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If you’re seeking a janitor job, a spotless resume will show employers that you’re a trustworthy and hardworking applicant who can be trusted with their building. Here we will see about Janitor’s Job Description.

Getting a job as a janitor (or custodian, as the job title in schools is termed. ) is an excellent method for those without a college diploma to obtain work quickly. It might also be an excellent part-time job for students and young people. Janitors are in charge of cleaning floors, windows, and bathrooms, as well as emptying garbage, replenishing supplies, and making minor repairs to the facility. 

Janitor's Job Description

What is a janitor’s job description? 

There’s a reason why robbers in so many humorous heists flick to try to break in by impersonating janitors. Cleaning crews have access to every part of a facility and are responsible for its upkeep, cleanliness, and aesthetic appeal. Sometimes, and unfairly, the work gets a terrible rap. Janitors are an important component of every well-run business, from schools to businesses to hospitals and workplaces.

While janitors are frequently depicted as “flies on the wall” — thus the attraction to imaginary bank robbers! – they are far more than that. Working as a janitor may be a fun way to meet new people.  Cleaning crews in large buildings Ensure that all spaces are cleaned by janitors collaboratively. Custodians at schools contact teachers, principals, and even kids daily, and the majority of them value the work of the janitors. 

What is it like to work as a janitor in the real world? Make sure you examine your resume from the standpoint of what your prospective employer demands. 

Janitorial labor may be strenuous on the body. Janitors are expected to transport cleaning materials, furniture, light fixtures, and other items throughout buildings, campuses, and up stairwells. As a result, if you’re looking for a job as a janitor, you need to be in decent physical shape. 

It’s also important to have a high level of mental endurance. Most cleaning personnel in companies and offices work overnight when the building is unoccupied to minimize interruption to daytime employees. Working the night shift may be physically and psychologically taxing, requiring you to adjust your sleep pattern and other activities to accommodate your work. During the night shift, you will be required to be awake and active, which can be difficult when it is dark outside. 

If you don’t want to work the night shift, school custodians often work during the day, while hospital cleaning personnel typically perform round-the-clock shifts that include daylight hours. 

While some janitors say they are undervalued by their coworkers, many others say they are revered. They might be proud of completing a necessary job that helps others operate more effectively. Janitors have a feeling of ownership and responsibility after working in the same building for a long time since they become an important component of the building staff. In addition, the work provides flexibility, freedom, and a low degree of stress. 

How to exactly write a resume for a janitor 

Reverse-chronological resumes are preferred. That means your most recent employment will be listed first, followed by your oldest. The motivation stems from the desire to make the job of a recruiter or hiring manager as simple as feasible. Having the most important information at the front of your resume makes it easy to evaluate it. 

Other parts follow the same logic. Up and to the left should be the most significant information. So, if your entire address or something similar occupies a large amount of area in the header of your resume, replace it with something more relevant. 

What is the ideal length for a janitor resume? 

After you’ve figured out what format to use, your next inquiry is likely to be about length. It’s important to consider your audience when deciding how long your janitor resume should be. “Is a hiring manager going to want to go through a page and a half of my resume?” you might wonder. The answer is most likely no. 

In most situations, a single page will be enough for janitor and custodian roles. The only exception would be if a position requires competence in a wide range of subjects, necessitating extra room to explain your experience in those areas. After all, demonstrating expertise in grounds care, engine repair, HVAC maintenance, bigger vehicle driving, team management, and customer service on a single page may be difficult. 

The general guideline is to examine everything on your resume and determine whether it adds value or information. If it isn’t improving your résumé, it is doing havoc on it. Another situation where having a buddy examine it for you might be beneficial in gaining some outside perspective and deciding what to keep and what to cut is this. 

What janitorial talents should be mentioned, and how should they be used? 

The qualifications for a janitorial profession might be rather diverse. You might be working primarily outside or indoors. You might be only concerned with cleaning or assisting with more sophisticated electrical or plumbing tasks. As a result, your abilities must match the position you’re looking for. 

Having said that, below are two broad lists of today’s most in-demand janitorial skills: 

The most important hard skills to include on a janitor resume 

  • Electrical aptitudes 
  • Plumbing 
  • Speaking a variety of languages (especially Spanish) 
  • Upkeep of the HVAC system 
  • Cleaning services in general 
  • Ground maintenance is required. 
  • Maintenance and repair of equipment (cars, mowers, etc.) 

The most important soft skills to have on a janitor resume 

  • Self-motivated 
  • Diligent
  • Independent 
  • Friendly
  • Organized 

How can you improve your abilities? 

