Housekeeping Job Description- Their Salary, And Duties

Housekeeping Job Description

Who is a housekeeper?

A housekeeper is employed in several settings, including hotels, private homes, hospitals, and other institutions that need numerous chores of light cleaning. They may work at several sites for a variety of clients on the same day, or they may work at a single location for a single customer. House Cleaners, maids, breakfast and room attendants, housekeeping aides, housekeeping laundry workers, and room cleaners are all terms used to describe people who work in this field. Here, let’s discuss the Housekeeping Job Description.

A housekeeper may be required to have a high school diploma or the equivalent to get employment, although this is not always true. You may be expected to have work-related experiences, such as history and positive references from previous employers, and you might be sought after by a company looking for someone who successfully interacts with others. They may also inquire as to how long it will take you to clean a certain area. As part-time employment, it may also be an alternative for someone who needs additional cash or for students who have not yet graduated high school, who may be able to get a position on the weekends working alongside an experienced housekeeper.

If you are a new housekeeper, you may be placed under the supervision of a more experienced individual for a period of several months to one year. A housekeeper must be physically fit to do the job since you will often bend and stretch to reach objects and difficult-to-reach places, as well as have the endurance to stay on your feet for extended periods. A strong core is also advantageous for lifting or moving large items, since you may be required to do so. Housekeepers that are detail-oriented, meticulous, reliable, and punctual are in high demand among employers.

Housekeeping Job Description

An office or home is cleaned by a housekeeper, who is responsible for a range of duties such as vacuuming and emptying the trash, dusting, sweeping, mopping floors, washing dishes, and a variety of other tasks. They may be compelled to utilize disinfectants or steam-powered sterilizers. If they were to work in a hospital environment, they would also have to adhere to whatever cleanliness regulations were in place. They may be needed to move furniture or equipment to clean, as well as to transport things such as linens, towels, cleaning supplies, and garbage to and from the cleaning location.

According to the location where they work, they may also be required to change any old bedsheets and replace them with new ones. If there are any used towels in the bathroom, they would be responsible for removing them and replacing them with new clean towels. Additionally, some private homes may request that you do extra tasks for them, such as cleaning dishes, light ironing, or even laundry. Additionally, housekeepers would notify their employer if they were aware of any safety concerns.

Housekeeping Skills

  • Performs a variety of cleaning procedures with various degrees of sophistication. Based on the cleaning criteria established by the Lodging program, this individual demonstrates competence in the areas of daily service, check-out, deep cleaning, and special project cleaning.
  • Cleaning includes vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping the floors; dusting, polishing, and cleaning; and moving furniture.
  • Removes garbage from the site, puts it in dumpsters and replaces dumpster liners.
  • Provides the appropriate amount of facilities in the room, which may include consumables and non-consumables, linen, a kitchen, and a restroom
  • Removes and replaces bed linen, inspects mattresses and pull-out couches, and moves/repositions beds upon guest checkout, every week, or at the request of the visitor
  • Scrubs the inside and outside of air vents, as well as the sills and tracks of windows, as well as the blinds and curtains on the inside and outside of the vents and windows.
  • Removes stains and dirt from coffee machines, ice buckets, beverage kits, refrigerator doors and shelves, stove-top cookware, cutlery, cups and glasses, plates, sinks and countertops, ovens and ranges, cabinet and drawer doors and drawers, and microwave doors and shelves
  • Makes certain that dishwashers are clean and in proper operating order
  • Vanities, mirrors, hardware, cabinets/shelving, toilets, bathtubs/shower stalls, tile, and bathroom exhaust fans are all cleaned with this product. Shower curtains are included with the replacement of bathroom towels and linens.
  • The ironing board is cleaned and the covers are replaced as needed. The baggage racks are cleaned and checked for a good functioning, and the closets are stocked with enough clean male and female hangers, as well as a sufficient number of clean male and female hangers.
  • Maintains the cleanliness of washers and dryers and ensures that they are functioning.
  • The in-room guest directories are kept clean and organized, the televisions are kept clean and set to the appropriate channel and level, the alarm clocks are kept clean and programmed with a backup battery, and the in-room phones are kept clean and properly programmed and in good working order.
  • Ensures that common areas such as vending machines and ice machines, laundry rooms, elevators, break rooms, hallways, corridors, stairwells, office spaces, lounges, storerooms, and storage spaces are properly cleaned and maintained
  • Performs deep cleaning as required by program standards (e.g., on a scheduled basis and upon check-out of guests in “pet-friendly” rooms and rooms with an ADA service animal), which may include, but is not limited to, defrosting the refrigerator, cleaning windows (inside and out), replacing and/or cleaning drapes, moving furniture and cleaning normally hidden areas, carpet cleaning (shampoo and aerate), and deodorizing the room (if applicable).
  • Counts, sorts, inspects and prepares linen for use in the operating room and other areas
  • Uses Blood Borne Pathogen criteria to identify possible safety issues associated with contaminated linens, and then follows relevant NGIS procedures throughout daily service activity to address those concerns
  • Completes requests for maintenance on products that are damaged, faulty, or in need of replacement
  • Basic, regular maintenance on vacuum cleaners is performed by cleaning all sections of the vacuum cleaner and changing filters as needed.
  • Maintenance of cleanliness, inventories, and organizational systems for the usage of housekeeping carts and linen carts
  • Notifies the Supervisor of any damages or valuables (e.g., significant sums of cash, jewelry, or confidential/sensitive information) that have been left out in the open by guests or visitors
  • Any behavior that seems to be dangerous, unlawful, or suspicious should be reported to a supervisor.
  • Maintains a professional demeanor when interacting with guests and other team members, demonstrates a positive attitude, employs effective communication skills and provides assistance to guests, which may include answering questions about hotel facilities and providing information about nearby attractions.
  • When identifying lost and found items, communicate with the front desk by noting all necessary information to make the recovery of the item for that particular visitor as simple as possible.
  • Ensures that the given key is kept under control and that any problems are reported to the Supervisor promptly

