Office Administrator Job Description 2021 – Skills, Salary, More

Office Administrator Job Description

The Office Administrator’s work in the office provides support either to individuals or their team, which is vital for running a small business. We will present Office Administrator Job Description here. Their duty may include fieldwork, telephone calls, receiving and directing the visitors, processing work, presentation, creating a spreadsheet, and filing. In addition, the administrator is responsible for the project and the task of the team under his supervision.

Office Administrator Job Description

Job description of administrator is featured: 

  • Managing incoming calls, receiving messages, and directing the call as per requirement.
  • Dealing with email and inquiries.
  • Proper management of diary and appointment of arrangements, and managing conference facilities.
  • Data entry operator of sales figure, listing a property, etc.
  • Proper management of general offices such as ordering stationery.
  • Organizing for staff and customers for travel and accommodation.
  • Internal and external event management.
  • Maintaining social media accounts of companies.

Skills of the Administrator

  • Communication Skills:

Communication skill is a critical point for or a job holder. You are working on a project independently; you have to engage with other team members in the department eventually. Effective communication skill helps you express your idea and easy e for that understanding. The More you easily convey your idea, engage clients, and perform the action as a help or support.

Communication Skill Divers

  1. Online: There is a tendency to treat males Less public channel communication, but this should not be the case. Writing an email keeping this in mind to write the mail in such form so that any reader good decodes it easily. 

  2. On the phone: Office professionals highlight all the phone conversations, clean a linguistic manner properly, and ensure that the communication through the phone is successful. Remember, with mail or communication on the phone. You do not benefit from your body language. If you are in a conference meeting, always remember you are in front of multiple listeners, and firstly you should introduce yourself and thank all the listeners for the time and contribution. 

  3. Organizational staff with senior leaders: If you are engaged in a meeting with an executive, your presentation must differ during the meeting while chatting with a colleague over lunch. While engaging with staff and clients, you should be polite, respectful, and always be prepared before engaging.

How Can you Improve Your Communication Skill?

  • Don’t get afraid while speaking: always remember that your voice should not be loudest or not too brash. The thought and idea of the team should be collaborative in session and design.
  • Asking for help: whether inside your organization or external to the organization, always being connected with these people and asking for some tips on improving your communication skills. Note Down some important strategies.
  • Training: there are various courses and formal training programs available for the improvement of communication skills. 
  • Never get hung up on your mistakes: learning and improvement are a part of mistakes and improving communication skills by practicing.

Great communication skills do not master overnight, have some patience, keep on practicing undertaking, and keep your strength increasing. Take some small steps daily and improve.

Interpersonal skills

  • Communication: The primary point of interpersonal skills has good communication skills. While practicing, it will keep developing throughout the career, and it is a more valuable skill. A key part of communication is you must be a good listener knowing how to present yourself in front of listeners.
  • Adaptability: You should have to adopt capability from your work in your surroundings, with your sense. Good adaptability should reflect in your work.
  • Problem-solving: Having a great ability to solve any problem throughout the project is important. Always work with resistance and lateral thinking, including your logical reasoning and managing the critical situation.
  • Positivity: Always be positive in your workplace in whatever environment is provided for you. Having a great skill and moral capacity to have a large impact on a team. 
  • Honesty: Being consistently honest toward your job and providing better service with your skill and knowledge for the enhancement of managing an organization.
  • Managing Stress: There is no job without stress, even if it is a part of a career, but you should well prepare for managing your stress, time, and emotion, proper management of deadlines is an important skill.


Many administrators learn to be on time, the proper management of time is important.

  • Use dairy for your productivity: Whether it is on your phone or connected with email reminders to get work done before the deadline. For better productivity, use symbols and color points to differentiate your work easily.
  • Use application: There is a wide range of mobile applications which are designed in such a way to manage your daily tasks and become more punctual and productive. Most of the applications were across the device, so show that any notification required pop-ups. 
  • Timer and clock: Always set the timer to know how much time you take on any project to do so that your time can be managed further to do a similar work you know will be done in the required time.

Collaborated Teamwork

Teamwork is essential because without any teamwork, the smooth functioning of the organization is not possible, and the requirement of success is internal and external stakeholders.

  • Dedication: good teamwork is always and absolutely focused on the final result and always trying to focus on new techniques to achieve the goal. Every team member must show dedication towards their work. 
  • Governed by goals: if you want to work with the team and remain collaborative with the team, always remember the goal you have to achieve while working. 
  • Listen and learn: a wide variety of people engaged in a team have a solid amount of different ideas to achieve a similar goal, always try to collaborate and motivate them also with whom you are working.