Backing up your soft or hard talents is a vital strategy to improve their effectiveness. Mentioning certificates or past situations where you exhibited these talents will have a bigger influence When it comes to difficult talents. These examples might come from any type of job. For example, assisting your children in making a go-cart or volunteering to help maintain a community garden display abilities and make you appear to be a pleasant person to work with! 

Soft talents are the same way. They might appear particularly hazy, making them easier to dismiss. Giving examples of times you have shown your independence, organization, or friendliness can persuade the recruiter or hiring manager that you are the ideal candidate. 

How do you go about listing your education? 

It’s easy to overlook education while applying for a janitor job, but there are times when it may help you stand out. Simply saying that you graduated from high school isn’t very useful and should be left off the list. You should, however, describe any related activities you were a part of, such as a shop, automobile repair, and so on. 

If you attended a technical school connected to your janitorial profession, you should include it as well. However, if educational information does not assist in demonstrating that you are qualified for the post, it might be left out. 

How to Make Your Work Experience Stand Out?

A hiring manager scanning your CV will probably disregard a job description that merely states “Responsible for cleaning” or “Did a great job maintaining the grounds.” When explaining your work experience, To have an impact, you must be specific. 

Instead, say you “supervised a staff of 6 in charge of cleaning and maintenance of 67 classrooms and 12 acres of grounds for a high school” or something like that. or “repaired a damaged floor buffer after the engine caught fire” These tiny things not only distinguish your experience, but they also demonstrate a level of attention to detail that is appreciated in any janitorial role. 

Use the same strategy to attain goals outside of work. 

What if you did something outside of your work that was related to the career you wanted? This type of experience is ideal for putting in an accomplishments section. For example, learning basic plumbing and electrical work to assist repair your grandfather’s hunting lodge is a noteworthy accomplishment. It demonstrates self-motivation and Additionally assists you in standing out as a prospect. 

What is the difference between a resume objective and a summary? 

The aim or summary is usually the first thing on a resume. An objective is a concise statement of who you are as well as your objectives. This is the route to go if your resume and cover letter are both excellent. The qualifications for the job you want are pretty obvious. 

A resume summary, on the other hand, is the perfect spot to explain something about your resume that needs additional explanation, such as a gap in your job history. 

Examples of how to create a resume summary 

The fact that a resume summary is usually longer is no reason to go on and on. Here are some examples of effective summary writing: 

“I’m hoping to return to the workforce after taking two years off to care for my elderly mother, and use my 7 years of janitorial and 4 years of grounds maintenance experience to assist H. Smith High to retain its reputation as an excellent school with well-maintained facilities.” 

That summary humanizes you, explains why you have a two-year gap in your employment history, and explains why you applied for the job. It’s not overly long, but it still gives the remainder of the resume perspective. 

“I haven’t been able to find a solid job in a long time, but I believe I still have what it takes to succeed here.” I’m a hardworking individual that possesses all of the required skills.  I’m confident you won’t be sorry if you give me a chance in this role.” 

This example comes out as desperate, and it spends an unusually long time convincing the reader that they are capable of doing the task. Instead of thinking, “If I hire this person, I’m going to hear a lot of excuses,”.This sort of wording is more likely to attract a hiring manager’s attention. believe, “If I employ this person, I’m going to hear a lot of excuses.” 

How to include any other information, such as credentials, hobbies, interests, and volunteer work. 

These extra parts can greatly enhance a janitor’s résumé. Certifications are especially important for showing your competence to operate on mission-critical systems. The following are some of the most important certifications to include: 

  • Certifications in HVAC 
  • Certification for Bloodborne Pathogens (BPC) 
  • Certification in Medical Cleaning (MCC) 
  • Certification in Biohazard Cleaning (BCC) 
  • Services for Mold Inspection and Remediation (MIRS) 
  • Cleaning Certification for the Environment (GCC) 
  • Certification in Carpet Cleaning (CCC) 

In the appropriate conditions, hobbies or interests can also be included. Leave a pastime or interest off your resume if it isn’t acceptable or adds no actual value. If the job you’re looking for includes grounds care, though, noting that you enjoy gardening is a good touch. 

Finally, volunteer experience is almost always beneficial. Recruiters and hiring managers will create a favorable impression of you if you demonstrate that you are involved in the community and love giving back. It also helps you appear more trustworthy and enjoyable to deal with. 

How to tailor your CV to each job application, listing just the abilities that are relevant to that position. 

Targeting your resume will give you the best chance of obtaining the janitorial job you want. This begins with a thorough review of the job posting and ensuring that your CV meets as many of the requirements as feasible. 

