Benefits, Salary And Job Application Process Of KicksUSA.

KicksUSA is an extremely famous shopping website that sells all kinds of shoes at a Good retail price. This is less than the original companies’ price. It got famous suddenly because it offers all types of new, trendy, and customized kicks. Along with trending and fascinating shoes, it also provides some awesome career options to people. This can be a beneficial deal for a Kick’s Lover. Working at a place where you are completely surrounded by your favorite shoe collections. Doesn’t it sound like a dream? Here we will see about Benefits, Salary And Job Application Process Of KicksUSA.

If you are planning to apply for a job at KicksUsa, now known as Snipes USA. You can only apply for it through an online medium. You just need to follow a few basic steps given below in the article.

Benefits, Salary And Job Application Process Of  KicksUSA.

What Is KicksUSA Shoes Company?

KicksUsa is a very famous online shopping website. That sells different types of trendy and special editioned shoes at a fair and affordable price all over the world. The company got famous suddenly due to online promotions and social media. The company was originally known as KicksUSA but later on another sneaker company namely Snipes collaborated with it and later on expand their company and new collection. The snipes bought KicksUSA and every Kicks Store came under Snipes. From then onward the Shoe Company got bigger and successful with more than 100+ stores all over the world. The current owner of the company is Sven Voth, a millionaire currently. Although Sven is also not the real owner of the company, a bigger company called Deichmann.

Deichmann is the largest shoe retailer company in Europe and Snipes is mere a daughter company of Deichmann. Along with the shift in the ownership. The older website of KicksUSA was brought down and replaced with a much better website of Snipes. Even if you search for KicksUSA, you will ultimately land on Snipes USA website in every way.

How Does The KicksUSA Company Work?

Snipes Is a retail shoe seller company that sells awesome and special editioned kicks. And is very famous in the USA and also around the world. Even many people suggest buying kicks from snipe’s store. Although most f the shoes that are sold online are not original and are not bought from the original manufacturers. The company buys its product from several companies, not sure whether from real manufacturers or not. They then put up the shoes online and ship them throughout the world based on the orders. Although, unlike the Snipes store, his online site is not liked much. This is due to unhappy customers. The reviews tell that the online customer service of Snipes is worse and there are many delivery issues too. People also complain that the shoes delivered are not at all original and are different from those in the pictures. There are many cases where people didn’t even receive their order after paying for it. They were not even paid back by the site. You may find various bad reviews about the online store on the internet. Hence, it is suggested that you may refer to the Real Snipes store for a better experience.

Career Opportunities At The KicksUSA.

Other than good and affordable shoes, KicksUSA / SnipesUSA provide lots of good opportunities too. Especially if you are a Kick’s lover, you may be interested to seek a job under KicksUSA. There are numerous posts opened by KicksUSA. You can have a look at the open ports from the original websites of the company. There is a wide range of jobs offered, from a store manager To a Customer Retail officer. The good part is the jobs do not require any special or advanced educational qualifications. Just some basic qualifications will be fine for a lower job position. Tough higher posts of manager and officers may require some good knowledge of the field and plenty of Experience.

Steps To Easily Apply For Job At KicksUSA.

The only way you can join the company as an employee is by filing the job application online. Through the official website, you can easily apply for the desired post. Follow the steps given below to successfully apply for a job at KicksUSA:

  • On a separate web, open a tab of the official link of the website SnipesUSA.
Benefits, Salary And Job Application Process Of  KicksUSA.
  • After opening the official website, now slide down to the last page, and at the very bottom, you will see different options to choose from.
  • Below you will find three different options of Account, Help, and About.
  • Among all the options below the third heading “About” you will find 5 more sub headings.
  • From all 5 subheadings, click on the last option “Jobs” and let the next page open.
Benefits, Salary And Job Application Process Of  KicksUSA.
  • After clicking on the “Jobs” you will be redirected to a new tab, completely based on Jobs and career opportunities at KicksUSA.
  • At the very top left corner, you will find 4 options. From the 4 options, click on ‘Current Openings.
  • After clicking on ‘”Current Openings” a new page will open.
  • Now at the top of the page in the center, you will find 2 options where you’ll have to fill in your location and type of job.
Benefits, Salary And Job Application Process Of  KicksUSA.
Benefits, Salary And Job Application Process Of KicksUSA.
  • Now click on search.
  • A new page will open in front of you with a list of open posts available at KicksUSA. The page will show all the jobs of your preference and that are available in your city.
  • Now click on any job of your choice and comfort. A new page will open depicting all the information related to that job, along with the responsibilities and location.
  • In the top right corner, you will find a small option called “Apply Now”. Click on that option.
  • After clicking on the option “Apply now” You will have to fill in all the necessary information requested by the company.
  • After filling in your details like :
  • Name, Email, Educational Qualifications, Age State/province, zip/postal code, Reference 1, Educational history, Resume, Work history information AND Are you a US veteran?
  • Then, Click OK.
  • Now you will just have to wait till the company itself emails you for further Job process and your acceptance.

