Grubhub Careers 2021 – Job Application, Salary, Age & Interview Questions

Grubhub Careers – Job Application, Salary, Age & Interview Questions

Do you want to take a day off from your kitchen duties? Or, would you like to have a special treat tonight to celebrate a special occasion with a special someone? Well, then it’s time to ring up Grubhub. Grubhub is the boss of online food delivery in the United States of America and is a popular eatery among the masses. We will discuss Grubhub Careers here.

Job Description | Grubhub Careers

What does a Grubhub employee do, you ask? As a Grubhub employee, you merge restaurants and customers through your online service portal. Depending on your work area, you will help improve the company’s productivity to attract more customers to your company. You also have to welcome customers, display restaurants near customers, provide a refund to the customers if needed, address their issues, keep an account of the customer’s online transactions, etc. 

Requirements to Be A Grubhub Employee

  • You should possess a high school diploma or a college degree. The latter is preferred.
  • You should be at least 18 years of age (varies in some cities)
  • You will be required to work 12 hours a day. The time period may vary.
  • You should have organizational skills, and you should be a great team player.
  • You should have proven work experience working at a retail store 
  • You should possess excellent vocabulary skills.
  • You should have analytical skills and interpersonal skills.
  • You should be detail-oriented.
  • You should possess customer service experience.
  • You should be able to handle various tasks handed out to you and be flexible to accommodate the business’s requirements.
  • You should have the quality of taking up initiative and doing a job with little to no supervision.
  • You may be asked to work for long hours, including evenings, weekends, or holidays. It would be best if you were comfortable doing this.

Application Process

To apply for a job at Grubhub, you can go to their official website that is The site offers various job opportunities such as manager (tech ops), associate marketing (CRM Operations), Engineering Manager (Diner Engineer), Staff Accountant, etc. You can select a job area that interests you and apply there. You will get to see a description of the job. They will display the duties and qualifications required for the job. Fill in your email details. Then they will ask you your experience, application questions. Finally, you have to agree to their terms and conditions. Once you are done with this, you will complete your application process. The same application process applies to any job position you are applying for on their website.

Job Openings

They have a wide rand of jobs available in all the sectors. Some of them are mentioned in the list below:

  1. Manager: A manager is the first point of contact between employees and the management. They foresee the entire operations of the company. You ensure that the departments within the company work together in unison.

  2. Associate Marketing: A marketing associate is responsible for collecting and distributing marketing company to promote the company. They come up with new ideas to promote the company among the masses. They keep a tab on the current market trends, analyze the market forecasts, and analyze customer demands and design ideas to merge customer demands.

  3. Staff Accountant: As an accountant, you prepare financial statements, analyze financial activities, and find solutions in case any discrepancies come up during the financial functioning of the company. You are also responsible for preparing budgets and maintaining the ledger of the company.

Top Employers Before Joining Grubhub

While applying for a job at Grubhub, you may be a beginner or an individual with extensive experience in this field. If you are the latter, you can check out some of the top employers where you may have worked and get an idea of your chances of landing a job at Grubhub. The more experience you have under your belt, the higher are your chances are of securing a job at a top-reputed company. The benefit of this is that you will receive great pay.

The first employer in the list is the one that has a higher percentage of hiring you, whereas the last employer in the list has the least percentage or chances of hiring you. The statistics are approximate and will differ over a period of time.

  1. If you work at Uber Technologies, you have a 9.3 percent chance of landing a job at Grubhub.
  2. If you work at Walmart, you have an 8.9 percent chance of landing a job at Grubhub.
  3. If you work at Amazon.Com, you have a 7.6 percent chance of landing a job at Grubhub.
  4. If you work at McDonald’s, you have a 7.3 percent chance of landing a job at Grubhub.
  5. If you work at Target, you have a 7.3 percent chance of landing a job at Grubhub.
  6. If you work at UPS, you have a 7.3 percent chance of landing a job at Grubhub.
  7. If you work at Macy’s, you have a 5.3 percent chance of landing a job at Grubhub.
  8. If you work at United States Postal Service, you have a 5.0 percent chance of landing a job at Grubhub.
  9. If you work at Lyft, you have a 4.6 percent chance of landing a job at Grubhub.
  10. If you work at Postmates, you have a 4.3 percent chance of landing a job at Grubhub.

Salary Of A Grubhub Employee On The Basis Of Their Job Title They Hold

The position or the job title you hold in the company you are working for plays a key role in determining the salary you receive. If you have many years of experience under your belt, say you hold a finance director salary, you can expect an average pay of $160,993. Similarly, if you have very little to no experience under your belt, and for example, have been allotted the job title of a cashier, you can expect an average minimal pay of $23,744.

