Nonprofit Program Director Job Description Complete Guide

Nonprofit Program Director Job Description, Salary


A Program Director, or Project Director, is liable for administering all parts of a hierarchical drive, including recruiting staff, dealing with the spending plan, and promoting the program to likely members. Their obligations incorporate setting the extent of the program, setting cutoff times, and appointing errands to colleagues. In this article, we will discuss the Nonprofit Program Director Job Description and salary here.

How Does A Nonprofit Program Director Respond? 

A program director does a wide scope of undertakings that further an association’s main goal. Since no two missions are similar, obligations will fluctuate from one association to another, even though there are some regular arrangements of obligations and duties in this part for nonprofits. A degree in nonprofit administration at Grace will give you a wide extent of a program director’s job, empowering you to apply the substance to whatever your setting may resemble. 

  1. Plan the program: The program director designs the conveyance of the general program and exercises. This incorporates creating key drives and long-haul objectives that help make the program more fruitful. Different assignments incorporate fostering a yearly financial plan and working arrangement, fostering a program assessment system to examine qualities and shortcomings, and creating subsidizing recommendations. 

  2. Coordinate the program: The program director guarantees that program exercises follow the association’s strategies and techniques, just as important as enactment and expert principles. Different assignments incorporate reporting program exercises and gathering and keeping up customer records for factual purposes. 

  3. Staff the program: Alongside the lead director, the program director enlists, meets, and chooses staff. Related assignments incorporate carrying out human asset leaders, systems, and practices, just as guaranteeing that faculty records are kept up and kept private. Different assignments incorporate building u,p and executing an exhibition, the board interaction for staff, and connecting with volunteers for suitable program exercises. 

  4. Lead the program: The program director gives guidance, info, and input to program staff, including guaranteeing that every part gets direction and preparing. Different undertakings incorporate speaking with customers and different partners to acquire local area support for the program, teaming up with different supervisors, and organizing conveyance of administrations among program exercises. 

  5. Control the program: The program director plays out a wide scope of errands to guarantee program exercises are proceeding as arranged. There are numerous monetary duties, including checking and endorsing consumptions, guaranteeing the program works inside the supported spending plan, observing income projections and genuine income, guaranteeing monetary records are refreshed, and supervising solicitations. Different errands included composing reports, assessing program exercises, and recognizing and observing dangers related to program exercises. 

Nonprofit Program Director Job Desciption

Abilities And Capabilities 

A fruitful Program Director has an assortment of abilities into abilities that permit them to deal with their obligations adequately, which can include: 

  • Shown authority abilities.
  • Vital outlook.
  • Capacity to perform various tasks.
  • Critical thinking abilities. 
  • Composed and verbal relational abilities. 
  • Relational abilities.

Program Director Schooling And Preparing Necessities 

Most bosses require Program Directors to have at any rate a four-year certification in a field like HR, bookkeeping, business the board, business organization, or interchanges. Some section-level positions will give broadly educating freedoms to progress into the Program Director position. Different organizations section-level graduate degrees and particular degrees in their particular industry. Some important accreditations candidates can procure to build their shots at being recruited incorporate the Activity Director Certified (ADC) and the Certified Project Director (CPD) assignments. 

Experience Necessities 

Experience levels for Program Directors can differ contingent upon the size and sort of organization. Many Program Directors start their vocations in passage level positions like Program Organizer or Administrative Assistant and gain hands-on preparation that can help them advance them a senior job. Bigger organizations regularly require Program Directors to have at least 5 years of experience. A few organizations and associations give experience acknowledgment for graduate work, particularly for industry-explicit degrees and MBAs. All Program Director candidates ought to have experience carrying out and checking the accomplishment of new programs just as getting sorted out program exercises utilizing cooperation and objective setting.


Successful task the executives involves having the accompanying credits that are fundamental in turning into a compelling undertaking chief: 

  1. Successful Relational Abilities: One of the characteristics of a decent administrator is being a decent communicator to interface with individuals at all levels. The venture chief should clarify the undertaking objectives just as every part’s assignments, duties, assumptions, and input. 

  2. Solid Authority Abilities: Viable venture the executives implies having solid authority characteristics, for example, having the option to propel his group and drive them to most extreme execution to accomplish their objectives. 

  3. A Great Leader: A successful task director needs to have dynamic abilities because there will consistently be choices that should be followed upon.

  4. Specialized Mastery: Since the project, the executive’s programming, and other related programs are fundamental in achieving the venture objectives, a powerful task chief requirements to have sound specialized information to comprehend the issues that are identified with the specialized perspective. Information on hypothesis and the specialized side can enormously help the chief in taking vital drives when required. 

  5. Rouses a Common Vision: A powerful venture director can verbalize the vision to his colleagues well overall. A visionary individual can lead his kin to the correct heading just as effectively adjust to the progressions that come in the manner. They are acceptable at engaging individuals to encounter the vision all along. 

  6. Group Building Abilities: Fundamentally, a group works as one. In any case, the undertaking will go through different relationship challenges that may block its prosperity. Undertaking directors need to realize how to give every one of them the significance they need by zeroing in on their positive characteristics. He must be reasonable and simply in the manner he treats them. 

  7. Cool Under Tension: As the venture goes on, specific episodes could negatively affect the undertaking’s force and test the task chief’s understanding. Fundamentally, a task director keeps his quiet consistently and reliably grounded not to lose himself and unfavorably influence his relationship with the group. 

  8. Great Exchange Abilities: One of the characteristics required for a compelling task the board is the capacity to arrange. On occasions that contention emerges because of contrasts in assessment, project chiefs need sheer arranging abilities to settle the issue and keep up amicability in the group. 

  9. Sympathetic: Understanding and focusing on individuals just as being thankful for their assistance are a couple of the things that a sympathetic pioneer shows to his individuals. It incorporates understanding the necessities of the task and its partners. 

  10. Ability: A decent chief understands what he is doing and can start new ventures just as they face the difficulties that accompany them. 

Nonprofit Program Director Salary 

The middle compensation for nonprofit program directors is $57,159. Salary may rely upon an applicant’s schooling, experience level, and geological area. 

Who Do They Report To? 

They report to a department director yet may report straightforwardly to the CEO of the association or different individuals from the chief group contingent upon the extent of their programs and size of the organization. When answering to office or organization administration, Program Directors acquire approval for spending changes and talk about their programs in the organization. 


The Nonprofit Program Director creates and executes a non-benefit association’s programs. Surveys needs and guarantees that program destinations are met. They facilitate exercises of program panels as well as different gatherings to design techniques. Liable for planning and local area outreach. Moreover, they sort out and administers gathering pledges occasions. May compose award proposition and oversee huge scope gifts.

Requires a four-year college education. Regularly reports to a chief. Also, it deals with a departmental sub-work inside a more extensive departmental capacity. Makes utilitarian systems and explicit destinations for the sub-work and creates financial plans/arrangements/strategies to help the useful framework. Profound information on the oversaw sub-capacity and strong information on the general departmental capacity. To be a nonprofit program director commonly requires 5+ long periods of administrative experience.

Nonprofit Program Director Job Description Complete Guide

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