. For activities that can cost you, Safeway gives the fun of leisure activity at a discounted price. Isn’t it a dream company?
  6. The Company Paid Retirement Plan:- For your long-term security, Safeway provides you with a paid retirement plan that gives you a free life once you have retired from the company. You don’t have to struggle when you are working with the company neither you have to struggle after your employments gets over. 
  7. Vision Care:– Company has regular vision checkups to ensure that your vision is right and guide you towards a healthier vision for the future.
  8. Dental And Orthodontia:– Along with vision care, regular checkup with dental and orthodontia is fixed, which will keep you updated with your dental health. If you face any issues, you can easily access dental and orthodontia provided by the organization.

With so many benefits, we bet you will be longing to work with Safeway now. So if you have planned and searched about the profile available for you, then apply as soon as you can and clear all the steps to be part of Safeway. Safeway is a people-driven organization, and these benefits prove its values and morale

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Safeway Career Complete Guide

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