Gas Station Attendant Job Description [Updated]- Salary & Duties

Gas Station Attendant Salary, Job Description, Duties

Many business opportunities in the market require constant attention to the sales floor. We will discuss Gas Station Attendant Job Description here. There are things to remember before engaging with the customers and also to make sure they feel comfortable. The gas station might feel like an ideal atmosphere, but it is one of the best money-making ventures in the United States of America. Gas stations are atmospheres where people prepare for long journeys and fuel their vehicles at their convenience.

There is always an unspoken calm environment at any gas station, which is why it is important for the people working there to keep the vibe of the place calm and peaceful and also to provide the best possible customer service to the people going to the gas station either to load up on gas or get the air in the tires checked. There are convenience stores inside the gas stations that charge for freely available things in other stores but are cheaper.

There are things to a gas station that are important to the overall appeal of the place. The stations are popular regarding the gas price offers and the variety of services available, the inside of the convenience stores of the stations are an essential part because they have products that interest the users and might also make profits off of exclusive items such as gas station slushy and slurry machines, along with candy dispensers and many more.

The gas stations are an important part of the roadways because they are densely located around different cities and help people load up on accessories for a lower cost without going to any supermarket and needless traveling to find one. That is why the people working in the positions must always keep in mind providing the customers with everything they need for the trip so that it is convenient for them and saves money.

There are duties that the gas station attendants must follow so that the people will visit frequently but also to ensure the work is done fluently and it saves both time and money. Their actions determine what the customers think about the station and their response every time someone drives in.

We will be looking at the different things that the gas station attendants must keep in mind to have a pleasant visit and get what they desired.

Meaning and Information About Gas Station Attendants

The gas station attendants are among the most important people who safeguard the gas station and maintain the sales floor. There are many duties that they perform during their daily work life. We will be looking at those duties in a later paragraph. They are mainly responsible for making sure the transactions go smoothly. They need to have certain skills that will make them the best fit for the job. That is why the interviews mostly consist of the employers asking the employees for the practical skills required of them.

There are duties which the people in this position need to be aware of so that the people visiting do not have any complaints that will bother management. For that, the employees must always have a smiling face to show the customers, not only that they should be polite to them and make sure they are getting what they want through the convenience stores, and that also includes oils and equipment for the car repairs.

To apply for this position, you need to search for any gas station near your locality so that you can apply to it by signing an application form and filling in all of the necessary details like your address, contact information, name, and previous salary details. Before applying, you need to remember that you will also need to submit a resume and a CV to get a job increase. In most cases, there is no completion since a gas station has many requirements for employment.

You also need to remember that you will need to possess a high school diploma before working in this position because it will require you basic human interaction and managerial skill and a knack for mathematics, which can be useful for handling the cash registers and so on. Therefore teenagers looking to make extra pocket money are encouraged to join in since it is the perfect environment for you to nurture your communication skills and work a little on sales and marketing.

There are many duties for us to look at since the gas station is always running 24/7 and you might also need to work overtime to catch with all the rush, it depends on the frequency of the people who come to the station looking for things.

Gas Station Attendant Job Description

There are many things in the job description of a gas station attendant that should match the candidates. First of all, the person should have good communication skills o that they can effectively communicate with the customers and his fellow employees. Second, they must be called upon to move stuff and lift to 10 pounds or more and stock up items in the convenience store. There is also a need for people who can fill the customers’ gas and know how to operate new equipment.

Therefore, you need to know about the new equipment that is available in the gas stations. You must know how to operate the cash registers and do all required of you to do on a typical day. The job also needs people who can work overtime to make sure the customer flow is properly managed. Therefore you must be respectful of the customers and be polite to them no matter the time and place. Professional individuals are prided over those who are not, which will help them in the long run by earning more money and getting a promotion.


There are many duties that a gas station attendant must get on during his daily job, first of all, is be in charge of the store of the gas station, guide the customers on the products available in the store, provide them information regarding the prices, scanning and packing them for the customers, operating the slurry and the candy machines, and also occasionally filling the gas, in most cases customers do it themselves.

Their duties will also include washing windshields and repairing parts of the car occasionally, the candidates will be thought that but people with repairing experience are preferred, cleaning the gas station is also a huge assigned task that the people in this position will have to carry out, this will allow them to get better at interaction, and salaries and other perks will reward their duties. They must maintain awareness and social distancing due to the pandemic being in effect around the world.

In addition to maintaining awareness, they must also be clean and keep the hygiene of the gas station, because cleanliness will also keep the customers returning, especially during this time. The candidates will have to possess various skills like mathematical calculations, knowledge of operating machines, customer service knowledge, salesmanship, and multitask. They should also be a wiz at being attentive and must be vigilant of all the things happening around the station.

The people in this position must be a minimum of 21 years of age(in some areas) to sell alcohol, although there is no liquor in most gas stations. So, high school students can get a job in the gas stations to taste salesmanship and get a hold of what an establishment does daily.


The salary of a position depends on the experience or the talent possesses, but it also depends if a candidate has the potential. Therefore, the employers conduct the interviews first and then test the candidates on what duties they can carry out. The employees get paid hourly, which means their shifts will be hourly. They receive a salary of 10 to 15 dollars per hour on an average basis. In case the person works more, they get paid more. Therefore, people need to be aware of their duties and track their hours, not forget to pay you properly.

The Verdict

The verdict of this article that the gas station is a very lively lace if the people working make it lively and take efforts to make the customer’s life more convenient and house products that will help them on their journey, to make sure their journey goes well, they should always carry out their duties on time and remember to help them get the things they want from the station, so they always return. In the end, it is always about retaining customers that get the most profit.

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Gas Station Attendant Job Description [Updated]- Salary & Duties

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