Old Navy Sales Associate Job- Description, their Salary, and Duties


Old Navy sales associates are members of the retail team whose primary job is to provide consumers with a seamless shopping experience and a good brand experience. They work with clients to understand their needs, assist them in finding what they want, and ensure that the sales process runs well. This article is all about Old Navy Sales Associate Job.

If you are interested in working as a sales associate at Old Navy and want to know the job description for the position, this article will be useful to you so that you can prepare properly for the job. It goes through the duties, tasks, and obligations that you could be given if you’re employed as a sales associate at an Old Navy shop. This article also discusses the qualifications you may be asked to satisfy at Old Navy to be considered for a sales associate position.

Job description- Old Navy Sales Associate Job

As an Old Navy sales associate, you’ll be responsible for assisting clients, greeting them as they enter the shop, leading them to the appropriate department, if necessary, as well as answering questions and addressing minor customer issues.

Upon entering the retail store, the customers are greeted by old navy salespersons. To be employed as a sales associate, candidates must have a warm and pleasant attitude, excellent communication skills to maintain client engagement, customer service abilities, great teamwork skills, and the numeracy ability to manage cash transactions as necessary.

About the old navy 

Old Navy is a clothing and accessory retailer headquartered in San Francisco’s Mission Bay neighborhood. It is owned by Gap Inc., a worldwide corporation flagship store of Old Navy is located in New York City, Seattle, Chicago, San Francisco, Manila, and Mexico City, and are the company’s largest locations. Old Navy has won many awards, such as being placed 5th among specialty shops on the World’s most admired list in 2013, member of Business for Innovative Climate and Energy Policy (BICEP), and in 2016, 201, and 2018, FORTUNE named them a Great Place to Work. 

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Skills required 

You must be exceptional in the following areas to be considered for a position as a sales associate at Old Navy: 

  • Demonstrate superior time management skills.

Salespeople must be able to manage their time effectively. Your employers will need you to be on the floor at all times so that consumers aren’t left waiting. Aside from just sitting on the floor and waiting for clients, you are likely responsible for a variety of other responsibilities. Before a large sale, you might have to perform some cold contacting, make follow-up calls to vendors and clients, replenish products, or clean display cases.

  • Possess excellent communication skills.

Retail sales associates must have excellent communication abilities. You spend the entire day interacting with your consumers one-on-one. You must also communicate successfully with your teammates. If a sale isn’t going well, for example, understanding how to enlist the aid of another team member is critical.

  • Be persuasive.

For the record, being persuasive does not imply that you should try to persuade a consumer to buy something they don’t require. Instead, it suggests that you should be able to explain why buyers need certain products, whether it’s the product itself, an add-on, or a guarantee.

Persuasion is defined as the ability to accurately identify a client’s requirements, overcome objections, and explain why a product is appropriate for the consumer, frequently through feature-benefit selling. While some of the methods may be taught, someone who can not make a compelling argument would fail in the role.

  • Be a good listener to navigate the customer’s needs and wants and help them solve issues faced by them. 

Active listening entails interpreting the speaker’s whole conduct and body language in addition to what they’re saying. If a customer says, “It’s great,” but you notice them frowning, pausing, and anxiously fiddling with their belongings, you’ll know something isn’t right.

Your sales team will be able to offer their whole attention to the client if they practice active listening, and they may even learn to repeat the customer’s worries or requirements back to them. This makes the consumer feel listened to and improves communication, allowing your colleague to locate the client’s requirements.

  • Be able to lift and move around the shop safely and lift to 30 pounds.

This job also demands its sales associates to do some manual labor too. Moving mountains of clothes and other products from one place to another is a part of the job. 

  • Have expertise and knowledge of the industry.

Industry knowledge is one of the talents required of sales associates that are sometimes ignored, but it is still worth mentioning. You can train them, as for your employers, having someone with a background in your industry is beneficial. You’ll need to know which fabrics are more flattering on various body types than others.

  • Have basic mathematical skills 

You must be able to utilize an on-site calculator to provide consumers with exact and accurate pricing. You never want a client to be surprised at the register; if it’s not a pleasant surprise, they’ll most likely leave out of irritation. 