There are, however, other methods to go above and above. Using the school colors on your resume might offer a subtle but important touch if you’re looking for employment at a school. As the examples above show, including the company by name in an objective or summary also indicates that you aren’t sending the same resume to each job. 

What can you do to make your CV stand out? 

Avoid loud patterns since they will make you stand out in the wrong manner in a crowd. A resume that stands out is tailored to the job, professionally written, and has a clear and straightforward style and structure. 

A hiring manager reviewing your CV isn’t looking for pyrotechnics; instead, they’re looking for a well-written resume that makes their task (hiring the best applicant) as simple as possible. If you do that, you’ll be sure to stand out from the crowd. 

Sections of a Resume 

1. Information about how to contact us:
Name, Address, Email, Phone Number, Nationality, Driver’s Licence

2. Profile:
3 sentences describing your history, your years of janitorial experience, and the types of institutions you’ve worked in. 

3. Previous Work Experience:
Include an overview of your daily duties and highlight your accomplishments while showing your professional experience. 

4. Qualifications, certifications, coursework, and training:
Formal education is not necessary in most cases, however, a high school diploma is acceptable. There’s no need to disclose an unrelated Bachelor’s degree if you have one. It’s a plus if you’re familiar with OSHA regulations or have technical certifications. 

5. Key Competencies:
Make a list of important talents that are relevant to the position you’re looking for. 

What to Emphasize? 

You must demonstrate to prospective employers that you are a dependable Janitor who is capable of cleaning and maintaining places while adhering to safety rules in two pages or less. 

You must adapt your CV to the position you’re searching for to make it job-winning. Here are some pointers for janitors: 

Years of experience that stand out:
Because your job immediately influences the facility’s public image, the position for which you’re applying indicates how long you’ve been a Janitor to demonstrate that you’ve mastered the craft. Include it in the profile area to immediately build trust. 

Mention the tools that you can use:
Cleaning by hand is simply one aspect of the work. Include any skills you have as a technician, such as operating heavy machinery, using power tools, or repairing electrical systems, in your resume. 

Responsibilities of a Janitor 

Here are some tasks that your company would want to see as the person in charge of keeping buildings in good order: 

  • Cleaning all surfaces and garbage cans is a must. 
  • With minimal supervision, follow instructions and prioritize task requests. 
  • Building security is ensured by locking up after business hours and inspecting electrical appliances for any safety risks. 
  • Major repairs should be identified and reported to the Facility Manager or supervisor. 
  • Mowing lawns, pruning shrubs, and spraying insecticides are all part of the job. 
  • Demonstrating how to use cleaning tools and chemicals correctly. 
  • Assisting with facility employee and contractor training as needed. 

Soft Skills and Their Importance 

Soft skills are equally as crucial as practical expertise for janitors. Employers consider personality qualities such as reliability and honesty while looking for Janitors. Try including these keywords into your resume to convince companies that you have the soft talents they’re searching for: 

  • Reliable
  • Proactive
  • Hard-working
  • Motivated
  • Organized
  • Trustworthy

Action Verbs for a Janitor’s Resume 

Employers want a trustworthy expert they can entrust with the cleanliness and upkeep of their facilities with little monitoring. Here are some verbs you may use to better represent your talents in your resume: 

  • Sanitizing
  • Monitoring
  • Communicating
  • Assisting
  • Identifying
  • Organizing
  • Cleaning
  • Reporting
  • Inspecting
  • Fixing
  • Maintaining
  • Operating

Some Janitor Resume Examples are as follows:

Janitor Resume #1

Joey wells, Janitor

[email protected]


Summary of Professional Experience 

Dedicated janitor with over 8 years of light and heavy cleaning experience. At Mammoth High School, we are committed to offering outstanding cleaning services. At Kearny High School, the principal complimented me six times for never taking sick days. All instructors and staff gave it their highest recommendation. 


2007–2011 Hayden High School

Graduated 2011

  • Junior and senior years on the varsity football squad. 
  • For two years, I had a lawn care side company with 35 regular customers. 

Work Experience


Kearny High School

April 2011–May 2018

  • As the lone janitor at the school, I did heavy and light cleaning such as mopping, sweeping, glass washing, and dusting. 
  • The principal commended me six times for having perfect attendance for seven years. 
  • In quarterly reviews of the cleanliness of rooms, corridors, toilets, and other facilities, all employees and instructors gave it a perfect score. 
  • minimal maintenance on school equipment and vehicles was performed. 


Alfred’s Vending Service

May 2012–June 2013

  • In a 10,000 square-foot vending machine business covering the tri-state area, I cleaned, swept, and mopped. 
  • Management frequently complimented me on my dependability and work quality.


