Best Pencil Sharpener (Amazon US Products)

Getting school supplies in a pandemic situation can be hard. Well, you don’t need to worry about them when you have got Amazon by your side. It has one of the best school supplies out there that are quite sturdy and durable. You can buy all different types of school supplies from there as it hosts different suppliers to sell their products at their site. Let us know more about “Best Pencil Sharpener”.

Best Pencil Sharpener (Amazon US Products)

Today we shall be discussing one such important school supply, that is, a pencil sharpener. Everybody has used it at some point in their life. Today we shall look at different pencil sharpeners available on Amazon. We shall scan through sharpeners that are unique and efficient at the same time.

Now let’s get into the different pencil sharpeners that you can find on Amazon. It will help you make the right choice when buying a particular sharpener for yourself or your child.

Best Pencil Sharpeners

AFMAT Electric Pencil Sharpener

Price: $29.99

This pencil sharpener is completely electronic and can be used for longer hours. It’s a great tool for school classrooms or even offices as it will help in keeping the classrooms or workstations clean and tidy. It’s a good product, and you should buy it as it’s available only for a limited period.

Aog Watt Portable Electric Pencil Sharpener

Price: $11.99

It’s a great product. This pencil sharpener is also an electric sharpener but, one thing that’s different about this product is that it is portable and you can carry it wherever you go. It’s a fun and compact device with fast blades that make the process much easier and fast. It is the correct choice for your kids because it helps keep the surroundings clean as well as protect your child from the sharp blades of an ordinary sharpener. 

Bostitch Office Twist-N-Sharp Manual Pencil Sharpener

Price: $5.42

This product is quite similar to an ordinary pencil sharpener but it has a very unique and bright design that makes it different and convenient from other sharpeners. It’s a durable product and comes in different colors. The product mentioned above will have 3 sharpeners in it which you can get for $5.42. You get three different colors in the pack- blue, pink, and orange. It’s a great steal.

RIYO Electric Pencil Sharpener

Price: $16.99

This product is also an electric pencil sharpener but it comes with a holder where you can store all your pencils or erasers. It’s a cool idea to include a pencil holder in an electric sharpener. You can sharpen the pencil in three modes- 




Prismacolor Premier Pencil Sharpener

Price: $8.56

The Prismacolor Sharpener is quite efficient because it includes two different modes for sharpening your pencil. You can either use the wide pencil sharpener or the narrow pencil sharpener depending on the activity you require it for. It’s a unique addition to a simple sharpener.

X-ACTO 1606 High Volume Commercial Electric Pencil Sharpener

Price: $78.21

The X-ACTO sharpener is a well-constructed product. It has different modes which will help you sharpen different types of pencils. Internally the sharpener has two powerful blades to make the sharpening process faster. The device also comes with a fan to control overheating of the device. It’s a great product for artists and teachers. 

AFMAT Long Point Pencil Sharpener

Price: $16.99

This product is great for children and artists as it sharpens your pencil in the narrow mode only. It helps in keeping your writing and drawings near and precise. The device also comes with a detachable box to remove all the debris caused by sharpening the pencil. It’s a good product for kids and office environments.

X-ACTO Ranger 1031 Wall Mount Manual Pencil Sharpener

Price: $7.39

This product isn’t electric, and you need to manually move a handle to sharpen the pencil. It is quite efficient for a child because your child wouldn’t need to deal with the sharp blades of a regular sharpener. It’s a good product for you if you don’t wish to invest in an electric sharpener. 

Electric Heavy Duty Helical Blade-Auto Stop Pencil Sharpener

Price: $26.99

It’s a great product for kids as it comes in a very adorable design. The product is shaped like a panda and it has a cute design. This will instantly attract your child towards it. It has three modes and you need to use them according to the type of pencil you have. It has a triangular, circular, and hexagonal model. Apart from that, the product is lightweight and safe for kids.