  • Being eager to help 

When it comes to essential sales associate abilities, helpfulness will always come first. Your salespeople should be naturally willing to assist your clients with anything they require. They should be prepared to answer inquiries, check for back-ordered items or whether an additional stock is on the way, and describe the benefits and drawbacks of two almost identical goods so that the client feels secure in their choice.

  • Being patient 

An impatient salesperson will not be successful. Salespeople must listen to the same questions hundreds of times a day and provide the same care instructions, product warranties, and company assurances. They must also deal with unpleasant and irate customers, possible technological difficulties, and consumers who take an inordinate amount of time deciding what they want.

  • Being friendly 

An important sales associate skill is friendliness. You should constantly exude a kind demeanor and be simple to get along with. If someone isn’t a “people person,” it will come across fast, making your consumers feel uneasy.

  • Be good at multitasking and juggling a lot of things at the same time.

Sales may be a stressful career. You must be able to listen to the customer’s demands, strike up a conversation with them while considering goods that might be a good match, locate products on the shelf, keep an eye out for new consumers, and know when to close the sale. Multitaskers will be the most successful in this position, as they will be able to keep up with the fast-paced workplace.

Some other skills may also include:

  • Being aware of and keen on new fashion trends.
  • Being able to make small chats with consumers and having the courage to do so.
  • Being able to work weekends, nights, and open and close the store as needed by the business.
  • Being a team player. 

Qualifications to be an Old Navy sales associate 

  • Work experience as a Retail Sales Associate, Sales Representative, or other equivalent position is required.
  • Basic knowledge of sales concepts and customer service procedures is required.
  • Proficiency in English is required.
  • Basic math abilities are required.
  • A high school diploma would be preferred.

Duties of an Old Navy sales associate 

  • Stand at the entrance and greet clients as they arrive.
  • Respond to customer questions regarding the goods they wish to buy.
  • Assist clients with returns and refunds, as well as handle any issues that may occur from their Old Navy purchases.
  • Restock and arrange clothes on the shelf that has gone out of order.
  • It’s possible that you’ll be asked to oversee a portion of the sales floor.
  • Keep the specified store sections clean by putting all clothes in their proper places, folding them, and storing them in their proper places.
  • As clients enter the fitting room, greet them and keep the environment neat and orderly at all times.
  • Transfer clothing from the dressing room to the sales floor.
  • Customers may help you improve sales and create customer connections by informing them about store offers.
  • Extra information, such as fabric, washing instructions, style, price, and fit, might influence the client’s purchase decision.
  • To provide the greatest possible client experience, maintain store floor standards, and replace products as needed.
  • Promote Old Navy’s goods and set a good example for new associates by engaging with customers, actively listening to them, and observing non-verbal signs to anticipate their service requirements.
  • On the sales floor, be sure to preserve all of Old Navy’s visual features.
  • Carry out cash wrap transaction processes as needed, swiftly and correctly.
  •  Ensure that all cash wrap materials are in stock and organized.
  •  Operate the cash register and check out clients as needed Be aware of and follow all company-defined rules and procedures 
  • Assist customers in appreciating how different Old Navy’s products are from those of our competitors.
  • By leveraging resources such as shop promotions, you may increase sales and build customer relationships.
  • Persuade customers to buy items by providing details such as fabric, washing instructions, style, pricing, and fit.
  • Maintain the highest level of honesty and report any infractions to management.
  • Keep track of your monthly objectives and strive to achieve them.
  • Maintain the store’s standards and replenish products as needed to provide the greatest possible client experience.
  • Set the bar high for new salespeople by offering outstanding customer service.


The typical Old Navy Sales Associate earns $78,442 per year, which comprises a basic pay of $53,042 plus a bonus of $25,400. Sales Associate pay at Old Navy is $16,980 more than the national average. Salary ranges from $33,280 to $120,000 for sales associates at Old Navy. 


Working at Old Navy could be a great opportunity, the staff and the managers are pretty nice and the hours are often flexible. They pay their employees well. So, if you have a knack for fashion and sales, this could be the place for you.

Old Navy Sales Associate Job- Description, their Salary, and Duties

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