Gap Careers Complete Guide 2021

Gap Careers- Complete Guide

Gap Careers – Wherever you are in the world, you probably can find a Gap store in any shopping mall near you; there is no doubt that Gap is one of the most popular fashion brands globally. But is a career at Gap is as rewarding as the name of the brand may imply? This is what we will try to uncover in this complete guide for Gap careers. In this article, we will take you on a journey to have a full picture of what it is like to have a job at Gap. We will show you the job opportunities, salaries, requirements, qualifications, the application process, and the benefits of working at Gap. 

About the Company – Gap Careers

History of the Company: Gap was founded by Don and Doris Fisher in San Fransisco, USA. They opened the first store in 1969 to fill in the gap between generations to create unity among different generations through their unique fashion styles. During the decade from 1969 to 1979, Gap Stores, Inc. went public with an initial offering of 1.2 million shares of stock at $18 per share. 

The Brand: Gap is about shaping the culture for more inclusion, diversity, and understanding. The brand aims to create American styles that bridge the gaps between individuals, generations, and cultures. 

Company Values: 

  • Equality and Belonging: Gap works hard to make sure that all employees feel heard and seen in an inclusive workplace. There is ethnic diversity among US employees with no discrimination against any race. The overall women employees representation in the company globally makes about 76%.
  • Sustainability: Nowadays, the company is creating partnerships and funding programs to ensure that they are changing the industry to be more sustainable and socially responsible.

Building a Career at Gap

  • Internships for Students: The company offers internships in various fields for undergraduate, MBA, Ph.D., and master’s students to help them explore and learn.
    • Duration: Interns join Gap Inc. starting from June until August for about 9 to 10 weeks. 
    • Where: They can work across Gap Inc. brands – Old Navy, Gap, Banana republic, and Athleta. 
    • After the internship, distinguished interns who show top performance and meet their assigned goals will get a full-time job offer once they finish their degrees.

Internships Fields:

  • Finance: you will learn the latest financial practices and how to use technology in finance. The most important values in doing finance at Gap are integrity, innovation, and transparency.

  • Data& Analytics: The analytics team uses the state of art techniques such as machine learning to develop the best products. Some of the things you will do as a team member of analytics are demand forecasting, supply chain management, product testing, and more.  

  • Global Supply Chain: this internship will allow you to work in an international environment. The main goal of this team is to ensure the successful delivery of the products to retailers and customers in the best way and least time consumption. You will work on creating strong partnerships with the best retailers and more other crucial tasks. 

  • Merchandising: This teamwork brings the products from mind to life by analyzing the trends and forming partnerships in the fashion field. You will live with the products through their different phases and get the opportunity to add your insights into them. 

  • Inventory Management: Like the merchandising team, you will also witness the product development process from the beginning. Your main role as a member of this team is to ensure that customers will get the products that suit them the most at the proper place and the proper time for them. 

  • Design: This is an exceptional internship offered only to rising seniors. Design interns work closely with the top fashion designers to create collections representing the value of the brand and make all people find their style. 

  • Digital: this teamwork on finding the best digital methods to help customers communicate with the brand to maintain customer relationships.    

  • Software Engineering: This practical internship will help you apply everything you have learned in your studies. Software engineers at Gap develop the engine that provides e-commerce, retail, global enterprise technology for the brand. 

  • Store Development: As a part of this team, you will get the chance to expand stores globally. You will work on several projects to improve the stores to suit customers from all around the world. 

Internships Application Process:

Submit your resume in a PDF format in the online application once it opens. If you passed the screening phase, you would go through about two to three rounds of virtual interviews:

  • First round: About 30 minutes that assess your behavior and personality traits.
  • Second round: The hiring manager will interview you.
  • Third round: An executive interview that you will not necessarily go through.  

Please note, you could check the Gap Inc. website to see more tips and tricks on how to write your resume and how to pass the virtual interviews.

