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Integration is derived from the root word “Integrate” and a suffix “ion.” To Integrate means to assemble a scattered piece or component into a whole component. Integration can be defined as the process of integrating. Integration can also mean forming, coordinate, or blend into a functioning whole component that can be useful in society. Integrate a means to end the segregation and fraction in a social group or a society and bring into equal membership in society or an organization from a socialization perspective. Whatever the definition, integration is encompassing. The word integration is a terminology used in a different profession. It can be used in many fields and professions. Whichever the case,  the original meaning remains the same. From this perspective, an Integrator is a professional individual that integrates that is assembled a scattered object, equipment, or situation into a whole meaningful one.  This article is all about the Integrator job description, qualification, duties.

Integrator Job Description:

An Integrator’s job description and duties depend on the specificity of the work and study field. For example, an Integrator in computer technology is a professional individual that assembles different parts of computer hardware components into a usable whole unit. In mathematical terms, an Integrator is an individual that integrates that solves an integral problem. The psychologist and sociologist can also define it as a process of assembling or bringing together a broken human life aspect. Whatever any profession gives the meaning, a fact can always be established that an Integrator brings about integration. 

Qualification And Requirements Of An Integrator:

Since the word integration is encompassing, an Integrator must possess the requirements and skills needed in his/her integration. An Integrator possesses the following qualities and skills. 

  • He/she must be educated: Academics qualification of an Integrator must be specific. This means that he/she must be educated in his/her field of integration. For example, a computer Integrator must be certified in computer engineering or any other relevant technological field. A mathematician must have obtained a degree in any course relating to mathematics. Also, for the integration aspect of human life, an Integrator must possess a degree or equivalent certificate in psychology, sociology, or any related course of study. 
  • He/she must possess relevant experience in the field of integration. An Integrator must be vast in the aspect of integration. He/she must have at least three years of experience in the field. 
  • He/she must be skillful. Skills are required in every profession. An Integrator must be skillful and have sufficient knowledge in what he/she is doing. An Integrator in technology must possess the skills needed to assembles a component. 
  • He/she must be smart and precise. Smartness and precision are required as an Integrator. He/She must know what to do at the right time. 
  • He/She must be accurate and not error-prone. Accuracy is highly required as an “Integrator.” An Integrator imperfection or error can cause a lot of damage and even loss of life. 
  • He/She must also possess good time management. That is the ability to assemble a component within a limited time. Speed and accuracy is the only way to achieve this. 
  • He/She must also be proactive, that is, the ability to take precautions before the negative thing happens. 
  • He/She must be hardworking and possess the ability to work in difficult situations. He/she must be able to endure stress while still attending to important things. 
  • He/She must not be a wasteful type. That is the ability to use limited resources to achieve greater output. 
  • He/She must have a good team spirit that is the ability to work with others. This is very important in all organizations because most of the time, an Integrator will have to work with all other professionals. 

Duties OF An Integrator:

An Integrator is required in different industries for different purposes. Some of the duties of an  Integrator include:

  • Entertainment and Communication Industry: An Integrator is highly required in the entertainment industry. He/She helps to assemble and installations digital systems needed for the shooting and recording of their product. He/She function as a designer that designs new technological equipment needed for efficiency in the entertainment industry. He/she can achieve this by bringing together various components and parts from various manufacturers to create a unique, distinct and functioning system that meets the entertainment industry’s needs. Integrators are also involved in selecting instruments or components from various options available to determine a specific output that functions as required.

  • Military/Defense: An Integrator is highly required in the defense industry as the defense systems become more compact and connected. In the defense, an Integrator connects every information gathered by the intelligence report. It assembles it to a reasonable conclusion that can procure the solution needed from all the information pieces. This is highly required in a criminal investigation when a substantial fact is needed to arrest a criminal.  Also, in a crime scene, an Integrator helps to put together all investigations and evidence to determine the scene’s right suspect. 

  • Counseling: An Integrator in this field diagnoses a human problem and figures out how to fix it. He/She helps to reconstruct the emotions such problem might have caused damage. 

  • Automobile Industry: an Integrator automobile engineer is needed in the automobile industry. He/She helps to assemble automobile parts and equipment to achieve a whole component. This is must be carried out with care and accuracy because any mistake can prevent the automobile from functioning. 

Salary Structure Of An Integrator:

Integration is a very lucrative profession, especially in the United States of America. Their salary depends on the specificity of an Integrator. Integrators employed by the automobile industry are well paid due to the sensitive nature of their profession. Also, an Integrator can be employed by contract. The wages depend on the terms and conditions of the contract. Also, the salary structure depends on the years of experience and level of education. The nature and financial capability of the industry is also a factor to be considered. Approximately an Integrator receives $60,000 to $80,000 per annum in the United States of America. 

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Integrator Job Description, Duties & Salary

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