Day Porter Job Description, Salary

Day Porter

What is a Day Porter?

A Day Porter is a person that works in a commercial building and helps keep the premises clean. Though day porters usually do all the cleaning stuff in a commercial building or complex, they still have a wide range of duties dedicated to the facility they service. For example, cleaning restrooms, stocking up toilet supplies like soaps, toilet paper, etc., changing bulbs, cleaning the floors, and many more. Day Porters are often regarded as the unseen heroes of the facility, building, or complex. They constantly help support the facility’s image in front of the customers, visitors, and tenants by keeping the premises clean and checking whether everything is up to date or not. Sometimes we can experience an amazing day just because we have day porters to help us out whenever necessary. A day porter also has to work in conjunction with the nighttime cleaning crew to provide cross-shift continuity, which is an integral part of the fully managed facility service. A day porter or a porter is also known as a day matron.

Day Porter Job Description & Duties

What does a Day Porter do?
The exact duties of a day porter are decided by the facility they work for, although they do have a general set of duties that any day porter needs to fulfill. For example, a day porter will have to clean common areas like Kitchen, Patio, Restrooms, and Cafeterias. Along with this, they will also have to clean the trash and debris, restock the restroom supplies, monitoring and servicing the restrooms, maintain the lobby, policing entrances, front lobby support, and cleaning up spills. 

A day porter works during the day; unlike the nighttime cleaning crew, they work among the employees and help them with various tasks throughout the day. Day porters help people set up last-minute meetings, running some errands for the employees, allowing them to move offices, or help deliver packages. Along with these duties, a porter might also need to prepare conference rooms before and after meetings, order supplies required for facility maintenance, supervise any major spills or cleaning crisis, complete minor repairs and look after building improvements, as well as place safety hazard sign at appropriate places whenever necessary. 

To ensure that all the duties have been fulfilled properly, a day porter needs to work in harmony with many people. Like, he/she will have to work with the janitorial company to keep in check if the restroom supplies are stocked properly, check if they are kept neat and clean for everyone to use. But most importantly, a day porter’s duties are quite different from that of a janitor because a day porter is an onsite worker, whereas a Janitor may not be one. Janitor’s duties are relatively closed off than that of a day porter because a day porter has very flexible job responsibilities, and they need to work depending on the demand. 

A porter may also need to install and remove elevator protection pads as per the needs, clean horizontal and vertical building porticos, clean lobby windows, windowsills, and doors, and shall also lookout and clean any coffee spills, spots, or graffiti if spotted. And as per the need of the hour, a day porter may also need to power wash the parking area and keep them clean. Also, an ideal candidate would be someone who takes pride in keeping the premises clean and making sure to make the building look clean and beautiful, and make the visitors feel comfortable. 

  • Relevant qualification or a minimum of  High School Diploma or GED certificate preferred
  • Must be reliable and professional
  • 6 -12 months of experience as a porter or a janitor
  • Must be able to work in a flexible schedule, including weekends
  • Must be prepared to execute all duties and responsibilities in a safe manner
  • Must be punctual
  • Physical Stamina
  • Ability to work outdoors when needed
  • Friendly and kind demeanor
  • Valid driver’s license if possible
  • Familiarity with standard cleaning supplies and tools
  • Have basic knowledge about how to repair electronics 

Day Porter Salary

The minimum salary for a day porter is $12.68 per hour in the United States and $25 tips per day. But the minimum wage may also differ from company to company and based upon the amount of work one is assigned with. But here is a list of some top companies/Facility in the United States and their day porter salary: 

  • Equity residential – $18 per hour
  • NYM Group – $17.57 per hour
  • Inter Solutions, LCC – $17.12 per hour
  • CentreSpace – $16.11 per hour
  • Samaritan Dytop Village – $16.82 per hour

And the highest paying cities for a day porter’s job:

  • Brooklyn, New York – $16.52 per hour
  • Manhattan, New York – $15.59 per hour
  • Bronx, New York – $15.50 per hour
  • New York, New York – $15.16 per hour
  • Chicago, IL – $13.99 per hour
  • Philadelphia, P.A – $13.03 per hour

Along with the salary, the porter also gets some benefits when start working for a company or facility like, they are given life insurance, vision insurance, dental insurance, pet insurance, employee discount, paid time off, cell phone reimbursement, flexible schedule, AD&D insurance, and 401(k) (a retirement plan sponsored by the company that employees can contribute to).

Thus, an average annual salary of a day porter would be $25,738 a year. 

So to sum up, a day porter or a porter is a person who performs various tasks or duties to keep the company building or facility clean. A day porter makes sure to keep the premises clean and help the employees and visitors make their day easier. Their job requirements and duties may vary depending upon the company they are working for, and the minimum educational qualification for a day porter would be a high school graduate. In contrast, the minimum salary would be $12.68 per hour with an additional $25 tip per day. Yet again, a day porter’s salary may vary just like their duties and requirements depending upon who they are working with. 

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Day Porter Job Description, Salary

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