NFL Waterboy Salary: How Much Do They Make?

NFL Waterboy Salary

Waterboys are a crossroads between the equipment team and preparation crew, originating from college and high school sidelines. After all, on top of keeping players hydrated, they also act as towel boys. Throughout the full game, their task is to be ready. If the quarterback is thirsty while keeping track of the opposite players on the roster, they have to await him on the sideline. NFL waterboy salary is around $53,000 a year.

NFL Waterboy Base Salary: 53,000 dollars

Description of the job: We hadn’t thought so. You’re getting various free gear, and if you’re stealthy enough, you’ll even be ready to snatch a jockstrap from Tom Brady…er…jersey. Hey, right, take the jersey. Did we note that you just gave $53,000 to fireplace water into the faces of people?!

What is it Prefer to be a Waterboy for the NFL?

Currently, NFL teams don’t “hire” waterboys. Usually, the persons you see on TV passing out water to players are either the fitness team or interns within the organization. Coaches and players will make their kids volunteer to try and do something on special occasions.

As for the experience, it’s potentially one among a sideline’s most thankless jobs. Yes, the players are visiting find these people for a beer. Though, those passing out drinks during a game are largely tasked with doing their job but staying out of the way. It’s very busy and crowded for an NFL sideline. You have got support personnel, equipment, cables, cameras, etc., that crowd the sideline, except for players and coaches. Standing within the way of something/someone is quick, and if you are doing, you’re definitely not visiting be taken back again.

How to Be an NFL Supporter

Becoming an NFL team’s assistant places you squarely in reality with the foremost successful competitive sport in America. Water boys are on an everyday watch, supplying training or competitive competitors with much-needed hydration. Having an area as a helper may sound glamorous to football fans, but there are few workers. Nonetheless, you’ll end up one step closer to employment as an NFL assistant with work and a bit of luck.

In sport, speak to someone you meet or have a relation with. Speak to varsity coaches about your expectations.  Ask your private contacts for assistance in applying as a helper for a spot on an NFL team. Knowing the correct individuals or making yourself available to them will help speed up you’re recruiting.

Visit the NFL’s official website. Scroll down the house page to the underside. Click under the utilization category on the “League” or “Team” page. On the side of the web site, click the “Internships and Entry Level Positions” link. At the underside of the list, click the highlighted link to use for an area. Include an expert resume and canopy letter outlining your skills and love for employment as a water child. Notice your previous experience as, for instance, a school football assistant.

 Do NFL Waterboys Get Paid?

Although some NFL waterboys earn around $53,000 a year in pay, most are unpaid interns or stipend interns. Looking at the experience and particular football squad, annual compensation for an NFL waterboy can vary.

High school or college athletic experience should get employment as a waterboy. Waterboys are considered a part of a team’s equipment crew and will earn merchandise or season tickets for his or her work as rewards. Although the NFL doesn’t disclose the waterboys’ salary details explicitly, the similar NBA pays $50 to 100 dollars a game to its waterboys. There are few open waterboy jobs within the NFL.

To Get Employment

The first place to start is that the NFL job listings page if your big dream is standing on the sidelines of an NFL game. Simply look for ‘NFL work’ and you will be taken to the list. The NFL also has internships that may have some way sure you. Finally, many towel boys gain an area with someone who deals with the team by having an ‘in’. Check LinkedIn and your personal social media accounts if you reside within the same location as your favourite NFL team to determine if you will meet someone who can introduce you. While it’s unlikely you’ll be able to land a task as a team quarterback after a season as a towel kid, whether you plan to find out to become an athletic trainer or want an administrative place within the organisation, it should be an incredible thanks to the network.

NFL Waterboys are charged better than you, in line with an NFL Star in Florida

Saying, “Chad Johnson is extremely active on Twitter,” is also an underestimate. A record of 26 Tweets and counting are released by the previous Miami Dolphin Wide Receiver within the last 24 hours. Though it may well be harder to stay up with Johnson on Twitter than it had been on the gridiron (that’s saying a lot), there have been many eyebrows lifted by one Tweet. Johnson’s tweet in question says that NFL water boys form up to 53,000 each year.

Chad Johnson, a native of Miami and current NFL Hall of Fame nominee, is not any stranger to Twitter saying outlandish things (and in-person). However, if the guy casually suggests that a sum of a minimum of $53 thousand a year is accrued by NFL waterboys, it needs some attention.

We have some responses after a brief visit to the globe Wide Web. The previous NFL wide receiver seems to not be lying. The Water Boys within the NFL average $53k a year.