Finance Director Jobs$161,000$143,000 – $180,000
Data Engineer Jobs$125,000$107,000 – $144,000
Software Engineer Jobs$100,000$82,000 – $121,000
Database Administrator Jobs$96,000$79,000 – $115,000
Food Photographer Jobs$94,000$61,000 – $145,000
Data Analyst Jobs$84,000$70,000 – $101,000
Senior Marketing Associate Jobs$77,000$70,000 – $84,000
Operations Associate Jobs$70,000$55,000 – $80,000
Account Manager Jobs$65,000$47,000 – $87,000
Account Executive Jobs$59,000$47,000 – $72,000

The average standard pay for Grubhub jobs depending on job title ranges from $29,000 to $180,000 per year.

Why You Should Join Gruhub?

Before I answer this question, you should know what motto Grubhub stands by. Grubhub wants to enhance the world of online food ordering and delivery by fulfilling the need of hungry diners and serving them food from their favorite restaurants. GrubHub aims at maximizing its service by partnering with restaurants to cater to audiences all around the United States. The team at Grubhub offers breakthrough insight for its employees in planning and marketing Grubhub. The career growth of their employees is the main focus of Gruhub. Of course, there is a great diversity in the work field for you to choose from. And once you have decided to work at Grubhub and join hands with all those working there, you are a part of their Grublife. 

Perks Of Working at Grubhub

As exciting it is to work at Grubhub. Similarly, it is quite rewarding. You benefit a lot by working at Grubhub, and the perks are truly fascinating. Here is the list of the perks you can check out to tempt you to start working at Grubhub:

  1. Health & Wellness

Your health is of primary importance at Grubhub. After all, it is necessary to integrate a positive lifestyle while supporting you and your family. Hence, Grubhub has designed some packages taking into consideration your contribution towards the company. The benefits provided are medical perks, programs like employee networking groups, competitions like fitness, and health challenges. And lastly, a work environment that makes you feel like you are at home.

  1. Meal Perks & Grubhub+ Subscription

A good meal is the key to a great day. And that is why Grubhub ensures the satisfaction of its employees by sponsoring their meals at other restaurants to keep their employees happy and at the same time maintain and strengthen the partnership they have with other restaurants. And what’s more is that you get a year’s subscription at Grubhub to claim free deliveries, access to Elite career groups, and other interesting perks.

  1. PTO

It is necessary to take some time off to reduce all the stress from your mind. Grubhub encourages this idea and offers two different perks depending on the type of employee. If it is an exempt employee, they can get unlimited vacation, whereas a non-exempt employee will be given a generous vacation period. Now, doesn’t that sound exciting?

  1. Grublife

To make your stay at Grublife even more wonderful, the Cultural Crew at Grublife conducts an array of events where employees can use both volunteers or be a part of their wellness program. You can also participate in some activities like Wing eating contests, virtual workout sessions, happy hours, and many more such events. 

Some other perks that employees can benefit from are by partaking in their social activities titled ‘Social Impact’ or expand the horizon of your career under their ‘Learning & Career Growth’ opportunities.

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity is what creates the destiny of Grubhub and solidifies its success. Grubhub accepts people from all backgrounds, thinking, and viewpoint. Grubhub works in an unbiased environment making every employee working in their company comfortable and empowered. This empowerment is done mainly through two groups. One is the Voices Council, where Gruhub listens to the problems of its employees from all departments. They then work to improve the area the company is lacking in. The other group is the GrubConnect Groups. Members of different backgrounds connect to strengthen and empower one another and bring inclusivity to the working environment. 

Other groups are as follows:

  1. Black Employee Affinity Culture Organizational Network (BEACON)

The group aims at supporting the professional growth of its Black employees. Grubhub also wants to bring forth a culture that brings awareness and respects them and includes them in all the company plans’ events.

  1. Working Parents

Having a kid at home and managing your work-life simultaneously is a difficult task at hand. Therefore, Grubhub has a group for working parents to come together to create an environment of their own and think of opportunities to give them the resources they need.

  1. Tech Women

This group emphasizes the role of women in the tech world and their contribution to this sector. This is a platform where women can implement their own innovative tech ideas and for their voices to be heard by all.

  1. GrubPride

The GrubPride LGBTQIA+ individuals to the limelight, giving them the forum to create possibilities for their career growth and promote their participation in the company’s activities.

Interview Questions

  1. Do you have experience in providing customer support?

Yes. I have strong knowledge and affinity when it comes to providing customer care. I patiently listen to their queries and guide them carefully to avail of your company’s services. 

  1. How will you handle negative criticism from your superior?

I will listen to what my superior has to say and keep in mind some of the key points required to improve myself. I will ensure not to overreact to the criticism but will think of ways to improve myself in the areas I lack.

  1. What software applications are you adept with?

I am well versed with the Brink POS software as my previous workplace used the same software, and to my knowledge, even Grubhub uses this software. I consider myself to be at a (beginner, intermediate or advanced) level in applying this software.

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Grubhub Careers 2021 – Job Application, Salary, Age & Interview Questions

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