Jobs Opportunities at Gap:

As shown previously when we talked about internships, Gap Inc. has many brands and stores worldwide; all of them have various operating teams in all fields. You may find software jobs, sales, management, design, marketing, finance, and more. So, we have prepared a list of some of the available jobs at Gap:

  • Sales Associate: As a sales associate, your responsibility is to boost sales as high as possible. To do so, you should have strong communication and interpersonal skills to create positive relationships with the customers and guarantee their satisfaction. Moreover, you will need to keep yourself updated with the new products available in stocks. In this job, you will need to work many shifts until you achieve the target sales. 
    • Qualifications and traits needed for the job: You should be flexible while dealing with work schedules. You must have a good ability in using technology and computer software. Also, you should have the physical ability to move around the stores and lift to 30 lbs.  
    • Salary: $11.22 per hour
  • General Manager: As the name implies, you have a very crucial job to maximize profits through the plans you put with your team. It is your responsibility to make sure that the store reached the defined goals and is operating well. You have to create a friendly work environment that supports employees and motivates them to perform their tasks best. Moreover, you are responsible for budgets, schedules, writing business plans, and more. 
    • You need to have to get this job: This is a management role that requires you to have retail experience from about three to five years. You should be flexible and prepared to work extra hours and travel to a remote area if needed. To excel in this role, you should have strong leadership skills to lead your team towards achieving the targeted goals. 
    • Salary: $64,098 per year
  • Warehouse Associate: The warehouse associates work on merchandise to reach the best retailers in the industry. As warehouse associates, your jobs will include carrying cartons and loading them, packing, overseeing the merchandise, and more. Also, you will use computer terminals to do data entry and keep records of the operations. 
    • What you need to get the job: You should perform mathematical calculations and data entry. You should have the ability to work for long hours because sometimes your shifts may reach 12 hours. Moreover, you must have strong verbal skills in English. 
    • Salary: 13.04 dollars per hour

Working Benefits: 

Employees’ reviews about the work at Gap seem to be more towards the positive side. Most of them assured that the company has respect for the health of their employees and provide them with a good salary. Some of the benefits of working at Gap are: 

  • Health insurance
  • Paid time off
  • employee discount
  • Flexible working schedule
  • Employee discount

How to Secure a Job at Gap:

First, you have to be aware that the minimum age of working at Gap is 16 years old. Then, to secure a job at Gap, you need to check the job description of your desired job and make sure that you meet the required qualifications. After that, it is time to walk through the application process:

The Application Process: 

You can either apply through the stores near you or the online application available on the Gap Inc. website. Make sure to update your resume and to get all the required documents before applying. After filling the application, they will contact you within a week for a job interview. The interview takes place in person, and then you receive the decision within few days.

The Job Interview: According to many previous applicants, the interview at Gap is straightforward and easy. Although the questions may vary depending on the job position, we have gathered some of the general questions that you may face in your job interview:

  • Tell us about yourself: this open-ended question allows you to show your strengths and why hiring you may be an asset to the company.

  • Why would you like to work with us? In this question, you should take the chance to show your interest in the brand and how you believe in its values. Recruiters would like to know that you are genuinely interested in the brand and not just seeking a job for the sake of the money. This will help strengthen your positions because organizations aim to have employees who can fit it in their cultures and serve their overall vision.

  • What is the difference between selling to customers and providing customer service? This question tests your general understanding of the business. So, you should know that selling is about getting customers to buy your products by persuading and convincing. On the other hand, customer service is about making sure that your customers are satisfied and that you are constantly building strong customer relationships and taking their feedback to improve your products and services. 

  • How do we get customers to sign up for email promotions? This question tests your abilities to perform your job and to convince customers. So, to be prepared for this question, you should do your research to know the benefits that signing up to these emails provides, whether they are discounts or promotions or whatever. Furthermore, you should take the chance to excel in this question by showing your ability to communicate and convince.

  • What is one word to describe you: For sure, you cannot put your whole personality into only one word. However, you can always choose the adjective that conforms with what the company is looking for. In other words, tailor this word to suit the job position you are applying to and the organization’s values.

Should you consider a career at Gap Inc.?

Certainly, it is not an easy question to answer. There are many factors to put into consideration while deciding, such as if you think that your personal values align with the organization values, if the salaries were suitable for your living conditions if this job will add to your portfolio and provide you with beneficial background for your lifetime career, and many more factors. However, after reading this complete guide, you should have drawn a general idea if you can see yourself as a Gap employee.

If you made your mind that you really want a Gap job, you should check the official website of the company constantly to find the most suitable job for you. Moreover, you should work hard on building a strong resume and keep your resume updated all the time. Ensure that you take training and courses because they work as powerful proof of your skills and ability to recruiters. If you still a student, you should be careful of the internship application deadline not to miss the opportunity. In conclusion, a job at Gap may be a great chance for you to build your skills in a friendly working environment.       

Gap Careers Complete Guide 2021

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