Church Custodian Job Description – Responsibilities and Salary

Church Custodian Job Description


Church Custodian Job Description – The role of the Church custodian is very important in the revolutionary war. Robert John Newman, the sexton of Boston’s old north Church, has shown the lanterns which have announced the oncoming British army during the Paul revere the famous ride. Idol task to open the church in the middle of the night the ability of Newman’s. At present, the church has access to 24 hours served by the caretakers—upkeep and security, how the facility and property are their duty.

The public-facing area of the church, its cleanliness, and management, including the sanctuary, bathroom, office, and meeting area, is managed by the Church custodian. These custodians are also known as parish custodians and Church janitors.

Church Custodian Job Description

Responsibilities as a Church Custodian

  • Kitchens, meeting rooms, sanctuary, bathroom, and building by daily spotting public areas and performing weekly duty is maintaining the church cleanliness.
  • Working with Church staff and team members to ensure the maintenance of all the areas is clean and stocked with all the necessary items.
  • Monitoring and observing proper chemical handling procedures when working with the cleaning agent by wearing goggles, masks, and hand gloves are written in the following instruction.
  • Making repairs, stockings of bathrooms, and changing light bulbs are performed to maintain the church.
  • Providing Assistance during some event operations and clean-up.
  • When the items are needed to be replenished, taking inventory of other cleaners and other supplies and summiting.
  • The respectful and positive manner with church staff and the visitors with proper interaction.

Requirements or Qualification of Church Custodian

  • Church custodian main work for full hours or maybe in some flexible hours. It must be a self-starter as a church custodian and report to the pastoral or personnel committee. 
  • They should feel comfortable working on the ladder and must lift some heavy objects. 
  • Church custodians must be familiar and know how to work with it like floor buffers, carpet cleaning equipment, snowblowers, and desire to learn the job. 
  • If a Church must know about managing the electrical system, heating, and plumbing can make the custodian a versatile asset for the church with a tight operating budget. 
  • Must have a high school diploma or any equivalent degree.
  • Must have training and Experience as custodian.
  • Must have knowledge and understanding of cleaning and safety procedures.
  • The custodian must have the ability to lift 50 lbs and pre-employment drug screening, and pass a background check.
  • Some churches must provide preferences to the members.
  • Strong and great knowledge of interpersonal, communication, and comprehension skills. 
  • Custodians must have the flexibility to adjust the schedule according to the needs of the church.
  • Must be motivated to work independently and with others to provide an efficient and effective custodial service to the church.

What is Work as a Church Custodian?

  • First of all, handling and managing the basic maintenance of church custodians also handle janitorial duties and responsibilities.
  • For creating a job listing as a church custodian, you must add your desired custodian skills and give a job description to the church.
  • The title of church custodian may vary between churches. They are also known as Church janitors or Church maintainers. You must try to include these titles in your listing when posting a Church custodian job to make it easier to find a better church custodian. 

Church Custodian Aspect of Housekeeping

  • Responsibilities affected the custodian aspect of housekeeping, which affected the public and members to impress the organization. 
  • Dusting, mopping, sweeping, and vacuuming involves cleaning offices, hallways, seasonal cleaning of the sanctuary, daily wee y, or seasonal duty as a church janitor. 
  • Church custodian professional life from the side of housekeeping rounds off the supplies like stalking and cleaning the bathroom, managing the kitchen, emptying trash, and ordering stocks.

Proper Maintenance and Repair of the Church

  • Changing light bulbs and fixing door handles, hardware, and replacing faucets are the basic skills required for maintaining the church as a church custodian.
  • Caring flower beds, shrubbery and lawns are included in outdoor job maintenance. 
  • It also includes preventive maintenance, proper monitoring of heat and electrical systems, window and masonry, changing air filters, and monitoring sidewalks. When it is necessary to call an outsource professional informing the church officials.
  • Maintenance sexton task is performed when the season changes. Have to remove eyes and leaves from the sidewalk walks with Porches in winter.

Providing Event Support

  • The Main Church has assigned it to the church custodian for the pre and post-worship responsibility while opening and closing the building, ensuring the heating and sound system, and handling the lights. 
  • Whenever there is event setup and removal or giving any wedding or party and florist access to the facility, sexton has to work accordingly or at odd hours.

Salary and Compensation of Church Custodian

  • There are some of the religious organizations that recommended that their church members base the wage and pay scale of custodians on prevailing for janitors in the business and schools, according to the report of the US Bureau of labor static.
  • The wage rate of janitors on an hourly basis nationwide is $10.68, and they had a median of $22,210 salary per annum. 
  • The Organisation has a benefit package for full-time church custodians, including insurance, health, Sick days, and vacations, although sometimes even pensions. 
  • The church custodian usually receives some extra benefit or compensation when they prepare for funerals, concerts, and weddings. 

Way Forward: 

To become a successful chat custodian, new must have the ability to be objective, motivated, observant, and committed to giving Church members, tops, and visitors a clean and orderly place to worship friends and congregate. However, as a Church custodian, you must be responsible for all the duties. Here you will come to know about the job of church custodian and the salary provided to them. There is also various work which a church custodian does and has a church custodian you can also work based on schedule or as a full-time Church custodian.

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Church Custodian Job Description – Responsibilities and Salary

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