Development Coordinator Job- Description, their Salary, and Duties

Development Coordinator Job Description

The organization contains a group of people who are involved in establishing some action. They do many businesses. The non –profit organization helps any organization to achieve its objectives. They do not earn any money but donates money to help the various organizations. Here, we’ll know about the Development Coordinator Job.

The development Coordinator works for companies, non-profit organizations, and various universities. Involved in establishing fundraising plans, sponsorship for the organization. They are also involved in increasing the awareness of the business products to the customers. Development coordinators organize events and coordinates with many business partners. They do various activities like fundraising, organizing events, increasing awareness by working with the team.

Roles and Responsibilities of Development Coordinator

The development coordinator plays many roles in an organization. Some of the important roles and responsibilities are

  • Maintain Donor Relationship – Development coordinators work through management software to make a relationship with many donors. They organize many annual programs; thereby increase the participation and relationship with various prospects. Development coordinators are also involved in creating the advancement projects by the membership.

  • Create Long Term Plans – Development coordinators create a new plan at the end of the year to make the fundraising for the upcoming year. The plan is made through discussion with all the members of the development team. Development Coordinators manage budget and annual plans for the department or organization. And also involved in implementing the solutions for various problems. Planning helps to improve the efficacy and quality of an organization.

  • Organizing Events – The Development coordinator plays an important role in the event conducted in an Organization. The main objective of conducting the events is to ensure the objectives of a company. So the coordinator should make the event unforgettable and helps to achieve the objectives. For organizing the events the coordinator should know about the requirement of the event. Planning the event time and finance is one of the important roles of the coordinator.

  • Monitoring Data – The development coordinator is involved in supporting the new development of the company by providing data. Undertaking various researches about the new project and making data partnerships. The coordinator can support the new development by providing the knowledge and details regarding it. Monitoring Data and giving their suggestion about the development.

  • Secure New Donors – Securing new donors to their organization by implementing various strategies. Development Coordinators conduct events and increase the network with important donors through the internet. 

  • Implementing Strategies – Implementing various strategies to get more fundraising and makes the partnership with many Donors. Development coordinators also make strategies for the improvement of their company, Organization.

Skills Required

  1. Prior experience in a fundraising organization
  2. Good communication skill
  3. Good verbal skill
  4. Demonstrate decision-making skills
  5. Experience in Planning Events
  6. Can work well with the team
  7. Leadership skill

Educational Qualifications

The educational Qualification for the Development coordinator varies depending on the employer. At least a high school pass is required to work with a small organization. To work with large companies, organizations, and universities bachelor’s degree in Marketing, management, Or business and prior experience in that field is also required. Here are some of the data of educational qualifications for the Development coordinator.

  • Bachelors Degree – 68% 
  • Masters Degree – 12%
  • Associate Degree – 8%
  • High school Diploma Degree – 2%
  • Other Degree – 10%


The Development Coordinator should know certain tools. It makes them finish their daily goals easily. The tools are:

  • Microsoft Office Suites
  • Digital communication System
  • Telecommunication System
  • Office Equipment like Printers
  • Fundraising Software


The salary for the Development Coordinator ranges from $43,874 to $50,340. It may vary according to experience. Educational qualification, place, and job level. The average salary for a Development Coordinator is $42,947 per year and $18.96 per hour. Here is the salary for Development Coordinator according to their education

  • High School Diploma – $41,663
  • Associate Degree – $42,704
  • Bachelors Degree – $47,895
  • Masters Degree – $52,000
  • Doctorate Degree – $59,944

Best Paying Cities

  • Saint Paul, MN – $57,690
  • San Francisco, CA – $59,889
  • Seattle WA – $53,375
  • New York – $53,002
  • Washington, DC – $52,284
  • Boston, MA – $50,454

Universities and Colleges for Development Coordinator

  • Taylor University
  • Bentley University
  • University of Portland
  • Princeton University
  • Providence College
  • Rollins College

Certification Course

Along with the degree associated with the Development coordinator, certain certificate courses will help to earn some credits. It may increase the salary of your organization. It gives extra work to do sometimes. If you want to earn more money in this job you can get certified in these courses

  • Project Management
  • Certified Professional – Human Resource
  • Project management Professional

Online Course 

The online courses for the Development coordinator can help to learn the courses anywhere and at any time. The person can finish the online course within ten weeks. It has flexible payment options. Many companies are ready to hire you for the Development coordinator job. The online courses are:

  • Basics of Data Design and Development
  • Database Management Essentials
  • Business Development for Startups and Tech companies
  • Project Management Fundamentals II
  • Project Management and others tools for carrier Development
  • Django Application Development with SQL and Databases

Books for Development Coordinators

Keep your Donors

These books help to improve communication skills. Communications skills are very important in maintaining a long-lasting relationship with the Donors.

Non-Profit Fundraising 101

This book contains the advice and thoughts of many leaders who work in this Industry.

Data-Driven Profit

This Book contains information about various Data and Technology to enhance the performance in Organization.


This is the job description for Development Coordinator. This will help to hire jobs easily. Development Coordinator is very useful for organizations, companies, and universities in many ways. This article will give enough information and gives better knowledge about the Development Coordinator job. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the Qualities is required for a Development Coordinator?
    The qualities for Development Coordinators include leadership skills, interpersonal skills. The person should have decision-making skills in critical situations. He should have good communication skills.

  2. What are the salary expectations for a Development Coordinator?
    The average salary for a Development Coordinator is $43,874. These can vary with locations, jobs, and qualifications.

  3. What knowledge is required for this job?
    The knowledge required for this job is telecommunication skills, Microsoft office, and skills related to the job.
Development Coordinator Job- Description, their Salary, and Duties

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