The twenty-first century is clearly distinct from the past centuries by its technological advancement. The emergence of new technological p and ideologies has made the world convenient for its citizens. Part of the discoveries is the Internet and computer. Internet connects people from different parts of the world, thereby making the world global. Information from different fields, cultures, countries, and continents can be easily accessed on the Internet. The Internet also provides a platform whereby people from different parts of the world can communicate. A computer is a tool that can be used to access the Internet, although it has other functions that are of benefit to man. We will discuss the CYBER CAFE ADMINISTRATOR JOB DESCRIPTION here.

The administration is a key to effectiveness and success in any project. Administration enhances productivity. Proper management of a little input can yield the best output. Every organization ensures that the administrative duty of their organization is never joked with. The best candidate and skilled individual are always assigned an administrative duty. 

A cybercafe is a commercial building or place where computers are available for people to access the Internet with or without making a profit. An administrator is a professional individual saddled with the responsibility of administrating a particular project or organization. Therefore, a cyber cafe administrator is a professional individual responsible for administrating and smooth activities of a cyber cafe. He/she is in charge of all activities going on in the cyber cafe. 

Before I proceed, I will discuss briefly consider the requirements  and skills of a cyber cafe administrator.


  • A cyber cafe administrator job must have vast and explicit knowledge about the Internet and computer. He/She may acquire the knowledge by obtaining a degree in computer rated course or through training and computer and Internet certification. 

  • He/she must have obtained a diploma by undergoing a course in an administration that is any related administrative courses like business administration and public administration or 

  • He/she must have working experience in an administrative role and show good administration quality.  A successful record of the administrative role is added advantage. 

  • He/she must also possess some computer engineering skills. If not in detail, he/she must be able to solve some computer technical issues without stress. 

  • He/she must also be vast in computer networking. Networking of computer is required in a cybercafe since all computer needs to be connected to the server or main computer

  • He/she must be smart and skillful, not a timid type. 

  • He/she must have the ability to handle various computer software. 

  • He/she must possess managerial skills and must be an excellent organizer.

  • He/she must be polite and sensitive when communicating with people. That is, he/she must possess good communication skills. 

  • He/she must also possess good listening skills and must be prompt in decision-making.

  • He/she Must be an expert at working under pressure while giving attention to the relevant subject matter.

  • He/she must be able to work with limited resources available for better productivity.

  • He/she must be rational in decision-making. That is the ability to make important decisions within a short period of time. 

  • He/she must have the ability to maintain a strong relationship with co-workers and also good communication and interpersonal skills. 

  • He/she must be very good at solving technical problems within a short period of time.

Now, let me sensitize my reading with some of the duties performed by the cyber cafe administrator. 


Some of the duties and roles of a cyber cafe administrator include:

  • A cyber cafe administrator ensures that the cafe is always fit for use at all times. This includes the cleanliness and availability of the computer and internet facilities at all times. 

  • He/she also supervises the activities of other workers in the cyber cafe. He/she ensures they are all doing their duties as expected according to the rules and regulations guiding the cyber cafe. 

  • In the case of a profit-making cyber cafe, a cyber cafe administrator ensures that the expenditure that is spent on running the cafe is not greater than the income. He/she ensures that profits are made daily in the managing director’s interest while simultaneously satisfying the interest of the customers. 

  • He/she also ensures all customers’ safety when using the Internet facilities in the cyber cafe.  This can be achieved by ensuring that all health safety and regulations are strictly obeyed. 

  • A cyber cafe administrator also ensures that the cybercafe is popular and well patronized. This can be achieved through effective publications and
    enlightenment of people on the use of the Internet. 

  • He/she checks the computer every morning and ensures they are in good shape. The cable connections are also effectively checked. 

  • In case of any damage, he/she ensures that the damages are repaired or corrected as soon as possible in other to avoid further complications. 

  • It is also the duty of the administrator to keep a proper record of all the daily activities in the cyber cafe for proper documentation and accountability. These documents can be reviewed in the future to make a proper plan for the development of cyber cafes for better human services. 


The salary of a cyber cafe administrator depends on so many factors. The academic qualifications of a cyber cafe administrator are a leading factor in determining his/her salary that is the more educated, the higher the salary. Relative years of experience in administration complement his/her academic experience in determining the salary structure. Since most of the time, this occupation is always on a full-time basis, the organization’s financial capability contributes to how much a cybercafe administrator is to be paid. In the United state of America, a cyber cafe administrator receives approximately $40,000 to $45,000 per annum. 


Question: Is cyber cafe technologist the same as cyber cafe administrator? 

Answer: No, a cyber cafe technologist in charge of the technical issues in the cyber cafe while a cybercafe administrator administers all activities in the cyber cafe. 

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