KIDMEN Small Manual Pencil Sharpener with Lid

Price: $6.99

It’s a fun pencil sharpener. It isn’t an electric sharpener or a manual one. You need to use it similar to your regular sharpener. It also comes with a lid to keep the pencil debris in it. The product listed above comes with 12 pieces of sharpeners each having two holes to sharpen your pencils. It also comes in different colors.

Faber-Castell Grip Trio Sharpener Arts and Crafts

Price: $17.99

This product is suitable for your kids because it is quite compact and your kids can carry them to their school as well. It comes in a triangular shape which looks classy. You get 3 different sharpening modes for your pencil. It comes in bright red matte color which the kids would love.

Faber-Castell Pencil Sharpener

Price: $12.99

It’s a cool product for your kids as it comes in different patterns and colors. The shape of the product is quite compact and it appears like a capsule. You get three different styles that you can choose from. All of the three sharpeners are normal ones with two holes. Each sharpener resembles an animal. The first one resembles a fish, the second one resembles a ladybug while the third looks like a vulture.

Skeleton Funny Nose Pencil Sharpener

Price: $4.99

It’s a funny-looking sharpener with a completely new design. The product is shaped like a nose and you need to put your pencils inside the holes of the nose sharpeners to sharpen your pencil. It’s a fun and unique concept which the kids would love. You need to sharpen your pencils manually just like a normal pencil sharpener.

Mr.Pen- Pencil Sharpener, Emoji Sharpener

Price: $6.99

It’s a cute sharpener for your kids. It is similar to a normal pencil sharpener but is cuter than it. You get 6 different sharpeners in the product listing linked above. The sharpeners are shaped as different emojis which look cute at the same time. You get two holes in each sharpener. You can remove the cap of the sharpener to clear out the pencil shavings.

CNASA Electric Pencil Sharpener

Price: $10.08

It’s a fun electric sharpener that is portable and durable to use. Even your kids can use them as they are safe and quick to use. The sharpener is quite cute because it is shaped like a whale. It’s fun to use such sharpeners as they keep the kids engaged in the process of learning. The sharpener requires two batteries and you also get a small USB wire to charge the device.

Deli Electric Pencil Sharpener

Price: $17.49

It’s a cute pencil sharpeners for kids and is durable at the same time. It’s quite tiny, thus kids can carry it to schools as well. It’s a cute white-colored space-themed sharpener. You can use it wherever you want and carry it with you. You get a USB wire with it to charge the device. The device has a mechanism to stop itself from overheating and damaging itself.

superPIG Cute Electric Pencil Sharpener

Price: $14.99

Again, it’s a cute sharpener. You can find this particular device in different colors. It’s a compact design that resembles a panda. You get two different colors – blue and white. It is an electric sharpener that has different settings which range from thick to thin. 

The device works on batteries and you would require 2 AA batteries to run the device.

Maped Croc Innovation 1 Hole Pencil Sharpener

Price: $5.52

It’s a simple compact device that looks like a cute rabbit. You need to place your pencil inside the rabbit’s mouth. The teeth of the rabbit move while you sharpen your pencils making this sharpener the best of all other sharpeners mentioned above. You need to manually sharpen your pencils by hand as it isn’t an electric sharpener. 

Maped Globe 1 Hole Pencil Sharpener

Price: 20.83

This sharpener is shaped like our earth and you need to insert your pencil form below to sharpen it. The product isn’t electric and you need to manually sharpen your pencil by hand. It’s a fun and unique design as it describes our earth. It’s a great product for gifting as well. It only comes in a single color that is blue and green and has a single hole.

These were some of the best pencil sharpeners on Amazon. All of the products mentioned above have a good rating and incredible product responses. 


A pencil sharpener is an important school supply and adding some twists and uniqueness to this simple device can do wonders for the kids. This can make learning so easy and fun at the same time. All the products mentioned above are excellent in their way and now it completely depends on you which one you choose for your kid.

Best Pencil Sharpener (Amazon US Products)

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