Cabinet Maker Job Description: A Professional Wood Maker


Cabinet Makers make cabinetry from an assortment of materials, including wood, overlay. Cabinet Makers may likewise be answerable for applying ornamental components, for example, paint and mosaics. In this article You’ll explore all things you need to know about Cabinet Making career such as: Cabinet Maker Job Description, Skills required for Cabinet Maker Job, Duties of a Cabinet Maker.

Job Description Of Cabinet Maker:

A Cabinet maker is anyone who can professionally make furniture or a high-quality structure ( such as a cabinet ) out of wood. He or she is professionally trained in the art of woodwork in a formal or Informal school where the skill of woodwork is taught. Although Cabinet making is practical work, it requires theoretical education, which will enable the Cabinet maker to carry out proper calculations before assembling several wood parts to make a cabinet. Some of the skills required by a cabinet maker to make him/her proficient in his duties are very specific and sometimes different from other wood makers’ regular skills. 

Skills Of A Cabinet Maker: 

  • The love for practical/manual works; Cabinet making is a very practical Handiwork that requires lifting of heavy wood logs in the process, so to be a cabinet maker, one must have the love for practical/manual works before he/she can take up a career as a cabinet maker. 
  • Ability to follow written and oral instructions; Instructions from supervisors and construction managers are very vital in Woodworks as it is with every profession; therefore, the skill of following instructions is essential for a Cabinet maker. 
  • Ability to work to a high level of accuracy; Uncalculated/Inaccurate assembling of woods when producing Cabinet will only lead to Hazards at the home or office; therefore, having a high level of accuracy during the manufacturing of a cabinet is an essential skill that has to be possessed by the cabinet maker. 
  • Ability to make mathematical calculations ( This skill is highly recommended ); Handiworks/Manual works are not so common/easy therefore Cabinets makers are supposed to have a minimum of a high school diploma as this will ensure that the Cabinet maker has an average to a high level of mathematical calculations understanding as it is every routine in his job description. 
  • Possessing good communication skills; Good communication is key in every career path. The Cabinet maker is not an exemption; hence, a cabinet maker requires good communication skills. This is to ensure that there is a proper client-customer relationship.
  • Ability to work independently or in a team; this is because some jobs require the cabinet maker to work either with a team or an individual. While preparing a Cabinet maker job description resume, it necessary for the Cabinet maker to list some or most of these skills in the resume 

Duties Of A Cabinet Maker:

Although a cabinet maker can also be said to be a woodworker, he has such specific duties to perform in the process of making a cabinet, which might make him different from a regular woodworker, and some of those duties will be listed below with some The duties of a Cabinet maker involves: 

  • Operation of the various machines related to the making of cabinets Use of hand tools to cut woods when needed for Cabinet making Clamping and fitting various parts of wood to make a cabinet 
  • Designing and producing various kinds of special furniture that accompany a cabinet 
  • Making a proper report on the extent of work done to the supervisor 

Salary Of A Cabinet Maker:

One thing that will always motivate every worker is WAGES; this is because every worker deserves to be compensated Financially in proportion to the effort he/she puts into work. And the Cabinet maker is no exception. If it were within my reach, I will suggest that an Average Cabinet maker should earn as high as one hundred thousand dollars ( $100,000 ) annually because the kind of work Cabinet makers put in designing and manufacturing accurate and beautiful woodwork is so wonderful that I sometimes wonder if these Cabinet makers are actually just woodworkers. 

According to research, The average hourly pay for Cabinet makers in The United States of America is approximately $17 per hour. In contrast, the average yearly cabinet maker salary as of 2019 is about set at $33,089. although the salary ranges from $22,059 to $49,633 annually, and this are dependent on the level of expertise and experience of the Cabinet maker and also the company employee-employer agreement 

Careers Related To Cabinet Making:

Cabinet making is a specialty carved out of the General profession of Woodworking, and there are other specialties related to woodworking that people sometimes confuse to be the same as Cabinet makers and some of those woodwork specialties are :

  • Architectural Wood Model Makers: They Construct full-size and scale wooden precision models of products, including wood jig builders and loft workers. backup sawyers: They are supportive sawyers who assist the main sawyers 
  • Machine Setters: Machine setters operate specific woodworking machines like; drill press, lathe, saw. e.t.c these machines require special training because the devices are sophisticated; hence employers in the woodwork industries employ Machine setters instead of using the traditional Cabinet makers 
  • Carpenters: Carpenters are sometimes confused with being Cabinet makers. Although some carpenters can make cabinets due to their experience working with woods, their job description is vast because it includes erecting and maintaining wooden frames. Carpenters are just like a general name given to woodworkers; hence many people take them to be Cabinet makers. 
  • Construction Managers: Construction managers are woodworkers that have acquired many years of experience working as woodworkers and have also acquired administrative, budgeting, and organizational skills. These skills help them become construction managers. 


Cabinet making is a career path that requires a woodworker to be highly skilled and mentally sound. In some parts of America, studies have shown due to improvement in the skills of cabinet makers. There has been an increase in beautifully crafted and assembled Cabinets. Generally, woodworkers now seek to pick up Cabinetmaking as their area of specialty in the woodwork careers. 

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Cabinet Maker Job Description: A Professional Wood Maker

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