After completing all the above steps, wait for at least 2 to 3 weeks for a response from KicksUSA. If you do not receive an email, you may try applying again on other posts, and then wait for a response. If you get shortlisted for the post, you may have to encounter an interview next. The interview would basically be with the companies HR, and then if you clear the interview you will be provided with the offer letter and your job will start soon. That is what it takes to become an employee for KicksUSA. The rate of your acceptance at this company is clearly based on your skills, Resume, and your qualifications. You need to make sure that you perform well in the interview, and apply only after checking the required qualifications for that specific post. This will help HR in shortlisting the right candidate, and you will not be getting a direct rejection for not meeting the desired qualifications.

Skills Required To Get A Job At KicksUSA.

The company does not mention any specific skills or qualifications to become an employee under KicksUSA. The skills required completely depend on the type of job. The skills and qualifications clearly vary from post to post. For example, if you are applying for a Salesman Position, you must require good communication skills and knowledge related to shoes. Hence, while filling the job application, do read the Skills required for each job, written at the bottom of the page. Given Below are some common skills required to get a job at KicksUSA:

  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Team development and managing skills.
  • High and accurate planning skills.
  • Good decision-making skills.
  • Little knowledge about shoes and their new trends.
  • Basic Marketing skills.
  • Marketing Strategies making skill.
  • Organizing skills
  • Problem-solving skills.

PayScale Of An Employee Working At KicksUSA.

The pay scale clearly depends on the position of an employee, what is his work, and his responsibilities. Although according to the reviews of the employees, the provided salary is rated as good and acceptable for almost every position. To give you an idea of the pay scale, here is the salary of a Sales Associate at KicksUSA. The average stipend of a Sales Associate is said to be $15 per hour. This means, if a Sales Associate works for even 6 hours a day, he could easily make $90 a day. The Jobs at Snipes are considered appropriate for high schoolers or youngsters looking for a part-time job. Although if talk about full-time jobs, the payments are considered extremely low as compared to other jobs. Moving on to a higher post, a Branch Manager is capable to make around $41,000 per year, while a cashier makes $11 per hour. The KicksUSA employs about 1000 to 5000 people, out of which only 30 percent are satisfied with their salaries. The percentage is undoubtedly very less and shows dissatisfaction of the employees.

Benefits Of Working As An KicksUSA Employee.

Although the salary may not be up to the mark. But if we look at the benefits, they are absolutely amazing. The benefits provided by snipes to its employees are numerous and in various fields. If we talk about a few of them, they are:

  • One will be given a total of 6 paid leaves in total, which is every employee’s dream.
  • One is allowed to avail of sick leave/Medical Leave and Paid Time Off’s monthly.
  • Employees are provided with Home and Auto Insurance Discounts
  • Employees are provided with Discount Tickets to the ticket at work.
  • Employees are given free training sessions monthly.
  • Some Special team member discount is also given, which can only be availed in the Snipe store.
  • 401K
  • Employees are given their own flexible spending account for free.
  • Employees are provided with paid Volunteering Opportunities, which will be beneficial for their future careers.
  • Federal Credit Union.
  • Team Member Appreciation days are organized monthly, to appreciate workers, and they are offered small gifts too.
  • Aflac
  • Interesting store contests and other fun activities around the festivals.
  • Special Festival or Holiday discounts are also provided to the employees

Apart from the points mentioned above, there are 2 more benefits exclusively for full-time workers are Medical and Dental health plans, checkups and Free Accounts, There are surely lots of good benefits waiting for you if you are planning to apply for a job at KicksUSA. Unlike the salary, the reviews of benefits are great. The employees are absolutely satisfied with the benefits offered to them. They also prefer to recommend the job to others based on the benefits salary and easy application process provided by KicksUSA. Although these are not the complete benefits, there are surely more than what’s written above. You can know about the rest of the benefits only after joining the work and being a real part of the company. Finally, you could have got a clear idea about Benefits, Salary And Job Application Process Of KicksUSA. through this article

Frequently Asked Questions.

  • What is the process for an interview at KicksUsa?

It is extremely simple, you just have to face an interview with the HR of the company and then with the store manager or manager of your specific job department. After clearing through both the interviews, you will be provided with an Offer Letter.

  • What do they as in interviews at KicksUSA?

It’s nothing complicated; you just need to be up-to-date with new shoe trends and fashion. The highest they can ask you to do is picking any shoes of your choice and describe them.

  • Do the employees of Snipes get any discount buying shoes from their own store?

Yes, the employees are given the team member discount. This means that if the employee wants to buy something from the store, he she will be given around 8 to 10 percent off. Some holiday or occasional discounts are also provided.

  • What is the approximate salary of a sales manager at KicksUSA?

The approximate salary of a person working in the position of sales manager at KicksUSA is approximately $50,000 per year. Which is far better compared to that of a Branch or store manager at KicksUSA.

Benefits, Salary And Job Application Process Of KicksUSA.

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