Jobs That Start With Letter D


In the constant hunt for jobs, there are many techniques applied. Right from creating profiles to recommendations, each is on their lookout for jobs. While many jobs are taken as the center focus of a career, others are taken as part-time or just for temporary means. However, nothing stops the hunt for jobs. One common method that people use is browsing through the alphabetical method. This not only increases the opportunities but also opens more options for you to see. Let us see some Jobs That Start With Letter D

Jobs That Start With Letter D

Jobs That Start With Letter D

There are countless job titles. Right from very simple and basic ones to highly complex jobs, the list is huge. Looking at the letter D, there is a good number of its own. This article contains an informative list of common, popular as well as rare jobs that start with the letter D. If you haven’t heard of these, this is your chance! Find your ideal pick within this list! 

List of jobs that start with the letter D

Basic and common 

Let’s first have a look at the common jobs, easily available ones. These jobs are widely heard of and practiced. There aren’t very high qualifications but there could be specific knowledge required for these. 

Dairy farmworkers

Unlike ordinary farmers or dairy workers, that of a dairy farmer is in a higher position. This job has multiple responsibilities attached. People are often misled by the idea that a dairy farmer only milks cows and looks after animals. However, that is just a part of their chores. Additionally, they are required to look after harvesting, nutrition for the animals, hygiene, and the farm overall. 

Data entry operators 

A data entry operator has one prime task. Data. Their job is to collect and enter data into the respective databases. This must be done professionally and accurately. There can be no errors on any front. All the data must be done speedily in a systematic order. These jobs require a great deal of technical and textual knowledge. Apart from this, the kind of data being entered determines the additional knowledge the person would need to have. 

Dog trainers

As the name suggests, one who trains dogs. Again, people are misled to believe that dog trainers only walk the dogs and clean up their mess. That’s a small portion of their job. Their major task is to train the dog as per the owner’s instructions. Other than that, basic behavior and obedience are also taught to the pet. A widely known profession in today’s world. Dog trainers can be as simple as training dogs for everyday activities like sit, stand, go, etc. there are also dog trainers who train on advanced levels. For sports, competitions, parties, and so on. 


If you’re thinking a doorperson only stands to open and close doors, you’re wrong. Along with that a door person also monitors who is moving in and out of the area. They act as a part of security. They greet as well as check up on who is entering the building. There is a separate guide and form of etiquette one needs to follow to manage this job. 

Domestic cleaners

Commonly known as housekeeping. This involves all the help you get in the cleaning of your house. The dishes, sweeping, dusting, and so on. Many people take this on as a part-time job at big houses. Here again, a set of rules are to be followed to learn the right way of going about this job. 

Dry cleaner 

Dry cleaning is yet another common job. A widely used service too. Their prime task is dry cleaning and taking care of clothes for customers. People assume that dry cleaning is used only for formals and when clothes are extremely stained. However, often when the weather isn’t all that great, dry cleaning comes in handy to many.  

Popular and specialized

Moving on, here are a few jobs that are on an expertise level. These are highly popular and are given much importance too. 

Dentist surgeon 

A dental surgeon is one step ahead of a dentist. He manages everything concerning the hygiene and health of teeth. Additionally, they have the expertise to deal with minor and detailed dental surgeries. Unlike dentists, they do advanced training to manage more tedious processes than usual. 

Desktop publisher

Another specialized and popular job. A desktop publisher works solely with publishing. Making use of software to deal with all publishing layouts like newspapers, pamphlets, posters, brochures, and so on. Quite a few digital and creative skills are required for this job. 

Diesel mechanic 

A diesel mechanic is like an expert for diesel vehicles. Just like a normal mechanic carries out their activities, a diesel mechanic does the same. However, all these services are purely for diesel-operating vehicles. Their knowledge is higher and directed toward diesel and its aspects. 


A dietician is an expert in the field of health relating to terms of diet. Everything affiliated with your meals, internal body balance is what a dietician looks after. They’re closely connected with proteins, fats, minerals, and so on and understand the exact proportions that help maintain health. They look after your plans to ensure healthy and efficient living. 

Dressmaker/ Designer

A popular job. Designers are far more diverse than we know. There are many kinds of designers right from interior designers, fashion designers to even graphic designers. Here, the focus is on a dressmaker. One who deals with designing and creating dresses of all kinds with the use of skill and innovation.

Digital sound-video engineer

This job is in high demand as of today. A digital sound engineer is required in almost every production. Right from music shows, news to even video making, all require their specialized sound and video engineers. One must have a high level of technical and digital knowledge as well as skills to speedily manage sound systems and visuals within a matter of seconds. 


These jobs may be known but are hardly heard of. However, these jobs too require a great deal of mastery and skill. They are common in our lives but rarely heard of. The titles to are generally unknown to a majority


A deckhand’s goal is to assist the members on deck. They are in charge of cleaning, cargo, and other similar duties. They have a sort of all-round duty towards the crew and the ship. They take care of safety and security too. Additionally, they make sure all secondary operations are on schedule so that the major crew members have o delays or issues

Diagnostic radiographer 

This is a highly advanced-level job. The main responsibility is to run machines and diagnose diseases in cells, tissues, bones, and so on. It requires careful skill and detailed knowledge about the human body as well as the machinery. At the same time, it requires a lot of practice and understanding.

Development managers 

These are mostly affiliated with the business. They’re also called business development managers. They must supervise the creation of a new business. To work with other developers and chalk out the best plan and execute the same rests upon their shoulders. They coordinate and manage other developers who follow instructions to achieve success.

Delicatessen assistants

A delicatessen is someone who is in charge of delicacies. The specials, fine foods, and so on. They could be selling these or be working at restaurants and outlets. Assistants of course help in any way they can. Right from gathering ingredients to assisting in strategies and innovative ideas, a delicatessen also known as a deli assistant is at the service of the delicatessen. 

Diversional therapists 

Very unheard of, a diversional therapist is often at work. Their job is to create chances for interaction and call out social conversation and well-being. Their goal is to enhance social communication. Therefore, they mostly work with companies, organizations, and other public institutions.

Driveway attendant

A driveway attendant looks after your vehicle and does all necessary checks while you’re on your way. If you need anything for your vehicle like an air pressure check, coolant, or so on, the driveway attendant comes to your rescue. 


There are many more jobs; doctors, dancers, and drivers to name a few. No job has a ranking. Each requires its own set of skills and knowledge. Now that you’re aware of so many options, head out and research on those best suited for you!

  • Is a dental assistant a full-fledged job? 

Yes indeed. A dental assistant has great scope today and serves as a practical guide to becoming a dentist. There could be various roles depending on what kind of dentist you’re assisting. Right for assisting in normal cavity seatings to major surgeries, it depends on your qualification and the position your dentist is in.

  •  Does dog grooming have a separate title as a job? 

Dog grooming is a separate field altogether. There are dog trainers and even dog walkers. However, dog grooming is another job. It requires its own set of knowledge and skills. Many are mistaken by the idea that a dog trainer is a groomer. A trainer will focus on habits and behavior while a groomer will focus on appearance and presentation. 

Jobs That Start With Letter D

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