Housekeeping Responsibilities

Whether they work in a hotel, hospital, company, or a person’s home, maids and housekeeping cleaners keep everything looking clean and hygienic. While exact responsibilities may vary significantly depending on the institution, cleaners are responsible for a place after others have finished using it or while they are gone, and they restore it to the condition that is necessary for visitors, patients, and residents to be comfortable. Maids and housekeeping cleaners are responsible for a variety of facilities that are used regularly: they make beds, change linens, empty wastebaskets, wash dishes, and restock supplies. Depending on how much the situation has deteriorated, they may also order repairs and carry out further in-depth cleaning, such as shampooing carpets. They may also be responsible for reporting damage and thefts, as well as supervising other employees.

Housekeeping cleaners working in hotels and hospitals are often assigned to a specific section of the facility and are responsible for tasks such as keeping linens stocked and ordering supplies, whereas maids working in private homes are more likely to run errands or clean up by vacuuming, dusting, and putting things away. Maids and housekeepers work a variety of shifts, including full-time, part-time, and seasonal work patterns, among other things. Contractor cleaning services providers may provide a range of work schedules and work conditions to their employees. Maids and housekeeping cleaners are often not required to have any formal education, but many have earned a high school diploma or an equivalent qualification.

Housekeeping Salary Trend in the USA

According to, the average salary for a housekeeper is $36,175 per year in the United States. A mid-level housekeeper can earn around $38000 per annum with 3-9 years of experience. Early Level housekeepers with 1-2 years experience get around $33863 per annum.

Salary by Experience

0-2 years$33863
3-5 years$37946
6-9 years $39220
More than 10 years $41135

Salary by Job Title

Executive Housekeeper / Director of Housekeeping           $52099
Deputy Housekeeper                                                                $38,219
Assistant Housekeeper                                                            $37,458
Floor Supervisors /Floor Housekeepers                                 $38,388
Public Area Supervisor                                                               $42,245
Night Supervisor                                                                        $59,089
Evening Shift Supervisor                                                      $42,166
Storekeeper                                                            $40,031
Control desk supervisor                                             $36,434
Guestroom Attendants/ Room Maids/ Chambermaids      $22,547
Head House person                                             $23,959
House porters/House persons/ Houseman               $23,959
Tailors, Seamstresses, and Upholsterers                $42707
Cloakroom Attendant/ Powder Room Attendant        $23887
Horticulturist                                                              $69073
Gardeners                                               $48,736
Florist                                                  $30,232

Salary by Company Size

Name of CompanySalary per annum
Vacasa     $53,803    
US Department of Veterans Affairs     $46,004  
Marriott Vacations Worldwide     $42,542   
Two Maids & A Mop     $42,495  
Caesars Entertainment       $41,459  
Merry Maids   $41,211   

Salary by Location

CitiesSalary per annum
New York, NY        $48,195 
Chicago, IL              $46,714 
Philadelphia, PA           $39,278 
Las Vegas, NV               $38,156 
Baltimore, MD                                        $37,045 
Atlanta, GA                                             $35,976 
St. Louis, MO                                          $34,833 
Houston, TX                                            $33,420  


  1. In terms of job titles, what is the difference between a maid, a housekeeper, and a house cleaner? 

Housekeepers are sometimes referred to as maids, which is an old-fashioned name for them, and the words are often used interchangeably. A maid and a housekeeper are employed by the family, and they are responsible for providing everything necessary for the cleaning and upkeep of the home. Unlike a house cleaner, a housekeeper’s (or maid’s) job may include other responsibilities such as childcare and house sitting in addition to cleaning the home. Some live-in housekeepers are responsible for the whole home and offer care for the family on a 24/7 basis. The hiring of house cleaners is done on an hourly or daily basis, and they often carry their cleaning supplies.

  1. What is the best way to determine whether or not I am getting paid properly as a housekeeper?

For help determining the right compensation for a housekeeper, use Indeed’s Salary Calculator to receive a free, customized pay range based on your region, industry, and previous work history.

  1. Do housekeepers get gratuities? 

Tipping is entirely up to the discretion of the visitor, but some establishments prefer that customers tip their housekeepers. Individuals may improve their chances of achieving this by going above and above in their responsibilities, being pleasant, and assisting visitors whenever they are able.

  1.  Is bedbug infestation a significant source of worry for hotel housekeepers? 

For hotel housekeepers, bedbugs are a persistent issue that they must deal with. Hotels educate their housekeepers on how to deal with bedbugs and other small infestations, and they provide them with training.

  1. What do you find the most challenging about your job as a housekeeper

The answer to this question varies depending on who you ask, but housekeepers often complain about the number of rooms they have to clean each day. Repetitive movements such as bending and lifting are involved in the condition. Housekeepers must visit all of the rooms allocated to them daily to maintain hotel standards and meet the expectations of guests.

  1. Do the responsibilities of a housekeeper have an impact on one’s physical health? 

The physical demands of housekeeping chores are very high daily. Some housekeepers scrub floors on their hands and knees, which is not uncommon. Other circumstances need hard lifting and the transport of laundry to and from the washing facility.

Housekeeping Job Description- Their Salary, And Duties

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