Good Excuses for Missing From Work

Good Excuses for Missing From Work

We all have missed work for some or another reason. But do you still fumble giving excuses for not attending work? Then this is the right place for you. Excuses can be constructed in a way that can make them more genuine and less structured, to make the other person believe in them. Let’s see some Good Excuses for Missing From Work.

There are a lot of reasons why you may want to miss work. The reasons can vary from visiting friends, family, or needing a solo vacation, or just relaxing by the beach. Be it any reason giving yourself a break is a must to function properly.

Why do people take a leave?

There can be a lot of reasons for taking leave but the most common one is to relax. Everybody needs some time to re-energize themselves and function properly. Rest is a major part of one’s life and should be prioritized when needed. Taking a break can include watching a nice movie, sleeping, cooking one’s favorite meal, enjoying an activity, etc.

Work and Excuses

Wherever there’s work there are certain fixed excuses that employees often use to take a day off. But sometimes your excuses can backfire, and thus you need some solidly constructed excuses to get the leave. Here we have curated a list of some of the best excuses, especially for you. 

Best Excuses to Miss Work


The appointment is a great excuse because whenever it comes to an employee’s health the employers do show some relaxation and allow the leave. Appointments need to be genuine and fair. Always bring up appointments that the employer might be aware of.

Example- If you already suffer from oral problems and your employer is aware of it then you can fake a dental appointment. This type of excuse seems more true and less constructed. 

If you fake an appointment that the employer is not aware of then they might not accept your excuse. Employers do know certain employee tactics and may ask you for certain confirming documents or a leave request from your doctor. If you have any close friends who are doctors you can ask them to write a leave request for you. If you don’t have any doctor friends, you can always say that the appointment was finalized last minute.

Sick Leave

The most famous one is sick leave. Sick leaves are taken when you are suffering from a cold, caused by some bacteria or virus, stomach problems, fever, etc. An employer here will focus on protecting other employee’s lives and would thus grant you leave.

With the ongoing pandemic, sick leave is granted easily to protect others from getting infected from the same. Sick leaves are the most common leaves taken by every employee. The only thing you need to do is confirm and talk with your employer to avoid any consequences.

Plumbing Issues 

Every country, every state suffers from the same old plumbing issues that can make you late for work. No employer would want you to leave your house without fixing the issue completely. This one is a new excuse and you need to use it in a limited manner.

Plumbing issues can be of many types like Water leakage from pipelines or porous walls, clogged drains, which can lead to foul smells and an unhygienic environment. Running toilets, water heater issues can arise during the cold weather, etc can make you late for work. These plumbing issues can save your life and make your day better.

Sick Kid

You can always take a leave saying your kid is sick. Being a mother or father you must stay at home for your kids and look after their health and an employer cannot deny the leave for such an excuse. 

If you are the sole caretaker of the family and anyone from your family falls sick you can take a leave. Even if your husband, wife, mom, dad, or grandparents fall sick, you can take a leave.

This type of excuse saves you from acting sick in front of your colleagues and employers the next day and you don’t have to provide any documents to verify your sickness. Thus it can be the best excuse for a person with a family.

Sick Pet

You can make an excuse about a pet if you own one. The excuses can range from a sick pet who has been vomiting, isn’t pooping, ate something unusual, developed a skin disease, or had a weird food reaction. Such requests often have a low chance of working but can work if you are confirmed that your employer loves pets, owns a pet, or has a fondness for any one type of animal. This increases your chances of getting away with the excuse.

You need to clearly state the relationship you have with your pet to make the employer believe your excuse. They need to know that your pet would need someone to take care of them throughout the day and would also require some vet visits.

Missing Pet

You can even make an excuse saying your pet went missing and you can no longer find it anywhere. This means you need a day off to search for your pet and to complain to the authorities, who can help you in finding your pet. On the call, you need to fake certain emotions to make the employer believe that you are grieving for your pet’s loss.

You need to make your employer know that you would be needing an entire day off to find your pet. Here the employer might believe you and give you the day off.

Caretaker not available

Being a working mother or father can be hard sometimes. You need to manage kids, work, get back home, cook for them and look after them. It’s a stressful job, being a working father or mother. Your employer in their life must have been through some similar issue and thus they would understand why you need leave for your kids.