  • Hard skills: thorough cleaning, windows cleaning, restrooms cleaning, Light cleaning,  corridors, and classrooms are all things that need to be cleaned.  
  • Soft skills: Dependability, work ethic, efficiency, time management, and self-motivation are all important qualities. 


Bowling league leader every week 

Janitor Resume #2

Steve Grover

[email protected]

Resume Objective

In need of a full-time janitorial position for an energetic and dedicated entry-level worker. To offer a secure and healthy atmosphere for your consumers, seek to employ my demonstrated talents and knowledge. An employee who is dedicated and has strong working ethics as well as meticulous attention to every detail. 


Munker Bill Community College – Boston, USA

Certificate in Hotel and Restaurant Management, Jan 2015

  • Member of the men’s soccer squad,
  •  VP of the Hispanic Student Association
  • member of the Community Service Association club 
  • Relevant coursework: Hospitality Management,  Service Principles, and Advanced Lodging Operations

Experience As A Professional 

Gold Rim Hotel | Boston, Ma | Oct 2011 – Present

A part-time hotel janitor is in charge of overseeing and ensuring the timely completion of cleaning activities in designated areas. 

  • Twice named “Employee of the Month” with a monetary bonus 
  • Working together with management to identify high-risk locations and develop new safety measures resulted in a 15% reduction in incidents over the previous year. 
  • To guarantee a safe and healthy workplace for both staff and customers, all cleaning solutions were maintained in compliance with OSHA regulations for hazardous chemicals. 
  • For a hotel with 300+ rooms and 250+ clients per day, I provided carpet cleaning,  floor care, garbage collection, vacuuming, and restroom cleaning. 
  • All functions and operations of the cleaning service were coordinated, organized, and monitored. 
  • Fingerprints and smudges were removed from vertical surfaces such as doors, door frames, light switches, private entrance glass, and partitions. 
  • Followed supervisors’ instructions to follow a rotation plan of allocated quadrants, collaborating with coworkers as a team. 

Advanced Skills 

  • Cleaning swiftly and completely is one of my specialties. 
  • Ability to utilize a variety of hand tools, such as drills and ratchets 
  • First Aid, CPR 
  • Speaking, reading, and writing in Spanish 
  • Communication skills are important, as is being a team player. 
  • MS Word and Excel spreadsheets are both familiar to you. 

Janitor Resume #3

Tom greys

146 Rainbow Road

San Gabriel, CA 91775



High School Diploma

Brownstown Jr./Sr. High School, Brownstown, IL

Highlights of Qualifications:

  • Building cleaning and maintenance services are something I’ve done a lot of. 
  • Housekeeping, floor polishing, and garbage collection processes are all operations that require extensive understanding. 
  • Exceptional understanding of all relevant federal legislation and corporate rules 
  • Understanding inventory ordering and report-writing procedures are essential. 
  • Possess the ability to do physically hard jobs such as lifting large things. 
  • Ability to correctly change HVAC filters and conduct minor mechanical repairs 

Professional Experience:

Building Janitor

FirstService Residential, San Gabriel, CA

August 2012 – Present


  • Swept and cleaned the building’s outside and kept the interior clean. 
  • All furniture and fixtures were meticulously dusted, cleaned, and shined. 
  • Effortlessly collected and disposed of waste from trash cans. 
  • Safely operated and maintained all cleaning equipment given by the firm. 
  • Observed and maintained the building’s property security. 
  • Accurate inventory and maintenance records and reports were created and maintained. 

Building Janitor

Plymouth Housing Group, San Gabriel, CA

May 2009 – July 2012


  • As allocated, I cleaned, scrubbed, and polished all of the building’s floors, as well as shampooed the carpets. 
  • Replaced faulty light bulbs and other minor building maintenance tasks. 
  • All waste was collected, processed, and taken to approved disposal places. 
  • As requested, I cleaned, tidied, and painted all unoccupied flats. 
  • All restroom supplies and cleaning products were ordered and kept in stock. 
  • All building maintenance requirements and safety risks were identified and reported to the supervisor. 

Maintain a squeaky-clean structure and formatting for a janitor resume. If an employer can’t readily digest your resume, all of your talents and experience will be useless. This is particularly true in the case of a janitor’s CV, which should be kept as simple as possible. You’re aiming to show that you have the physical and mental capabilities to work as a cleaning crew member. It’s not a good idea to let fancy fonts, images, or colors get in the way of that. Through this article we have learned about Janitor’s Job Description.

Janitor’s Job Description – know more

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