Dollar General Lead Sales Associate Job- Description, And their Salary

Dollar General Lead Sales Associate Job Description, Duties & Salary

A Dollar tree competitor has a chain of stores called Dollar tree. Dollar General stores have been in existence since 1939, however, their story starts several years earlier. In 1939, the family-owned and operated business was named “J.L. Turner and Son”, in honor of James Luther Turner and his father. This article is all about Dollar General Lead Sales Associate Job.

In 1955, the name of the company was changed to “Dollar General Corporation” and in 1968, it was listed on the “New York stock exchange”. In 1988, Dollar General Corporation merged with “The Family Dollar Stores”, which had been formed in 1984 when The Family Dollar Stores merged with “Dollar Express Stores”. Dollar General operates one of the largest c-stores in the United States.

Dollar General is the largest operator of discount variety stores in the United States and strives to be an excellent place to work every day. The Dollar General store is manned with a variety of experienced and aspiring employees who love to work. 

As a part of Dollar general’s commitment to providing a positive and constructive working environment for its employees, the retailer’s national corporate employment standards include: · 

  1. All employees must be trained to work safely and efficiently. 
  1. All employees must obey the laws of the United States and the laws of the state in which the Dollar General store is located. 
  1.  All employees must follow the safety rules outlined in the Dollar General work rules and the Dollar General cleanliness program.

The job of a Dollar General lead sales associate

The first thing a lead sales associate does when arriving at work is putting the price tags on their products. This is a crucial task that must be done right. After that is done, the sales associate puts all the products in the order that the customers would like them to be in. The inventory is also replenished during the day and made visible at the front of the store. 

When the cash registers start ringing, the sales associate records the transactions. When a customer comes up to the counter to make a purchase, the sales associate handles it, assists the customer, takes their money, checks their receipt to make sure the customer paid what they owe, and then rings up the item and the customer takes it away. Here we have discussed in detail- 

  1. Stocking shelves

Dollar General is a company that is committed to putting its customers first. That’s why they are dedicated to stocking shelves with the widest assortment of products at the lowest prices to provide customers with an affordable shopping experience. 

As a Dollar General lead sales associate, They play an integral role in their mission to put their customers first.

  1. Straightening displays

You’ve probably noticed those displays at your local Dollar General store with all the product packaging shoved together. They may seem messy and unorganized, but there’s a reason for this: these displays are vital to the store and its lead sales associate.

 They offer you a variety of products that you can find in the store, but they also increase impulse buys. This is the job of a store’s lead sales associate: to maintain these displays, ensuring that customers are drawn into their stores by what they see.

  1. Reviewing items in the backroom

As a Dollar General Lead Sales Associate, you have a wide variety of responsibilities. One of these responsibilities is to keep the store clean and organized. To do this, you will need to review the items in the back room. This can be a daunting task as it’s easy for this area to become cluttered and disorganized. 

Daily responsibilities of a Dollar General lead sales associate

The duties of a Dollar General lead sales associate are well defined. The below are a few examples of what it entails to be a Dollar General lead sales associate at the store level: 

  • Completes weekly in-store surveys to improve the store’s inventory.
  • Also, they list all customers in the daily discount and 50% off circulars, work to develop a customer base, keeping customers returning and building a long-term relationship with them, develop a list of desired merchandise, and acquires items from competitors to fulfill those lists.
  • A Dollar General lead sales associate increases sales by maintaining or increasing the percentage of receipts for the day from the previous day, 
  • A Dollar General lead sales associate visits both the main and express registers to replenish shelves, merchandise displays and clean the store, etc.
  • Each employee must adhere to company policies and procedures while helping customers with a smile and lending a helping hand as needed, performing shop tasks, doing work related to the operation of the store and equipment filling, and maintaining customer orders including bags and cash handling.

Qualifications and skills 

In the past, it used to be very easy to get a job at retail stores. But this is no longer the case now. To be able to get a job at Dollar General, you will have to be suitable for the job. So, it is important to have certain qualifications which include experience and education. 

It includes organizational and managerial skills, self-starter and strong time manager, knowledge of the General store operations, flexibility to work a variable schedule, knowledge of cash handling, sales, merchandising, and material handling, Basic computer skills, ability to carry a smartphone and use it in a manner which promotes friendly relationships within the Dollar General team, bilingual (English/Spanish) a plus. Some of the qualifications listed below-

  1. Education: High school diploma or GED preferred. 
  1. Experience: Previous cashier, stocker, or sales associate. 
  1. Physical demands: Frequent lifting of 20 pounds or more and occasional bending, stretching, or squatting, frequent bending, reaching, or twisting to examine product quality and quantity.
  1. Knowledge required: The lead sales associate needs to know the Dollar General company and the merchandise it sells. You must have an insight into what the company is doing and what products to stock. The lead sales associate needs to be an expert in the product categories that they will sell in the stores that they will be in charge of. 
  1. Skills required: The lead sales associate should have good skills in customer service, management, quick decision making, and a good following of the rules and regulations. The lead sales associate must have good customer relations skills and be flexible in selling the merchandise. Applicants must also possess strong personal management skills and be team players.

