Maintenance Planner Job Description, Salary & Duties

Maintenance Planner Job Description, Duties, and Salary

Paramount organizations depend on the devices that compel their commodities. The Maintenance Planner’s responsibility is to make sure that all appliances in commercial and manufacturing surroundings are operating correctly. The maintenance planner mostly utilizes a CMMS system to maneuver paramount of their professional purposes. They basically generate maintenance programs, preserves a portion of stocks, and employ jointly with maintenance colleagues, constructors, and outside traders. And they are chiefly recruited by manufacturing sectors, automobile, and aeronautical industry. This article is all about Maintenance Planner Job Description, Duties, and Obligations, Requirements.

Maintenance Planner Job Description:

Following are the main points of Maintenance Planner Job Description –

  • Assemble work kit for each of the organized maintenance tasks comprehensive of tedious maintenance.
  • Order, collect, and obtain requisite stuff to aid during maintenance tasks.
  • Plot and organize tasks correlated with device maintenance to magnify tools and plant attainability and even proficiency assisting in site manufacturing supplies.
  • Systematize frequent discussions linked to maintenance.
  • Make sure to implement MPI methods to enhance overall productivity.
  • Examine plots and premises to stretch and ploy fresh and perpetual maintenance chores.
  • Look after maintenance laborer, their supervised activities, and then assess fulfillment.
  • Preserve and monitor accounts, orders, and contractor chores, together with penning down constant chores order.
  • Order portion, materials, and stocks to make sure tasks could progress.
  • Synchronize to reconstruct spare devices via extrinsic traders.
  • Assemble sketches, handbooks, and other files to aid fabricators.
  • Presently designed sketches for any further corrections or enhancements.
  • Counterpart plant stoppage to achieve all necessary schemes.
  • Implement moderation in maintenance chronology and crucial devices along with vital substitutes.
  • Support branch’s ascent towards any lean production aims and purposes.
  • Impart technical support to the whole premises of maintenance tasks.
  • Assist energetically in all the EHS systems and programs.

Duties And Obligations Of A Maintenance Planner:

A Maintenance Planner must instruct other workers during their varied tasks to certify that all plant devices are in a foremost working state. Thus, we have inspected a few work obligations that a maintenance planner must do during their tenure of work.

  • Maintenance Reporting: The maintenance planner usually evolves peculiar reviews regarding the maintenance tasks accompanying the usual seasonal reports via assembled information. By utilizing the online system, the maintenance planner even arranges the biweekly programs, and also, the reservoir details are provided to the maintenance instructors. The maintenance planner even elects onto the coverage formats relevant to detailing the scientific facts concerning maintenance preservation.

  • Appliance Handling: The maintenance planner looks after the traversing of all device authentications whenever the chores are executed, together with spare portions coverage. The maintenance planner even looks after complete device installation, enhancement, and withdrawal from the provisions. Additional work purposes might include generating technical stipulations so that extrinsic maintenance workers might acknowledge how to assist the devices.

  • Generating Substantive Handbooks: A Maintenance Planner is generally the competent leader in instructing all workers who lead commercial equipment maintenance. Also, they aid in developing handbooks covering instruction, preserving, and reporting techniques.

  • Maintenance Programme: The maintenance planner assesses the required mending chores on equipment and develops a maintenance program according to which the chores will be completed. The maintenance planner even concludes which staff might be relevant to operate the job and provide the manpower with the essential instruction handbook to aid in installing and mending the equipment. Also, the maintenance planner handles the working timetable for maintenance.

  • Warehouse Tasks: A warehouse emporium is an agitation for the maintenance planner. So, the planners invoke ploys on the genuine storage of devices and trades for quick and simple recuperation during contingency circumstances. Stock levels are also evaluated, as the maintenance planner approves the exact stock level based on the kind of devices, how frequently it is utilized, and the density of mending.

Salary Of A Maintenance Planner:

The salary of a maintenance planner in the United States is $100,256. But the scale usually falls between $88,990 and $108,914. Salary could even differ extensively based on paramount vital elements, including pedagogy, qualifications, additional competencies, and the number of years you have depleted in your occupation.

Traits Required In A Maintenance Planner:

  • Skilled communication, mathematical competencies, organizational and issue-resolving competencies are among the paramount essential traits for a Maintenance Planner. 
  • They must even have foremost eye-hand synchronization and retain a powerful knowledge of mechanical and architectural concepts. 
  • A Maintenance Planner should also be a detail-attentive person with the competency to meet the time limit, organize ploys, and instruct teams. 


What is the paramount beneficial aspect of a Maintenance Planner?
The paramount beneficial aspect of being in this profession would be envisioning the physical outcomes of your chores. Understanding that with your brilliant planning competencies, prices might be decreased, and devices will resume being in a supreme working state.

What are a few of the key obligations a maintenance planner is required to perform?
Few of the key obligations required to be performed in this profession would compromise the efficiency and facets of the chores being fulfilled at a provision. One must even have the competency to collaborate with distinct workers, comprising popular employees, maintenance squad, and extrinsic expertise manufacturers. Materials and device handling would even be a major element ensuring that all devices are working conditions and following quality concession regulatory components.

What kind of individual could be successful as a maintenance planner?
An individual who could be successful in this profession might be someone who has technical knowledge and expertise. A superior person might even relish implementing twain handbooks and practical competencies while being security conscious. Also, someone who is an issue resolver, comprehensive, well-organized, and good at conversing with others.

What complications does a Maintenance Planner confront?
Complications might comprise employing colleagues varied competency level, linguistic roadblock, technology understanding, and absence of transparency.

What competencies are majorly utilized by the Maintenance Planners?
Competencies that are paramount and utilized comprise a strong understanding of computerized technology, logical acknowledgment of devices, time optimization, premise handling, and good conversing abilities. 

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Maintenance Planner Job Description, Salary & Duties

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