Excuses To Leave School Early 2021


Now, we all are aware that sometimes we hate schools or it is less fun, and there is no disgrace in conceding that. Especially when our best friend is absent, or the lectures are just pretty boring. We will present excuses to leave school early here.

As a kid, I used to figure out almost every day how fun it would be if there comes an earthquake out of nowhere or maybe our school burst into flames, and we will return home, and the school shuts for the next week or two. Now I realize that was so idiotic. I mean, how I am supposed to ignore the fact that I was in the school while praying that it should catch fire.

Now please keep in mind that I would never encourage anyone to lie for skipping your lectures frequently. But in any case, sometimes you need a mental health day, and the school can be pretty overwhelming, so skipping a lecture or two can sometimes be helpful. But make sure to compensate for your missed school work right away!

However, coming up with the correct excuse and making sure that you don’t get caught is the most important thing to consider. So here are some of the excuses for you to utilize if you need to leave school early, and they really work if used appropriately, trust me on this!

But before using these, ensure you are prepared to concoct clever responses to any questions the teacher may throw at you for the excuses you’re going to put!


  • Your stomach got upset.

This excuse is very common. However, it is exceptionally viable, trust me. All you gotta do is tell your teacher you ate something awful, and now you can’t quit going to the restroom. Your teacher will definitely fall for it and, without asking you any further questions, will make a call home and let your parents come and pick you up.

  • You got a really bad headache.

Okay, faking a headache is one of the simplest and most often performed tasks for faking an illness. This is the reason nearly everybody does it to leave school early. Furthermore, since your headache began while you were in school, your teacher will clearly not ask you for confirmations, like medical certificates. The teacher will basically request you to go to the school nurse, and when she inquires as to whether you need to inform your parents, at that point, you simply say yes!

  • You are stressed and for that you need some break.

This one is very novel and is why it might help you, particularly if you are a high schooler. Tell your teacher you are not feeling mentally well for a couple of days because you got so many things going on and cannot focus on classes. Attempt to convince your teacher that you need some time to rest or detox yourself to be fully aware in the lectures. And ask whether or not you could get permission to leave for home early.

  • You got periods and the cramps are hurting so bad.

If you are a girl, sorry, boys, this is the best one, but you need to skip this and look for the next one. Needless to say that periods are the best excuses to traverse any circumstances for girls. Here, you need to tell that you are on the periods and get the worst cramps ever. Say that you cannot continue with the lectures anymore. Your teacher will succumb to this one and permit you to leave for home early without asking any further questions.

  • Your mom is sick and you have to take care of her.

This is a brutal one and may be difficult to persuade but allow me to clarify. If your school closes at 1 in the afternoon, tell your teacher that your mom is sick and your father leaves home at 11 in the morning, then there is no one to look after her. So, for today you have to be with her for the rest of the day, taking her care.

  • You have to take a bus.

This one is quite acceptable if it is a weekend and the weather is awful. You need to pretend that you are going out to meet your grandparents on the weekend and you have to leave right after school. However, since the weather is quite bad, the number of buses going there has been restricted and the only bus for today is at 1 in the afternoon. So you have to leave school early to catch the bus on schedule.

  • You got a doctor’s appointment.

I know this one is frequently used, but I would only recommend it if you could manage a fake medical certificate. If your school is quite strict, they will definitely ask for it. But if not, then manage a fake appointment letter on your own in case you need it. Just mention what problem you are suffering from the description and a fake doctor’s signature in the letter, and you are good to go. And also, you have to plan this all earlier than the date you are actually going to take a leave.

  • You have to babysit your little cousin.

Okay, this is a decent one. You should simply say that one of your relatives is very sick and your aunt came to see them and is staying over at your house. Because of some emergency, they have to leave earlier than they decided to see them at the hospital, and there is no one to take care of the little girl. So, it is now your responsibility to look after her for the rest of the day, and hence you need to leave for home early.

  • You got a family wedding to attend.

You can use this excuse literally anytime as there is no certain time to have a wedding, isn’t that so? Likewise, you need to convince your teacher that there is some important family function like a wedding or, let’s say, a baby shower today. And that it is something you have to attend and so need to leave for home early to get ready.

  • You have planned a big surprise party for your dad’s 50th birthday.

Now your dad might laugh at it when he found out about your lie. You have to pretend that it is your dad’s 50th birthday and have planned something special for him. And since there are a lot of arrangements to make in time, you have to skip a lecture or two. 

  • You have to go to the church.

I know this is not the right thing to do, but you can always make it a religious thing. Just pretend that you have some religious ceremony later today, and you got to go to the church to attend it. Or, if you are a Muslim, you can say you are fasting and need to return home right on time to break the fast with the entire family. You can say we need to do some prayers together. Or you can come up with something else according to the religion you follow.

  • You got a personal family issue.

Now, this is something very natural and quite believable only if you are a teenager. You have to pretend that you got a call from home stating that there is some family issue. Your teacher will suddenly show a sign of concern and let you go. But remember that the next day you come back ready with some story, in case your teacher might ask what was wrong. And obviously, you can only use this one if your school allows you to use a mobile phone while in school, or just during premises.

  • You gotta pay fees.

Now this one will not allow you to get out of school. But if you’re just bored or haven’t done your homework for the next class and so want to miss it, then this is it. You have to tell them that you still have to pay the fees. And that you already went to the counter during the lunch break, but it was closed. So they asked to come at such and such time. Just tell me the time you want to go out. And that’s it. They probably never say so when it comes to paying fees.

So these were the 13 excuses for you to leave for home early or at least skip a lecture or two. 

Also let us know how you enjoyed or were planning to enjoy the rest of your day after coming home early?

Excuses To Leave School Early 2021

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