The NFL Summary

The National Conference, based in the big apple City, assists its 32 member clubs in several business, publicity, legal, and organisational matters. Its 32 franchisees own the league and Roger Goodell is commissioner of the NFL. Its broadcast contracts, endorsement agreements, and ticket sales produce much of the league’s income. The league has its own station, tracks its movie tournaments, and features a channel and a web site. A sports career that receives up to $1.28 million (that doesn’t include playing sports)

Revealed: Waterboys earn $53,000 on the average – way above the minimum wages.

1 in 16,000 students visit professional sports jobs, but within the sports sector, there are other methods of operating.

Few of the best-paying substitute positions within the sports industry are found by PlayUSA

It is no secret that consistent with the NCAA, only a lucky few players make it to the massive leagues. In keeping with the NCAA, it’s estimated that only one in 16,000 high school students persist to knowledgeable career. This might restrict any dreams of working within the sports business for several sports enthusiasts while being an expert athlete isn’t the sole thanks to adding the industry.

Of course, the specialists take centre stage, it is often quick to ignore those main positions that don’t require you to be as technically skilled. With sports being a multi-billion-dollar business, teams need way more than simply talent – there is a location, and an alternate career, out there for each fan, from statisticians to security guards, plus the pay isn’t bad either.

Working as a Waterboy: Overviews

It’s a smart idea to require an honest observe their jobs before we actually get into what quantity NBA waterboys do nowadays. You must be ready to properly appreciate the importance of their pay once you learn to grasp what waterboys within the NBA should do.

Probably, the primary thing that involves your mind is people that be sure of menial jobs in sports teams after the term waterboys come up. The duties of waterboys, in general, are tasks like passing out meals, carrying the bags, cleaning towels et al. Acting as waterboys typically means you have got to perform plenty of tasks in exchange for pretty much inconsequential pay. In fact, since they need to supply support, most waterboys in low-level/amateur leagues agree on the role.

However, the traditional duties of waterboys go well beyond mere errands within the top-tier leagues. When it involves fitness, rehab so forth, waterboys must constantly assist the players. For that reason, experienced teams must recruit waterboys who know their way around pharmacy, training facilities, … Given the aim of holding the workforce compact, separate executives attempt to render some positions to one person. Therefore, you may say that it takes quite the capacity to supply drinks on time to be waterboys within the NBA.

Different teams have alternative ways of hiring the so-called waterboys into their crew, and no exception is that the NBA. It’s helpful for you to possess previous sporting experience in most situations, as individuals tend to prioritise those who already know the way things add the game. Skilling related places, of course, will improve the prospect of getting the duty. Also, it’s widely advised that you simply take time to observe as many games as possible to memorise the ways to behave without getting into the way on the court.

A Waterboy of the NFL

Duties and Responsibilities: A assistant or water girl (sometimes a spelt waterboy or water girl) is someone who serves on the sidelines within us and supplies players with water or other beverages. The term has also been wonting to describe diminutive individuals during a slightly degrading way who represent another team or person within the corporate and political realms (e.g., “Bill is that the CEO’s water boy”).

Salary: The salary of waterboys can vary, but the common waterboy within the NFL earns around $53,000.

How much do NFL Waterboys make?

According to, on average, salaried NFL waterboys normally make $53,000 a year. Waterboys, who earn this type of salary, are considered a part of the teaching employees of the squad. They’re also a side of a more ‘significant’ work description.

However, most teams observe this position during a more conventional fashion. Football game clubs hire the members of the family and assistants of their coaches to lower their expenses. While football fans may occasionally land this job, the search is very overwhelming for someone looking for a team that’s willing to pay this much.

Although some waterboys get $53,000, interns who only get stipends are the bulk. This job is provided at no cost by a number of them. Also, the particular salary every year for NFL waterboys depends substantially on the experience of the individual and therefore the actual rate of football teams.

How much within the NFL does a Waterboy Make?

NFL waterboys make, on average, $53,000, in step with They even get many complimentary supplies, players’ souvenirs (from jerseys to jockstraps), and access to the roster that the majority of people only dream of. This can be an honest wage for anyone, but a catch does include the amount.

In addition to the aforementioned, what proportion do NFL Waterboys do for an Hour?

The average hourly wage for Waterboy Delivery Drivers within us is around $14.00, 11 per cent below the national average.

What Do NFL Waterboys Do?

The job description of waterboys basically entails ensuring the players are hydrated, in line with the name itself. If there’s something they have, they need towels and support players and coaches likewise, while bearing in mind that they must not get within the way of the action. While “waterboys” are called the work description, it’s not only restricted to the male gender.

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NFL Waterboy Salary: How Much Do They Make?

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