Banana Republic Careers: Job Application, Salary, Age, Benefits

Banana republic is one of the premier retailer stores which focus on versatile clothing and classic accessories. Initially, the company was started as a boutique that focused on travelers for adventurous style wear, which varied from various locations worldwide. The company was established in the year 1978 in mill Valley, located in California, across the famous Golden Gate Bridge. Their headquarter is situated in San Francisco, California. Banana republic is a high-quality brand that holds worldwide recognition. It is a part of Gap Inc since 1983. Banana republic helps to recruit the employees at the entry-level to fill the vacant positions.

Banana republic provides flexible work options such as part-time, full-time, and temporary employment. The company encourages people with optimistic, curious, and creative ideas. For the employer, Banana Republic offers discounts on health, wealth, and tuition programs.

Banana Republic ensures the commitment of returning it to the community it serves, reducing the environmental impact by recycling its LED lights and water. As per the Human Rights Campaign, Banana Republic has been awarded as the Best place to work.

Banana republic Job opportunities

Gap Inc has introduced gender equality empowerment since 2014, which ensures equal pay for equal work. Using this method, they conduct annual pay equality reviews. There are about 700 stores in the banana republic, for which the company hires staff members at entry-level. They are the main source for retail store positions, which helps the applicants seeking part-time and full-time employment. The applicants are mentored and will be given coaching to rise within the management. The company promotes associates within itself. Also, it outsources supervisors.

There are about 65,000 workers that employ for Gap Inc. They pay the workers entry-level wages that are quite higher than the minimum. One may successfully apply for various job positions, including Brand headquarters, corporate offices, retail stores, and distribution centers. The employee within the company can use company job portals to apply online.

Banana Republic job positions and Salary

Once the employees gain consideration in retail stores, they are exposed to industry for the supervisor career, which includes cashier lead, store associate, Shift Supervisor, Merchandising Assistant Store Manager, Sales Lead, Brand expert, Store Manager, Credit Card Promoter, Customer Associate, Designer Associate, Product Manager, Management.

Frequently available positions include:

  • Cashier lead: The role of the employee involves him/her to complete the cash transaction, satisfy the customer, offering card options, attend customer calls, and train new cashier. Apart from handling the cash, they provide feedback to the manager and also work under store supervisors. The key skills required are to have computer knowledge, communication, ability to handle a huge amount of money. Applicants who hold a diploma or other equivalent degree are offered available for various work shifts. The applicant shall be flexible for night hours, weekends, and closing hours. The cashier lead can make a minimum wage of $14 for an hour.

  • Store Associate: The employee shall engage with the customers and also generate sales service. The employee shall be responsible for store maintenance, mailing shipments, indicating markdowns, and providing cash wrap. They shall have the ability to influence the customers, increase sales, and connect with the customers clearing their queries. The employee shall be supportive to the co-workers and ensure company policies to increase the sales. They are the ones to represent the brand and interpret with the customers. Store Associates can make up to $15 for an hour.

  • Stock Associate: The employee shall make sure that the store visitors experience a clean and organized store. They play a major role in the shipment process, recovering sales floors. They have the additional responsibility to prevent theft and loss. The applicant should be able to carry weights up to 30lbs. Stock associates make $8.00-$11.00 an hour.

  • Management: The role requires accountability, coaching, and task execution. The employee shall make sure the customer’s positive feedback and thus they enjoy their experience in the store. The applicant must have the following skills: Time management, organization skills, motivating the co-workers and shall be available for the adaptable timings. Manager receives salary around $30,000-$85,000.

Job openings in the design

The design team draws equal trends and inspires to bring out bold ideas that help build various new collections with customers. Work defines fashion over millions of people worldwide. The opportunities in the field of design are Associate Designer, Technical Designer, and Designer.

Job openings in Merchandising

The applicants aspiring to join the merchandising team are offered the position of brand manager, customer champion, and sales driver. They act as the backbone for developing the product process, driving strategies across the brands, countries, and channels. Opportunities in merchandising are visual merchandising, brand planning manager, buying director, and buyer.

Banana Republic employee age criteria

The applicant must be a minimum of 18 years old, to work with Banana republic.

Tips to Apply at Banana Republic

The online application form requires the applicants to spend around 15-40 to fill the form. Applicants should provide information such as email address, permanent residing address, previous employment, social security number, and education background details. As the applicant access the online job portal, the process begins by clicking the career tab. Post the selection of interesting positions. The applicant may click the apply button that leads to providing information for hiring.

Application process at Banana Republic

The confirmation to the applicants shall be sent via email. The selected candidates shall receive calls from the management staff in the banana republic to set up interviews. A personal visit requires the candidate to get dressed in business wear. The unsuccessful applicants can try for various other positions with a preferred qualification within the company.