Leaving kids all by themselves is not even an option and thus asking for leave to take care and be with one’s child is the last option for you. The unavailability of a caretaker is a great excuse that works better for mothers than fathers.

Wifi Problems

If you work remotely and don’t often visit an office then this excuse is for you. With the pandemic, office work has shifted to homes, with attending the meeting online and submitting your projects through the mail. If you are unable to do the work before the deadline or don’t wish to attend the boring meeting you can choose the WiFi excuse. 

Wifi problems are unpredictable and can occur at any time of the day. Network issues can glitch conversations and this would make delivering the right information to the right person impossible. Thus, giving a Wifi excuse can save you from attending those meetings and even give you some time off.

If you are someone whose work depends on a computer, laptop then you can give the WiFi connections problem, to take a day off.

Family issues 

No one can underestimate some family excuses. They can come in different forms and types and have no limits. As families are quite close to everyone, even your employer, this excuse will help you take a day off. These family issues can range from good news to bad news. It depends on your preferences and choices.

Family issues can range from the death of grandparents, nursing emergencies for someone, pregnancy labor, accident, home shifting, celebrations like marriage, anniversary, etc. All these are great excuses. They are sure to get you the leave.

Personal Injuries

Getting hurt early in the morning can help you take a day off. Over here you don’t need to injure yourself intentionally, all you need to do is fake it till you make it. Personal injuries are often taken quite seriously by employers. Your employer might even ask for some evidence which you can fake on a phone call.

These personal injuries can include ankle sprains, heavy head injuries due to bumping into cabinets or shelves, leg sprain due to jogging, muscle pain, period cramps, panic attacks, etc. All can be used as excuses to skip a day. But you do need to continue acting out these injuries when you go to work the next day. If you can record or click pictures for the same, both can work as evidence to prove your claims.

Jury Duty

This is more of a legal excuse that often will require you to give evidence. The chances of you getting a day off due to this excuse are quite high. Everyone knows that no one is above law so when you get called for jury duty, it’s compulsory to show up.

Religious Excuse

If you are someone who comes from a different culture and isn’t American but works in the US, then you can give a religious excuse to get the day off. Religious excuses can be of different types. It could be a religious holiday, an event in your community, a religious march which you need to attend, etc.

Many employers would understand your feelings towards your particular religion and accept your leave. They too understand the importance of religion and god and wouldn’t try to disagree with anyone’s religion, culture and methods. This can lead to legal rights violations by the company and thus they would believe you and accept your leave.

Getting Stuck

There might be many instances in your life where you get stuck. Here we mean physically stuck due to lack of transportation. Getting stuck can cause you to arrive late at work. You can get stuck in a traffic jam, or miss the train that takes you to your office, or you may lose your car keys, or your car might get damaged due to engine failure.

All these are quite genuine excuses that can make your employer believe you and accept your leave. Because if you are unable to reach the office you need to take a leave.

Lost your essentials 

On the way to your office, you may lose something very important to you. This is also a genuine reason which your employer will believe. There are a lot of essentials an office-going person can carry. You may lose your home keys, car keys, office locker keys, ring, wallet, important documents, credit/ debit card, phone, laptop, office projects, etc.

All these are office essentials that can get lost on your way. You can ask for a day off so you can search for them throughout the day. You will require the whole day to search and complain about your lost things and thus this becomes a great excuse to miss work for a day.

You were part of a crime scene

You need to contact higher authorities when you witness a crime scene and need to give first-hand reports to the officers to understand what happened in the scene. As you don’t know how much time it will take you can easily ask for a day’s leave. 

Your employer does understand that being a crime eyewitness you need to be present with the officers to give them every detail of the scene and this would take a lot of time. Thus your employer would willingly give you a day off.

Mental Health

Taking a Mental Health day off is completely normal and you can ask for one whenever you want to. Employers do understand the need for good mental health and thus willingly give a day off to individuals suffering from bad mental health days. In today’s generation, people love embracing flaws and have started accepting their anxiety, depression, stress, etc.

Optimum performance of employees can only be seen when they have a good mood and a good mind. To increase work performance, mental health days off are a must and thus you can openly ask for one. If you are diagnosed with any disorder then you can take a leave with the help of your psychologist or therapists who can issue you a fit note.