What does a Dollar General lead sales associate do at different times?

The Dollar General store may be quiet during off-peak hours and will be at its peak activity between 8 am to 10 am. Following the 10:00 am to 1 pm period, the store may again become quiet. The Dollar General store may be closed for the store to restock items and this is when the store may have an “in stock” signposted. 

Dollar General stores typically stay open 10 hours per day with a 30-minute lunch period, but on the busiest days, stores may run continuously. Stores may be closed briefly for the Dollar General employees to stock and restock merchandise.

Working conditions and requirements

There is not much difference between the work environment at Dollar General stores, compared to regular retail stores. The environment is more set up for its employees to work comfortably, using comfortable furniture, and lots of soft lights. 

The set-up for the store is quite identical to that of other retail stores around the country. In addition to a regular schedule, Dollar General also offers lead sales associates job flexibility, including the ability to work off-hours and weekends. 

Essential requirements for a Dollar General lead sales associate job are listed below-

  1. Can perform all duties including, but not limited to, pricing, sales, product selection, and stock keeping.
  2. Must be able to use a computer to process sales.
  3. Shifts may be required from 6 am to 10 pm.
  4. Must be at least 18 years of age.
  5. Have a high school diploma or equivalent.
  6. A desire to work with customers and gain knowledge of a retail environment.
  7. Knowledge of cash and credit procedures.
  8. The ability to learn quickly and adapt to changing situations.
  9. Must be willing to work holidays, weekends, and after school.
  10. Must be able to stand for long periods.


Dollar General offers competitive salaries, which range from $12 to $17 per hour, with incentive pay and potential for additional incentive pay based on performance and sales goals. Dollar General also offers health benefits for full-time employees. A lead sales associate may also make extra money through commissions for store sales. 

Overview of the job

This is a full-time job on an as-needed, part-time basis. This position will be focused at the store level. Responsibilities include vendor collection, which consists of looking for and cataloging customer items for sales, special event products, and entertainment. 

Administering the specific policies and procedures established by the district manager as directed by the district. Awareness of customers’ concerns and issues concerning purchases.

The Dollar General lead sales associate job is a chance for anyone who loves talking to people, has customer service experience, and is looking for a flexible work schedule to make some extra money.

 It’s full-time, with benefits offered after three months of employment. Dollar General hires qualified applicants of any age, race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or ethnicity.

Tips for getting hired

Although you might have completed and passed an online training program, interviews are still important. Here are some tips to get hired as a Dollar General lead sales associate: You should not spend time planning for interviews and preparing for them, but rather focus on speaking fluently, staying in control of the interview and answering the questions, and being present during the interviews and not interrupting them too much. 

Other activities such as keeping in contact with the customer, suggesting and researching products, which you can do as a normal part of your job in the store, will also help you stand out from the others and impress HR managers at Dollar General store. 

If you’re looking for a job, there’s no better place to start than at your local Dollar General. Here are some ways to get hired at Dollar General:

  1.  Make sure the location is hiring.
  2.  Get an application from the store.
  3.  Read the application thoroughly and fill out any relevant sections.
  4.  Bring personal items with you when you come in, like your ID or social security card, or anything else that might be needed for filling out an application.
  5. Dress appropriately for the interview, so plan on wearing business casual clothing.
  6.  Price out products in-store to get an idea of what their prices are like.
  7.  Be courteous when interviewing with the manager.

What does the future hold for Dollar general?

Today, Dollar General has built a large empire in the United States, which gives its shareholders a very strong stock in Dollar general. Dollar General now operates in 55 countries and 33 states, generating annual sales of more than $25 billion. 

One of the most successful retail chains in the world, Dollar General has a positive record of performance in all types of business cycles and has witnessed many growth periods. This is not surprising, given that the Dollar General business model is entirely based on low price levels and a strong focus on distribution centers, depots, and stores that are located close to the end consumer.


While the Dollar General lead sales associate’s primary duty is to help provide excellent customer service, it is also imperative that they follow the organization’s cash handling procedures and store policies, as well as other store policies, and so on.

 However, their primary duty is to assist customers by providing them with the level of service that they would like. A lead sales associate will help you improve your foot traffic by attracting new customers to your store. 

Be prepared for a variety of responsibilities that involve all areas of the store. You will have to open every door, pull every cart, and check to make sure that every item you put in the store is in the right place.

Frequently asked questions 

Que 1.) What is the best thing about working at Dollar general?

Answer- Customers make it all worthwhile.  Despite the bad, you may be having a rough and difficult day and a client will make you feel much better without even knowing its impact.

Que 2.)  Are there flexible working hours at Dollar general?

Answer- Not flexible.

Que 3.) What is a typical day like at Dollar general?

Answer- Working the register and stocking shelves.

Que 4.) Does Dollar General pay weekly or every two weeks?

Answer- They pay weekly.

Dollar General Lead Sales Associate Job- Description, And their Salary

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