Benefits of working-Banana Republic

The employees at Banana republic will receive a generous salary as per the standards. As the opportunities arise, one may receive the benefits within the company. The overall package includes benefits on retirement plans, 401k retirement, insurance on disability, life insurance, medical plans, gym discounts, discounts on mobile plans, and travel expenses.

  • Health care: the Banana Republic offers various plans for dental, life insurance, and vision to satisfy the needs of employees and their families. Employees are open to participating in FSA (Flexible Spending Account) to save taxes from other health care benefits that are not covered by any medical, vision, or dental plans.
  • Day off: Banana Republic provides PTO days for illness, vacation, or personal time. Part-time employees are offered paid sick leaves. They offer an absence leave plan along with paid holidays for seven days to their employees.
  • Merchandise Discount: Employees and their spouses are offered with 50% discount on the regular price at the Banana Republic, Gap and a 30% discount at the outlet.
  • Fit Studio: Banana Republic offers a fitness studio for its employees. There are yoga and fitness trainees available at various centers.
  • Programs on well-being: they cover various other activities of mental, physical, and financial well-being. The current program includes a tobacco control program, nutrition apps, lifestyle apps, meal planning with healthy intake, financial advice.
  • Long Term Care: This plan includes housekeeping, preparation of meals, personal care services such as eating, bathing, etc. This service is applicable when one can no longer perform daily activities on their own.
  • Mental Health: The Company supports planning on family, balanced work-life, reduction of stress, career advice, sleep count, depression, anxiety, mindfulness, etc. The employees have free access to the services; short-term counseling is also provided with a wide range of mental health resources and tools.
  • Reimbursement on tuition: Employees with a keen interest in innovative ideas are provided with training along with the benefit of tuition reimbursement.
  • Community Discount: In partnership with few other organizations, the company offers discounts at traveling, sharing of car, and theme parks, etc.
  • Discount and insurance for pet care: Banana republic provides coverage on pets and protects your bank account from veterinary bills that are quite expensive.
  • Adoption Assistance: Adoption is quite stressful, and the process is time-consuming. To make the process much easier, the company offers an Adoption assistance plan. The plan includes financial support for the adoption of children below 18 years of their age.
  • Volunteering: To volunteer at a charity, employees can take up to five hours each month, matching the donation made to the employee’s charities.
  • Legal services: To help the employees and their families with unknown estate plan documents such as wills, power of attorney, and trusts, the company offers a network of attorneys to access.

More Information

Through Gap, Inc., the internship is offered to interested candidates studying in college. It allows the interns to get exposed to the external environment to become executive leaders to expand their knowledge, contributing to the business. They conduct a 10-week internship program during summer, thus inviting the engaging participants for challenging works. Banana republic pays the intern to compensate for their work. The interns are provided with discounts on their clothing products. Successful interns shall receive jobs based on their completion of the program.  Candidates can apply for internships through the company’s web page. The company works harder to make the business even more sustainable by setting major bold goals, designing various new programs with various partners for the betterment of change in the industry. The global sustainability program includes:

  • Water resilience and climate: The company’s basic fundamental strategy is to protect our planet, which is also the sustainable strategy and the company’s future. Damages that occur due to climate change that induce water scarcity are the global challenges that affect the people’s community and transcend the boundaries. The company is incorporating few sustainability steps into the product’s design; thrive on being a healthy place for the upcoming generation.
  • Responsible sourcing and materials: More sustainable raw materials are used to create the clothes; it’s a constant move to design the product with more sustainable raw materials and to have a better impact on preferred vendors on a larger scale to have a long term process.
  • Advancing people and human rights: The Company has been guided with the equality principle for all. This requires making changes across the company, also inspiring few changes from the industry. They address the labor issue and support people making clothes. The company conducts a program to support communities around the world and to celebrate diversity.
  • Circularity and waste: The Company has taken the responsibility to reduce waste that is created by the business, which in turn has its impact on the environment, and also adds unnecessary costing to the business. The track to divert millions of waste from landfills and initiate optimized packaging reduces volume, protections, and changes. They create more sustainable products that are focused on recycling garments.
  • Rotational management program (RPM): This is considered the premier entry to start business careers from Gap Inc. It conducts leadership training that provides an opportunity to learn retail business, enhance analytical skills, and expose this global company’s working. For over two decades, the graduates are now serving as senior executives at top-level management. This program’s duration is 8 months, to gain knowledge through the management and merchandising within the company, along with the work style of recycling the products, interaction with customers over online and in stores. Post the completion of the program. The candidates are placed for full-time employees in the field of merchandising and inventory management.

Stepwise procedure to apply:

  1. The aspiring applicants are supposed to apply online through the company’s portal.
  2. The company shall conduct an online assessment.
  3. First-round interview based on virtual behavior that is conducted for thirty minutes duration.
  4. Second round interview based on a virtual project conducted for one hour by one of the company’s recruiter.
  5. The final virtual interview shall be conducted.
  6. Job offer.
Banana Republic Careers: Job Application, Salary, Age, Benefits

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