Library Pages- Job Description, Their Salary, And Duties

Library Page


The employees conduct repetitive activities connected to keeping the local library holdings in place, such as ordering, classifying, indexing, and counter topping of textbooks, newspapers, and visual and audio-recorded materials. Library Pages often cleanse and repair library resources, as well as organize and collect advanced information for availability. With management, this role assists with the shelving and organization of library belongings and resources, as well as assisting in the preparation of library services for program utilization. The job includes reading bookshelves, checking for expired goods, and using learned expertise to assist people in locating things. Knowing how well the library is arranged is required for the job. Inspection, assessments, and also the actual outcome are all used to evaluate the task done. This article is all about Library Pages.

Job Description

  • That occupation is an indirect supplier who assists in the maintenance of library resources available by collecting textbooks and journals, reviewing bookshelves, and putting resources into suitable order.
  • It responds to people’s inquiries, assists clients in locating required resources, and connects them to certain other sources of support.
  • The library page should have a solid understanding of both the library resources and their arrangement and maintain them. Have the capacity to systematize and numerically sort items.
  • Returning textbooks, as well as other materials to their rightful placements on the bookcases, is normally the responsibility of the pages. They’re also in charge of maintaining things in the correct place. Others could be in charge of collecting goods from protected places, and some may be in charge of monitoring items back inside. Page occupations are typically part-time and pay less than subsistence wages.
  • It builds up a thorough understanding of the library’s items, facilities, including program, as well as their organization and upkeep. The person in charge should be able to communicate with people verbally, in writing, and also by hearing.
  • Arrange library resources in a neat and orderly manner. It ensures that books are in the correct sequence by doing bookshelf scanning. answers the questions that are posed in a particular order. Aids with other operations in space as required.
  • It carefully carries and organizes library furnishings, tools, and amenities holding up to 75 lbs that can be used for numerous library activities, and returns the chambers or places to an appropriate state after using them. Lifting, bending, and reaching abilities. Arranging textbooks on cabinets, especially huge artistic textbooks, is a terrific workout and demands a great deal of effort.
  • Rearranging furniture, tracking down and acquiring documents and data across the library in several different forms, strolling and having to stand for longer periods, and handing a satisfactory choice of materials between both areas in which they are collected and locations where they are used, are all practically and mentally demanding tasks.


  • Age: The minimum age should be 16 years old.
  • Working Hours: Part-time
  • Qualifications: Capacity to pursue verbal and nonverbal guidelines Potential to know and understand the Dewey Decimal system as well as other library file records To be taken into consideration for such a role, a candidate should be in the final 2 years of college or have graduated from university and also have an interest in library strategies and benefits
  • Library page work does not require any additional education or accreditation because it is an entry profession. You might well have volunteered at the library before, which you can mention in your portfolio when recruiting for employment like this. Additionally, any abilities that you have working with data or files should be highlighted in the resume for library page employment.


It’s not uncommon to learn that several library administrators began their careers with pagers at a certain point in their careers. Possessing solid ethical values, dependability, and interpersonal skills at the circulation counter or even in the processing section may contribute to advancement to a library assistant role.

Library page employment could be right for you if you’re seeking an entrance career and enjoy the peaceful yet vibrant ambiance of a library. As a page, you will not be able to earn a lot of money because hourly wages start at about low wages. Fortunately, your low earnings are compensated by the significant exposure to the economic power of information and expertise that will assist you in determining whether working as a librarian is right for you or not.


A library page employment is intended to provide you with experience working for a company as entrance employment. But, certain fundamental abilities are still required. When interacting with consumers, library personnel like to ensure that you might categorize and utilize basic language. Since you’ll be engaging well with the community, you’ll be required to become a perfect representative of the library, so a pleasant disposition will go a long time away. You must therefore be timely and willing to stand for a long duration or be active in some other way.

These are some of the key library page responsibilities, according to the American Library Association, are re-arranging textbooks. And that is when your skill at appropriately categorizing comes in handy. The library organizes textbooks using not only letter words but also a numbering method. Therefore, you’ll arrange textbooks by numbers. Stretching the textbooks mostly on bookshelves and ensuring that they are placed orderly is also part of the employee requirements. If you’re on a library page, consider the textbook bundles as your second home. This position may include additional responsibilities for arranging textbooks. The circulating counter is the most typical task for library pages. Taking in check the ins and outs of textbooks, assisting clients in finding material, and addressing other inquiries are all duties at the counter. Furthermore, you should anticipate being allocated a variety of other library chores, such as posting advertising posters or conducting regular office activities like copying.


As of 2021, the mean yearly compensation for the library page position was $13, as per the website-based wages. The advertised hourly wages varied from approximately $9 to $17. Salary variations, like other employment, could be related to the company and geographical area. In Montgomery, AL, hourly earnings range between $8 to $15, while in Boston, they range between $10 to $19. Although most library page employment is part-time, income is usually expressed as hourly pay. 


Librarians and library journal editors are expected to expand at a 5% annual pace until 2029, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). In comparison to all of the other employment, this is a pace that is deemed quicker than normal. Even though the internet has altered how people consume content and gain knowledge, libraries remain vital services that require employment throughout all ranks.

Library Pages- Job Description, Their Salary, And Duties

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