Geodis Careers-Job Description, Salary, Application Process

GEODIS: What Are They About? 

Being a leading entity in the distribution market worldwide, GEODIS has been at the forefront of supporting business’ logistical and operational constraints as an official brand since 1995. Its roots date back to over a century ago, in 1904.  Let us know more about that Geodis careers-Job description, salary, requirements, age,application process, benefits.

Geodis careers - Job description, salary, requirements, age,application process, benefits complete guide

Below is an in-depth guide on everything from job descriptions and salaries to application processes and benefits and what makes up their company ethos. 

First, we’ll begin with what makes up the heart of GEODIS. 

 Company Values:  

  •  Committed to customers 
  •  Innovative 
  •  Passionate 
  •  Demonstrate solidarity 
  •  Trustworthy 

 Below, we’ll cover how this is showcased on a day-to-day basis. 

Their Method to The Madness 

When handling customers’ transport and logistics globally, GEODIS understands that it can always overcome the challenges posed by today’s ever-changing market. 

Drawing from their rich history and wealth of experience, they’re able to eliminate any unpredictability on the client’s end by digitally connecting each step in the supply chain into a seamless experience powered by data.  

From monitoring information, data elements and potential obstacles, you’ll find that from the client’s viewpoint, putting their trust in a transparent yet efficient company is a position that GEODIS is familiar with and prides itself on it being their utmost priority.  

In addition to creating a digital ecosystem that is sustainable, predictable, resilient yet flexible, and effective in reducing costs, lead time, and assuring certainty regarding delivery, they have provided further testament regarding the proven knowledge they have curated and adapted to throughout over a century in the transport and logistics industry.  

Opportunities at GEODIS 

GEODIS’ identity is found in its philosophy. At its core, the client’s success is GEODIS’ success. The company’s pride is built upon the idea of being a growth partner to businesses worldwide.  

They can provide for and deliver to not only customers but whole industries. Therefore, dealing with the logistical challenges associated with this mission varies uniquely day to day, industry to industry, and client to client. 

To keep both the intellectual and manual labour side of logistical efforts effective despite this, an extensive array of talents is required to tackle such a large array of challenges. 

 This is where you come in. 

Whether it’s behind the scenes working at overhauling supply chain logistics or packaging products to be sent off for delivery, GEODIS provides a wide range of different work opportunities, with just a tiny few being- 

  •  Logistics Solution Design Engineer 
  •  Center of Excellence Manager 
  •  Freight Forwarder 
  •  GEODIS Delivery Driver 
  •  Warehouse Pick Packer 

 With such a variety of different opportunity proposals at GEODIS, the job titles listed above and from here on out will be listed in a small order of key-point relevance throughout the supply chain process. This is to ensure whichever level you are at, or whatever aligns with your interests, you will be able to find value in this article when it comes to approaching career opportunities at GEODIS. 

 Logistics Solution Design Engineer 

This is a crucial position in the early stages of the supply chain process. This role entails developing the supply chain and warehousing logistics solutions that cater to a particular client’s needs. This, in turn, optimizes the first steps of the operational processes to ensure the seamless logistical experience that GEODIS stands for. 

Adapting to various clients and industries requires anticipation. Identifying solutions that result in cost and performance efficiency is the goal here. To achieve this, the design engineer will perform network analysis and develop solutions that vitalize everything from manual labour to automated systems requirements, right down to the layout of the warehouse and its material handling. 

GEODIS offers independent analysis systems alongside proven concept development formulas to ensure you’re equipped with the proper outlines to put you on track and top-level I.T. tools and software that provide smooth execution. 


For an entry-level position for this job, at least five years of experience in a similar field of logistics is required with a further Master’s in Industrial Engineering from university. For a senior position role, 7-10 years of experience is required with a Bachelor’s in Industrial and Systems Engineering. 


According to 6figr, depending on experience, Logistics Solution Design Engineers get paid at a base level of around $82,000 per year, with the more senior positions for this role looking at upward of $100,000 per year, crossing the six-figure threshold.

Center of Excellence Manager 

Once referred to as “control towers, ” this job title coordinates the Supply Chain Optimization Line of Business via digital platforms processed in a global networking system. This is made accessible to GEODIS clients once an order has been placed.  

This position is one of the critical components to ensuring a transparent experience that offers GEODIS’ perfect quality of service. 

Visibility throughout each stage of the logistics process provides clients with end-to-end clarity allowing for predictability regarding when they can have access to their consignments. Therefore, this role demonstrates three of their company values stated earlier. 

