Employment Support Worker Job Description, their Salary, and their Duties

Employment Support Worker Job Description, Salary, Duties

Even people with disabilities need a way to survive and get a job to become independent. Securing jobs for people with disabilities, mental health problems, etc., is called supported employment. Through this, people for whom getting a job would have been difficult are now made easily possible. With the help of supported employment, people with disabilities can now contribute to and become a part of society and gain respect.

An Employment Support Worker helps such individuals in getting jobs and keeping them. They are also called a job coach. They work with job seekers one on one and impart the necessary skills and requirements for the job. A job coach helps job seekers get ready for their jobs. They provide guidance career-wise to job seekers like students and the disabled who need jobs. They help young minds, and the disabled join the workforce and help them earn and contribute to society.

Employment Support Worker- Job Description

A job coach gives information about different jobs and careers to students and other job seekers. They also give job and social skill training to individuals looking for a job. They employ job seekers and help them maintain their job as well.  A job coach gives counsel for progressing in your job or even for changing careers. They also motivate others to set and achieve career goals. Some job coaches work with individuals who are disabled in some way. They give support services to those individuals, like teaching them how to handle pieces of equipment of the job.

A job coach also runs talent tests to see which job is most suited to the job seeker. They also help grow people skills that are important for the status.  A job coach is also helpful to the employer by training employees for the job, which frees up time that is usually used for employee training.

What is the Salary of the employment support worker?

The salary of an employment support worker depends on whether they work for schools, work privately, or for a company. It also changes with job location, education, and experience. The mean salary for a job coach is around $38,000. The hourly wage is around $19 per hour.  Those new to the job earn around $27,000, while the more experienced earn around $47,000 annually. 

What are the main duties of an employment support worker?

Some of the duties of a job coach are listed below:

  • They help job seekers overcome barriers. 
  • They help in the development of leadership skills.
  • They help in the recognition of employment opportunities.
  • They keep documentation of the customer progress.
  • They make plans to go through job interviews.
  • They give feedback on resumes.
  • They encourage job opportunities.
  • Encourages a positive environment of work.
  • Implement job coaching plans.
  • Cater to client needs.
  • Pay attention to client strengths and teach how to use it.
  • Help disabled employees.
  • They prepare people for interviews.

What are the skills required to become a job coach?

Here are some of the skills you need to become a job coach:

  • They need to have interpersonal skills-Job coaches need to be able to work well with people. They need to have strong people skills in order to establish good relationships with customers.
  • They need to have compassion- Job coaches need to be compassionate in nature and be able to understand others.
  • They need to have good listening skills-Job coaches need to actively listen to customers and their needs. They need to pay good attention to their clients.
  • Their analytical skills need to be strong-This is a necessary skill for a job coach as it comes in handy when matching jobs that suit the job seeker.
  • They need to have communication skills-Job coaches need to be understood well by clients. So they need strong communication skills.

What are the educational qualifications and experience needed to become a job coach?

To become a job coach, you need to have:

  • Bachelor’s Degree – Preferably in psychology and counseling. This will teach you the necessary skills required to become an employment support worker.  You can also have a degree in a field like a business. 
  • Master’s Degree – You need to have a master’s degree in counseling or related fields. Job coaches working in schools require a Master’s degree. This degree will equip the candidate with the necessary skills for the position.
  • You also need to have a license or certification – You will need to have a state license. Some employers look for candidates who have passed the National Counselor Examination (NCE).
  • You also need experience in order to work in such a field. Most of employers prefer candidates with experience in related fields. A way to get experience is to take up internships in related fields. You also need experience working with the disabled.

What is the job outlook for employment support workers?

The opportunities for job coaches will rise by 8% in the future 10 years from 2018 to 2028. This is faster by 5% as compared to other jobs. Employment Support Workers are in high demand nowadays, especially as counselors in schools. They are needed by those who require assistance while changing careers and the disabled to get employment and maintain it. They are also needed in colleges where students go to work after their education. Job coaches are needed to help in this transition. Therefore, the prospect for job coaches is good.

What is the work environment for employment support workers?

The work environment depends on the type of employment. You may be a self-employed job coach, so you only need to work from your home, indoors. Usually, you are stationed in an office. If a school or college employs you, you will have vacations. You will have to work around 40 hours weekly. This may include working late into the evenings as well as working on weekends. The stress level of being a job coach varies from average to high. If you work in a school, you will have weekends off too. Travelling is also required for this job.

Pros of Being a Job Coach

Here is a list of benefits of becoming a job coach:

  • You get the opportunity to work with different people and organizations.
  • You get to travel a lot if you are a job coach.
  • It never becomes boring.
  • It is a rewarding job as you are helping people get a job and become employed.
  • You can make a difference in many peoples lives.

Cons of Being a Job Coach

Here is a list of demerits of becoming a job coach:

  • The job can be very demanding.
  • The field is a competitive field. You will need to work really hard to get to a position with enough clients.
  • You should be a lifelong student to excel in this job. You will have to keep learning.

What are the qualities of a good employment support worker?

You will need to have:

  • Negotiation and Mediation Skills
  • Training and Development Skills
  • Networking and Relationship Skills
  • Employment Law Knowledge
  • Sales and Marketing Skills
  • Assessment and Planning Skills
  • Data Collection and Recording Skills
  • Information, Advice and  Guidance  Knowledge

Supported Employment Benefits

Here are a few benefits of supported employment:

  • It helps people with developmental disorders get a job, become independent, and gain respect in society.
  • Supported employment provides high-paying jobs to job seekers with development disorders. 40 percent to 60 percent of job seekers get employed with the help of supported employment. Only 20 percent of job seekers without supported employment get jobs.
  • Supported employment helps individuals with disabilities to come out of their poverty-stricken existence. They help disabled individuals live happier and satisfying lives.
  • Disabled jobseekers can truly make it with the help of some guidance from supported employment. Supported employment makes them ready for job interviews and increases their confidence in their own abilities.


An employment support worker makes an individual job-ready and imparts the necessary skills to maintain that job. They also counsel students after their education and help them land good jobs. They help the developmentally challenged to secure stable jobs and become independent. Employment support workers play a vital role in society as they help the people of a place get employed, thereby directly plays a role in the development of that place.

Job coaches work with the employees and the disabled to ensure that they get stable careers. Employment support workers have the huge responsibility of finding jobs for job seekers and help them establish themselves in their job.  If you like guiding young minds and helping the disabled become independent with jobs, being an employment support worker is your career path.

Employment Support Worker Job Description, their Salary, and their Duties

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