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking skills like being providing good leadership, strategies, and problem solving with analysis of the problem and finding the solution.

  • Demand answer and information: proper management of scrutinizing ideas and plan and testing each objective and finding the most efficient solution.
  • In Between connection of work and concept: having the ability to understand and properly visualize the project they are working on lets you know how the things work together.
  • Regular analysis: this is done to identify the inconsistency and the error in the why we should improve for the future. Monitoring and evaluation is a regular process for the critical thinker and most challenging work.

Important Work Ethic

A good work style is your reflection of a work ethic that is consistent with your work. It can give you a wide opportunity in your career.

  • Achieve goal: people with the ability of good work ethic and work around organizations’ positive goals. 
  • Reliable as professional: great ethical quality comprises many qualities. 30,000 being synonyms and have to be effective, which employees must aspire.
  • Satisfied work: lack of satisfaction from new work only arises when you are bored with a new job. People with a great skill which provides satisfaction in the job. This might include talking with your manager about the project you are working on for a better outcome.
  • Progress constantly: the one who is determined with their work and work constantly enjoys the challenges while doing a project is always seen in idol candidates.

Project Management

Project management is not a task of a single individual, which requires a combination of ability and ensuring to meet before the project’s deadline. If an individual wants to have skills in project management, you can enhance them with various skills.

  • Organizational skill: Impressive process project management skills Are important. Being organized in work is a critical part and is difficult in a great project. You should have a great strategy to remain organized to find strategies, systems, applications, or the process which suits your personality.
  • Teamwork skill: It is important to one and how to engage the best and most qualified individual for a certain task and work effectively in crucial project management skills that help you be more productive and receive your goal much faster. Work and collaboration with a strong ability will help you to delegate tasks by dividing the project into small components and giving those components a specialized hand.

Office Administrator Qualification

  • Associate degree required and bachelor’s degree recommended.
  • At least have two or more year of experience in a work setting
  • Must have excellent verbal, interpersonal, and communication skills.
  • Strong knowledge of his field with work of any software also.
  • Projects must be prioritized and can multitask.
  • Orientation of proper customer service.
  • As much as with minimal supervision of administrators can complete the task.

Skill of Problem-Solving

There is no shortage of problems in work. You have to face problems in every stage of the project, whether large or small, for unpredicted problems that occur simultaneously. 

  • Define the problem: First of all, you need to articulate the problem and then find the solution to solve it with your knowledge and experience. Manage the problem and work out with it and take the help of seniors in the project to tackle the problem; if Any consequences occur, manage it with existing data and information relevant to the issue.
  • Go for the first and obvious solution: Knowledge of problem-solving needs to be applied quickly if tackled with the first solution popping up in your mind. Before applying, always think that it is this solution that can solve the problem. You do not have to ignore or reject the problem because it may affect the final result. Always try to manage the problem directly at the same time. Complete your steps towards the problem and consider some of the alternatives. 
  • Stakeholders’ interest: Always be prepared for the problem-solving strategy and always be ready to get it applied. Before starting the project, always make an imaginary path toward the project to clarify what steps are to be taken to achieve the goal. 
  • Best people are engaged: If you found the best problem-solving strategy in your hand, then you must know how to engage the best people in resolving the problem. Well-known about where and when to engage best people for resolving problems is the key to problem-solving strategies.

Development of Skill in Problem-Solving

You can improve your problem solving by some of the strategies and can develop your problem-solving skills.

  • Engage in the constructive debate: You must argue or go against the particular problem. You can even demonstrate the best way to solve the problem, engage in such debate, and help your skill in problem-solving and listen to others on the problem given the solutions by others.
  • Managing problems before they occur: Many people with problem-solving skills know that the problem will occur in a particular phase. They are already able to manage those problems earlier. This kind of particular skill relies on extraordinary knowledge in the organization. 
  • Lesson from mistakes: In no area of the job is there an individual who is not making any mistakes, and from that mistake, they get a lesson to manage those mistakes before they occur. Making mistakes enhances your problem-solving ability, which makes improvements in you and your practices.


The average salary currently of an office administrator is $55,000 to $70,000 per annum. The Salary of an office administrator also depends on its experience of several years, whether soft and technical ski, walls and can usually scale up the organization’s responsibility. To get the job on a higher post, you must have more experience and knowledge.

Way Forward:

The position of an administrator plays a crucial role in customer service and in enhancing the organizational structure. The office administrator must greet visitors and answer or respond to them in any mode of communication like ok it may be phone or email also.

Office Administrator Job Description 2021 – Skills, Salary, More

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