Family life pastor job-Description, and duties


Coordination and supervision of events for youth, children, and households that encourage enjoyment, camaraderie, spiritual growth, and ministry participation are performed by a family life pastor. It is the Family life pastor job

The Youth will be the primary emphasis of the Family Life Pastor, who will oversee all organizations that minister to children from infancy through 12th grade. For all children’s ministries and outreaches, oversight will necessitate the recruitment, training, empowerment, and evaluation of ministry leaders.

What is a Family Life Pastor accountable for?

Through supervision, pastoral support, evangelism, and academic activities, the family life pastor is primarily accountable for supporting the establishment of biblically stable homes.

Pastoral Skills for Family Life

1. Honesty, sincerity, and devotion – An individual choosing full-time monetarily compensated administration is expected to lead a living full of integrity, humbleness, and assistance. These features aren’t pick-and-choose.

2. Pragmatic – Should be willing to come up with reasonable, logical, and genuine answers to difficulties.

3. Risk-taking – Willingness to take a measured risk without risking everything.

4. Resourceful – Determinedly seeks for ways to get around, along, or through obstacles to achievement. Notwithstanding a dearth of means, achieves outcomes. Exceeds the call of responsibility and a person who “does” is an apt candidate.

5. First Appearance – Skilled manner, nonverbal cues, eye contact, and posture all contribute to a positive first perception. 

6. Cooperative Player -Communicates with peers. Overpowers the “we-they” dichotomy. Straightforward and encourages colleagues to perform what is beneficial for the company.

7. Conflict Resolution – Recognizes natural drivers of dispute and takes steps to avoid or mitigate them. Successfully resolves disputes to achieve the best possible result. Disputes are not suppressed, ignored, or denied.

8. Drive – Demonstrates vigor, a genuine will to succeed, and a considerable degree of commitment.

9. Multi-Task -The Family Life Pastor will be responsible for multiple individuals at once. It is critical to be able to multitask.

10. Self-driven– The Senior Pastor is confident in his team. He doesn’t want to be in charge of a ministry. He’s seeking somebody who is intrinsically motivated to contribute and perform at a high level.

11. Technology – Perceives tech and cultural changes as means for reaching out to folks.

12. Interpersonal – The desirable applicant will be capable of connecting with, interact and communicate to children, grownups, and teenagers

What is expected by the Youth Ministry?

1. As the major youth presenter, preaching God’s message in a manner that would be both appropriate to a teenager’s age and environment and results in long-term major transition.

2. Encourage youth to use their gifts and provide ample possibilities for them to inevitably serve the ministry.

3. Encourage adolescents to engage in evangelization in both their daily lives and through organized visitation.

4. Organize and lead monthly youth gatherings, incorporating huge and local group gatherings.

5. Plan and immerse youngsters in specialized learning and development activities, including summer camps, vacations, workshops and seminars, dinners, celebrations, entertainment, outreach programs, and so on.

6. Make yearly youth missionary excursions a priority.

7. Create, present, and monitor a budget for youth ministry.

8. Use pronouncements, conferences, the church bulletin, digital networks, postcards, billboards, and other means to disseminate and advertise activities (dates, hours, etc.) to the youth, church, and society.

9. Participate in important youth programs such as camping, Youth Conference, and Accelerate the Gospel with the Region.

10. Develop and preserve positive ties with nearby schools.

What is expected by the Children’s ministry?

Developing individuals who will head various kids and family ministries is a priority.

1. Collaborate with ministry managers to identify, propose, and end up making accessible the children’s curriculum.

2. Assemble and offer the necessary tools for successful child and family ministry.

3. Allow children to take leadership roles in ministry. (We think that children are not just our prospective ministers, but that they are likewise invited to ministry right now.)

4. Collaborate with children’s managers to develop a position description and employee needs.

5. Collaborate with children’s parents.

6. Urge families, kids, and children’s ministry spiritual leaders to communicate with one another.

What is the general expectation?

Everyone at pastoral personnel has the following aspirations: 

1. Tithe diligently and liberally.

2. Make a year-ahead schedule of your activities. Any upcoming engagements should be listed on the schedule. The objective here is vision and preparedness; your schedule may alter.