Moving Out

When you are moving out you need to be at home to clear the stuff up and relocate it to the place you are moving to. Moving requires an entire day thus it is a great excuse if you need a day off. You can also use this excuse for one of your family members who are shifting their homes due to disasters like floods, earthquakes, tsunami, etc.

Your employer might believe you if you give them the right evidence for your claim. You can contact one of your family members who are moving out and tell them to send pictures and videos about the same. It’s a great way to get a leave.

Damage to electronic devices

In any office setting, a laptop and a phone are two essentials that need to be on point to carry out work smoothly. If there are any software or hardware damages to your system then it can hamper your work performance and thus deliver low-quality work.

You need to prove your excuse using strong pointers to make your employer believe you. Certain hardware problems include screen damage, power connecter gets damaged, Motherboard damage, Hard Disk malfunctions, Display problems, etc. Some of the Software problems include viruses, malware, BLCK settings, etc. 

You obviously require a day or two to fix the hardware and software problem and thus this is a great excuse, which your employer can easily fall for.

Donating Blood

Medical excuses always work the best. Donating blood is one such excuse that can be believed by your employer. You can make an excuse by saying that you are donating blood to the blood bank or to a close family member or your friend who is hospitalized.

Your employer might understand your need to donate blood. As blood donation often leads to lethargy in the body, your employer would give you the day off. If you fake an excuse that one of your family members or friends needs blood you would be required to give certain proof to get the leave.

College and Work Imbalance

Whenever you’re doing work and college side by side it always leads to imbalance because you cannot handle the pressure altogether. College pressures like exams, project submission, online classes, school/college visits for important tasks, homework, etc, all can leave a person stressed who is working and doing college side by side. The person needs a day off to handle them with ease.

You can also make an excuse about your kids’ schooling as well,  and how it has been stressful to look after the kids. Kids’ schooling problems like parent meetings, report days, sports days, annual days, exams, online exams, etc all require a parent’s presence. The employer would easily understand your reasons and grant you the leave.

Medical Test

Today due to the increased population and the pandemic, medical tests can be hard to schedule when you want them to be. This can be because doctors aren’t always free and there are a lot of people who come in for a medical test. You can make an excuse saying that your appointment got rescheduled due to vacancies and it’s important for you to visit.

You can provide information about the test saying it’s a urine test, blood test, a metal allergy test, food allergy, etc. Try to choose a test that seems acceptable. Your employer would ask for the documentation but you can say that the appointment was made last-minute on call. 


Excuses of death are quite common. Such excuses wouldn’t need you to provide proof or evidence for the same. The death shouldn’t be of someone the employer knows, thinks wisely, and then speaks. Excuses of a family member’s critical condition can also work. 

The employers would believe you because they too have a family and understand why you need to take a leave. Do show some emotions why asking for the leave on call to make the situation seem more genuine.


Migraines can be stressful and painful. Making an excuse by saying you have a migraine can be a convincing leave excuse. Having migraines is often very stressful and you need to rest and be at home to reduce its effects. You might even need to visit your doctor if the headaches do not reduce. This is a great reason to ask for a leave.

Your employer would understand your problem because someday they might have experienced it too. Such excuses would require you to provide some evidence. 

Important Documents

You can easily take a leave saying that you need to sign or deposit important documents. These documents can be of many types including property documents, legal documents, bank documents, etc. You can make your employer understand it would take your whole day because of legal and bank problems.

The employer would believe you because they sometimes themselves would have gone through such problems and know the time taken for any legal or bank work. Signing on home documents also requires you to present somewhere and thus you can easily ask for a leave.

These are some of the best excuses you can use to get a day off. 

The correct way to ask for a leave

There are certain correct ways you need to follow to get the leave. You need to make your employer believe your reasons and make them sound genuine. You need certain communication skills to carry out the task with ease.

  • You should not lie – Whatever excuses you choose should be genuine and the employer needs to have some evidence. You cannot make an excuse of having a sick pet if you, in reality, don’t possess a pet. This is considered lying and can lead to losing your job.
  • Don’t give in many details – You need to limit your details because after all, you are making a fake excuse. The more information you give the more clues you give stating your dishonesty. So give fewer details.


Everyone makes excuses and you need not be ashamed of them. Rest is an important part of our life and you need to relax some days. You may use the above-mentioned excuses to take a day off and enjoy yourself in peace.

Good Excuses for Missing From Work

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