Project Manager vs Delivery Manager- Descriptions

Project Manager vs Delivery Manager

Manufacturing products and offering services have a long way to go to fit the target markets, and companies make much effort to design production strategies and plans. After developing the roadmap to get to the desired product and performing the production plan, you have a complete and specific product, but the most important part of the journey is managing and delivering the products to the customers. In this article, we compare project manager vs delivery manager that has critical roles in the sales process.

In a nutshell, project managers focus on producing products and improving the process, development, and product designs. In addition, delivery managers deal with customers, and they try to get better customer satisfaction and product quality. If we consider both of these roles in a company, they try to develop and improve the business, and they both have vital responsibilities for overall company progress.

Who is a project manager?

Project management is one of the essential roles within grown-up companies or even startups. They always try to manage projects and tasks to perform and fulfill according to plans and defined goals. Considering schedules and carrying out tasks in time is another important responsibility for project managers that can lead a company and a professional team to its ultimate goals.

If project managers don’t perform their missions perfectly, there will always be some errors and gaps between project management and delivery. Generally, if we compare a project manager vs delivery manager, project managers have a bachelor’s degree required when applying to a job. Also, you can apply by higher education levels that, in this case, indicate your skills and knowledge base in your desired job position.

Project managers know the technical and general aspects of a project in a team, and they manage projects from the initial steps to the final level when all goals are fulfilled. In short, project managers have soft skills to communicate with other team members. They also provide presentations and meetings for other members to transfer the projects’ goals and defined plans as well.

Project manager responsibilities

Until now, you have got a general idea on what are the responsibilities of project manager vs delivery manager. But, to be more specific, project managers have a more critical role in a company. Suppose a great company wants to expand its markets, sales, and plans to get some remarkable projects.

In that case, this is the necessary responsibility of managers to handle the situation. They should be skillful, helpful, and patient leaders and start the projects. Also, project managers are responsible for fulfilling the requirements and tasks by schedule.

Developing contract plans and focusing on the contracts are the essential roles that they should perform. Also, they are responsible for providing small tasks for the dedicated persons and track the tasks until the ultimate level. Presentation skills are necessary for project managers, and they assign tasks according to due dates for team members. In case that plans aren’t appropriately performed, managers should take helpful steps and control the situation. 

Who is a delivery manager?

In general, people may fall into a mistake comparing project managers vs delivery managers. But, they have both their dedicated roles in companies. A delivery manager is a person that mainly focuses on delivering a complete and perfect product to the customers. They endeavor to provide effective projects and run the company’s plans profitably. This goal has its practices that delivery managers always consider improving delivery quality, getting more customers, and making the customer base more stable.

Interestingly, project managers and delivery managers could work together in many cases and situations. More clearly, they work together to determine the goals and requirements and define the strategy to get the best results. But, they have specific roles according to job requirements and responsibilities.

In companies, especially newly founded startups, the quality of products and services is the most important factor affecting customer acquisition and satisfaction rates. Delivery managers always try to develop plans for the quality of products and services that directly influences the whole company’s success.

Delivery manager responsibilities

To examine project manager vs delivery manager responsibilities, first, it is better to say they complement each other in a company for the sake of the whole. From the start stage, when a company gets a project, there is a need for project managers and delivery managers to work together and determine the goals. 

Also, they should define the roadmap and a step-by-step plan to perform tasks one by one that guarantees the quality of projects and services. Delivery managers should focus on quality and customer satisfaction and deliver an eye-catching product that generates limitless values for the company’s growth. This also affects other team members and develops and promotes others as well. 

The interesting responsibility of delivery managers is their creativity and innovation within the projects in performing step-by-step tasks. They provide innovative solutions that can boost product quality and offer better products for selective customers and clients. Innovation in companies is the pivotal part that company owners and executives must consider. Without innovation and creativity in product design and even marketing practices, one company can’t fulfill the best goals and achieve the desired results. 


By comparing project manager vs delivery manager jobs, you can differentiate between them. These two job positions are always misunderstood, but they have fundamental differences in many cases. If we consider a project manager job position, they are responsible for handling projects and performing them. But, delivery managers always focus on getting better project quality and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

The project manager is responsible for starting a project, managing team members, providing presentations for the project, and tracking the tasks to be performed well.

  • What is the responsibility of a delivery manager?

The delivery manager in a company handles the quality of products and services and provides practical solutions to add to the product quality.

  • What degree is needed for the project manager and delivery manager?

The job positions require a bachelor’s degree for both of them, but you can offer a better degree that shows your knowledge base and skills.

  • In the case of project manager vs delivery manager, will they face remarkable job growth in the coming years?

Both project manager and delivery manager job positions are essential for a company’s growth. According to statistics and job positions, they will experience a growth of nearly 10 percent in the coming ten years.

  • How much is the median salary for a project manager vs delivery manager job position?

 The median salary for these job positions depends on your skills and responsibilities in the companies. But, you can anticipate from 70,000 to 100,000 dollars yearly for each of these job positions.

Project Manager vs Delivery Manager- Descriptions

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