3. Be ready, and be wherever you claim you’ll be whenever you claim you’ll be there.

4. Education is a lifestyle. All staff is expected to keep learning through reading, studying, and continuing education. 

5. Maintain an “I can” mindset. You will confront problems that will require you to develop new abilities and reconsider your strategy. Rather than saying, “I haven’t ever performed that,” we could say, “I’ll provide it my all.”

6. Don’t criticize other members of the personnel of the church. Stressful situations and wounds are inevitable in ministry, and if they are not addressed, they can lead to animosity and hatred.

7. Mentor from the top down. They require someone to communicate into our minds, and we also need to talk into the lives of others. Preferably choose a teacher who is experienced or is now employed in a similar field as you. You should also anticipate teaching somebody in ministry.

8. Participate in staff sessions.

9. Attend all regular church programmers and ceremonies.

Key Duties

1. Attend planning sessions with the administration of the church.

2. Engage in church inspection on a daily basis:

  •  Pay follow-up trips to households who have previously toured the church.
  •  Create and follow out a well-thought-out plan for visiting and building connections with church households.
  • Pay visits to members of your family who don’t even go to church, including families of kids or teenagers who do. The goal is to get to know them and commend their offspring, to create connections, to educate them about church departments and encourage them to attend or get associated, and to assess their religious state for prospective co-workers.

3. Offer advice and pray for families that are facing troubles within their household dynamics or other issues. If required, seek the help of a competent counselor.

4. Provide premarital counseling to couples in order to equip them for matrimony and family lifestyle.

5. Give lessons on topics such as matrimony, family linkages, parenthood, caring for aging parents, as well as other family-related topics. Call guest lecturers on a regular basis.

6. Schedule specific family programs regularly, such as an annual family focus week with exceptional events, exciting activities, workshops, and so on.

7. Officiate at marriages, infant dedications, and marriage renewing rituals, among other things.

8. Manage the family life ministry’s budgeting and expenses.

What is the educational qualification?

1. A minimum of three years of management exposure is required.

2. A four-year college education is preferable, but decades of expertise can be used to renegotiate.

3. Should adhere to the church’s purpose, principles, and fundamental values, which can be found on the website.

What is a paid compensation for a family life pastor?

When it concerns becoming a family life pastor, there’s extra to this than what strikes the eyes. They earn a median of $16.98 per hour. That works up to $35,317 each year. However, over time the pay scale has increased. Now, a Family Pastor earns an average of $48,180 per year with the base salary ranging from 35K to 83K and the bonus pay range from $0-550


The Family Life Pastor is in charge of modeling and sustaining Biblical ideals, as well as Church’s core tenets and characteristics. This necessitates dedication to the family life pastor’s relationship with the Almighty in order to cultivate these qualities. The Family Life Pastor will therefore instill these ideals in the family life ministries’ attitude and environment.

The Family Life Pastor will develop goals and methods to link the multiple family life ministries with the Church’s mission. The FLP will select curriculum, establish a personnel and volunteering culture, and manage resources to assist Church families in finding and following Jesus 7 days per week.


Question 1

Is educational qualification mandatory to become a family life pastor?

A bachelor’s degree is held by 48.9% of family life pastors, according to the research. In regards to postgraduate education, it is discovered that master’s degrees are held by 26.2 percent of family life ministers. Although the majority of family life pastors have a college diploma, it is feasible to be one with only a high school diploma or GED.

Question 2

What is the most important skill to become a family life pastor?

When it came to the most significant abilities needed to be a family life pastor, we discovered that 16.5 percent of resumes cited small groups, 16.0 percent cited staff people, and 15.0 percent mentioned public speaking.

Question 3

What is the highest salary paid to a family life pastor?

it is $83K and above.

Question 4

What is to be provided while applying for the opening for a family life pastor?

  • A letter stating why you believe this job is a suitable match for both you and us is called a cover letter.
  • Your resume
  • A picture of yourself and your family, if applicable
Family life pastor job-Description, and duties

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