  •  Committed to clients 
  •  Demonstrate solidarity 
  •  Trustworthy 

As a COE Manager, your role is entrusted with many responsibilities. Therefore, mental stamina is required. Not only are you a centralized point of contact for both client and GEODIS parties, but also an assessor that can anticipate potential problems or trends that could affect the customer’s otherwise streamlined experience. You stand at the forefront of the company’s ethics and demonstrate them accordingly while making critical decisions that determine resource assignment or activity distribution. 


As there are no entry-level positions for this managerial role, 5 years in a similar field of logistics is required with a Master’s degree in Logistics, Materials and Supply Chain Management. A Bachelor’s in Industrial Engineering may also prove favourable. 


According to 6figr, Center of Excellence Managers make upward of $100,000 at a base level, considering the amount of responsibility and experience that is required. 

Below, we begin to head into jobs that require moderate to no experience or qualifications suitable at entry-level. These still may need some form of pre-requisite like driver’s licenses etc. 

Warehouse Pick Packer 

GEODIS prides itself on the dedication exhibited day-by-day from employees operating at every level along the supply chain. The picking and processing of orders are essential in the operations process. Therefore, the utmost in pride and integrity must be maintained when inspecting and moving the client’s products and cargo. The responsibilities of a pick packer may include- 

  •  Checking inventory. 
  •  Finding products. 
  •  Preparing products/cargo for shipping. 
  •  Verify and record all outgoing products. 
  •  Act following health and safety procedures within the warehouse. 

As a Warehouse Pick Packer, you are tasked with packing items, scanning barcodes, and moving packages to their correct location for dispatch. You must have a strong sense of responsibility and attention to detail, ensuring that merchandise and products contain the right items and are not missing or damaged. All the while maintaining to keep accurate inventory records. 


This position may require a high school diploma or something equivalent, depending on where you’re applying from in the world. Although experience in a warehouse setting is favourable, full training is provided on the job. 


The average base salary per hour is around $18.30 ($36,000) per year for a job at this level. 

GEODIS Delivery Driver 

As a Delivery Driver, your role dispatches you to make the final delivery in the supply chain process. Although GEODIS is already globally recognized in the distribution market, your active participation in representing the brand while out and about is a big chance for the company to demonstrate its passion for transport and logistics in person. Showcasing the brand’s ethics as a genuine ambassador and expert out in the field. 

Along the course of the supply chain, customer satisfaction has remained at its very core. This value influenced, in some way, every critical decision that was made in the steps leading up to the cargo’s dispatch. This was all to ensure the client received a valuable experience being supported by GEODIS.  

The delivery of the cargo is the final culmination of teamwork and effort on GEODIS’ end and of anticipation on the client’s end. In their mind, you put a friendly face to the company. 

The job requires someone who is responsible when dealing with cargo yet polite when dealing with customers.  

You must be alert and anticipate factors that influence your job day-to-day externally, such as weather conditions, traffic or environmental hazards. GEODIS provides its drivers with smartphones for tracking and tracing delivery addresses and customer contact information, along with trolleys and forklifts to allow for easy handling requirements. 


Depending on where you live in the world, requirements for becoming a delivery driver vary between the vehicles used to deliver and which licenses are used in accordance. For simplicity’s sake, we’ll use the U.S. pre-requisites for becoming a truck driver. According to, you need to- 

  • Be at least 18 years old to drive in-state lines, and 21 years old to drive state to state. 
  • Have a clean driving record 
  • Proof of state residency 
  • Social security number 
  • Proof of insurance 
  • Be able to pass periodic drug tests 
  • Pass a background check 


The salary for a delivery driver varies depending on experience, starting from $17.21 to $21.82 per hour, according to Indeed. Com’s salary report. 

Hiring Process 

The length of time this takes will vary between positions. However, the process will stay the same. This includes 

  • Apply 
  • Interview and background check 
  • Hired 
  • Drug Testing 
  • Start job 


According to PayScale, the benefits included in working at GEODIS include 

  • Paid holidays 
  • Life insurance 
  • Casual dress environment 
  • Paid sick leave 
  • Flexible schedule 
  • Health insurance 
  • Dental Insurance 
  • Retirement Plan 


GEODIS has career opportunities that cater to many people with differing levels of experience. With such proven expertise, their role as one of the leading transport and logistics companies solidify their testaments to creating a proud and sustainable system. A system that’s backed by individuals who see that solidarity is the key to developing innovative ideas that transcend distributions into experiences. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Where is GEODIS’ headquarters located? 

A. GEODIS’ headquarters is located in its country of origin, France, in Levallois-Perret. 

Q. Who is GEODIS owned by? 

A. GEODIS is owned by SNCF Logistics, the freight services sector of the French rail operator SNCF Group.

Geodis Careers-Job Description, Salary, Application Process

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