Latest Maintenance Supervisor Job Description Guide

Maintenance Supervisor Job Description

Are you looking into taking up a position as a maintenance supervisor? We ill discuss Maintenance Supervisor Job Description. The office of a maintenance supervisor is a crucial one in any organization and as such, possessing a good understanding of the role is very important. This article delves into all you need to know about the job descriptions of a maintenance supervisor. Let’s get started!

Who is A Maintenance Supervisor?

The maintenance Supervisor is responsible for coordinating the installation, repair works, and maintenance of buildings such as offices, homes, factories, recreational facilities, and educational facilities. The overall responsibility of the maintenance supervisor is to ensure they maintain and consistently improve the quality standard of the company or building. 

There are different types of maintenance supervisors based on the organization’s needs. Here are some of the types:

  • Building Maintenance Supervisor
  • Plant Maintenance Supervisor
  • Facilities Maintenance Supervisor
  • Public Works Maintenance Supervisor

In this article, we’ll take a look into the general roles that apply to all types of maintenance supervisors.

Maintenance Supervisor Job Description

The job description of a maintenance supervisor entails the following:

  • Management of Maintenance Crew. Maintenance supervisors work with a team of individuals who have different job roles. These individuals known as the maintenance crew include a lineup of electricians, painters, plumbers, carpenters, masons, cleaners, etc. The maintenance supervisor manages and assigns these individuals to spots within the building where their expertise is needed. A maintenance supervisor also schedules periods when the maintenance crew carries out an overhaul of the building. They make sure that this special activity is in line with the company’s goals. Managing the maintenance crew involves:
    • Ensuring periodical checkups of building components by relevant employees in line with GMP guidelines. 
    • Ensuring the team complies with GMP guidelines in carrying out their responsibilities. 
    • Ensuring day-to-day cleaning of the company’s premises.
    • Optimal use of resources by members of the crew in carrying out their responsibilities.
    • Setting up daily objectives for members of the maintenance team.
    • Ensuring the timely completion of tasks by members of the crew and overseeing that team members meet the maintenance objectives for each day.
    • Carrying out periodical performance reviews for members of the maintenance crew to ascertain the level of effectiveness. 
    • Creating the work schedule and shift timetable for members of the maintenance crew. 
    • Supervising the employees on shift and delegating responsibility to maintenance staff on shift. 
  • Collaboration With The Quality Assurance Department. A crucial responsibility of the Maintenance supervisor is ensuring adherence to the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines. The department responsible for company-wide adherence to the GMP guidelines is the Quality Assurance Department. Therefore, the Maintenance supervisor has the responsibility of ensuring that the maintenance of the building complies with the GMP. Apart from GMP compliance, the maintenance supervisor collaborates with the Quality Assurance Department in the following areas:
    • Ensuring members of the maintenance crew adhere to safety protocols in carrying out their duties.
    • Ensuring compliance with the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) of maintenance processes formulated by the QA department.
  • Coaching and Training. The maintenance supervisor is responsible for coaching and training the maintenance team on:
    • Company policies (safety guidelines, GMP guidelines, SOPs, and quality standards).
    • Helping the technicians develop new skills in their various fields.
    • Maintenance and use of new equipment. 
  • Liaison Between the Members of the Maintenance Team and Other Managers. This task involves ensuring effective communication between other supervisors and the maintenance crew. The maintenance supervisor also serves as the link between the maintenance team members and the company management in union issues. 
  • Monitoring and Inspecting Plant Equipment. The maintenance supervisor is responsible for ensuring preventive maintenance and carrying out repairs on equipment. 
  • Inventory of All Equipment Used in Maintenance. They are responsible for tracking the financial implications of carrying out maintenance in the building. 

What are the Requirements for the Role of a Maintenance Supervisor?

The requirements for the role of a maintenance supervisor differ among organizations. For each organization, the requirement for the job is based on the objective the company sets. However, some skills are generally required from any person who seeks to become a maintenance supervisor. 

The general skill requirements for the job of a maintenance supervisor are:

  1. Interpersonal Skills: The role is a managerial position that involves the management of a team. One critical skill for this role is your interpersonal skill; you should communicate to produce the best result from your team. Any maintenance supervisor with poor interpersonal skills cannot be successful. One factor in generating optimal output from your team is your ability to motivate and communicate effectively to your team. Interpersonal skill is a relevant subset of leadership skills.

  2. Leadership Skill: This is the most important asset for any maintenance supervisor. The role of a maintenance supervisor involves decision-making, resource control, the delegation of responsibilities, etc. Therefore, any individual who takes the role of a maintenance supervisor must display leadership traits. In addition, the maintenance supervisor should display a level of knowledge and character that will garner respect from members of the maintenance team. 

  3. Technical Skill: The maintenance supervisor should have technical expertise in the fields they will control. They should have the technical knowledge such that they can teach members of the maintenance team. A maintenance supervisor should possess hands-on electrical/mechanical experience. They should carry out manual duties such as forklift duties, driving overhead cranes, changing locks, etc., when needed. 

  4. Experience: A potential maintenance supervisor should possess supervisory experience. This experience may be from former workplaces or from supervising a smaller group of employees in the same company. The maintenance supervisor must have at least two years of supervisory experience. 

  5. Health, Safety, and Environmental Knowledge: Considering that the job description includes ensuring adherence to safety guidelines, the maintenance supervisor requires HSE knowledge. A maintenance supervisor needs a comprehensive understanding of the company’s environmental safety guidelines and the company’s quality standards. Possessing an HSE certification is an advantage for this role.  

  6. Project Management Skills: One skill that is a must-have for the maintenance supervisor is project management skill. A maintenance supervisor should develop a methodology for carrying out responsibilities in line with company objectives. 

  7. Educational Certification: The maintenance supervisor should have a minimum of a 2-year technical degree.

  8. Computer Literacy Skill: The maintenance supervisor should use Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel software and other related software.    


These are the core job descriptions that are common to nearly all types of maintenance supervisor jobs. Arm yourself with this knowledge and start building a great career as a maintenance supervisor.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who does a maintenance supervisor report to? The maintenance supervisor reports to the president or vice president of operations or another company executive.
  2. How much does a maintenance supervisor earn in the United States? According to Payscale, the average salary of a General maintenance manager is $74,966. However, it varies based on several factors, including schooling, certifications, additional skills, and the years of work experience you possess in the field. 
Latest Maintenance Supervisor Job Description Guide

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