Amazon’s Packer Job Description- Their Salary, and Duties

Amazon Packer Job Description, Salary

Founded by Jeff Bezos, Amazon is a huge name in the e-commerce world and they have created thousands of job opportunities for unemployed people. A person having basic expertise can apply for their services and can earn enough to boost their career experience. The packing sector is still in high demand these days because of Amazon’s high customer base. Amazon’s packer job description will describe the responsibilities of picking and packing kinds of stuff. Employees working in this department might also be trained to handle stock arrangements. However, the basic work will include ensuring that the orders made by the customers are ready for transportation.

Interested candidates can apply for the post of a packer even if they do not have an undergraduate degree or a postgraduate degree. However, a minimum school leaving certificate should be enough for interested candidates to be eligible enough to apply for vacancies. 

Candidates having some basic knowledge in the field of technology would be a plus point and would be advantageous. Having some basic knowledge about machinery and other mechanical tools will prove to be very handy. 

Steps To Become A Packer At Amazon

  • A school leaving certificate will be enough for a candidate to be eligible for the applying process.
  • Having basic knowledge in technological and other basic mechanical fields. 
  • Employees would require working on several types of machines so it would be handy for fresh candidates to already know those areas.
  • Visit Amazon’s official online application page (
  • Follow all the directions and instructions that will appear after you have applied for a packer job vacancy. 
  • While filling up all the details make sure that you provide all correct and relevant information. 
  • Interested candidates must be at least 18 years of age to apply for the job.
  • If your CV or resume interests the employer then you might be selected for further processes like an interview round. 

Amazon Packer Job Description & Duties

Amazon might bring out significant changes and advancements while posting vacancies for any type of job post. Candidates interested to work as a packer inside an Amazon packing facility should check important details about eligibility criteria and other such information that are made available online.

Packers at Amazon will have several duties and responsibilities to fulfill. The job description of the packer would include working on shipping and inspecting products so that the products meet their shipping regulations. 

Hired candidates would have to keep records of the packages like records of the delivery notes, invoices, etc. Employees would also have to work on packing items for shipping, sealing, and labeling. 

In case you have experience with this type of post then it is important to let your employer know about that beforehand. Prepare a new CV or a resume mentioning all about your previous work experiences and your interest areas. 

Keeping and maintaining a structured resume will help your recruiter understand more about your job experience. Information like these would increase the chance for an interview with the recruiter or with an interviewer. 

The duties of a packer would also include cleaning the shipping containers before they are shipped. A packer at an Amazon facility will be assigned to a specific area. They will have to retrieve goods from the inventory and check whether the products are in good condition.

Amazon facilities from all over the United States of America are always hiring staff. People interested in a full-time job can search for openings and accordingly apply for that. Jobserve, an employment website company might give you the perfect job that you might be looking for.  

The job description of an Amazon packer would include the following points:

  • Dispatching of goods after proper inspection of the goods for further processing.
  • Maintaining the safety guidelines and complying with occupational health while working.
  • Packing products with bubble wraps and sealing them.
  • Reporting any kind of problem arising to his/her superior or invigilator. 
  • Making sure that the packaged goods are weighed and labeled properly.
  • Record all the packaging information manually and enter it into the database.
  • Enter the status of the product into the predefined database.
  • Inspecting that the product is not damaged and make sure that it is in its best condition.

Amazon Packer Salary Package

Depending on the country that you live in there could be some differences when talking about the salary package of a packer at an Amazon facility. However, fresh candidates with less than 0-1 years experience would be given much less than an experienced one. 

In a country like India, the average salary of a packing supervisor at Amazon is INR 1.1 Lakhs. This is the average salary for those people having experience of less than 1-3 years. Candidates applying for a packer job at Amazon would like to receive a decent amount as a salary. Compared to other companies all across the country Amazon offers pretty much decent pay for their employees.

Most employees are satisfied with their pay because they are sure about their security working as a packer. Workers working overtime are paid 8% above the national average in the United States of America. So, one can say that there is a lot of scope for earning but that depends on the quality of your work. 

Every worker in the facility of Amazon is working to earn and that is what counts at the end of the day. Monetary benefits will keep employees motivated to work efficiently and also will boost their morale. Amazon packer jobs might sound basic to some people but they are worth it at least to make a living. 

In the United States of America, an average Amazon packer would be approximately $30,774. This amount easily meets the national average. A person can expect the highest amount of $35,685 per year working as an Amazon picker packer in Alabama. 

Different regions in the United States would offer different salary benefits. As mentioned above, if a person working as an Amazon packer in Alabama might expect a bit more than a person working in Nevada. 

There is not much of a difference from one region to another. If you are living in Nevada or North Dakota then you can easily work in those regions. One can work wherever he/she can feel comfortable because there is not much difference.

If you are interested in other job posts like a driver’s job, auditor, engineer, etc then the salary would be different. Engineers and business developers are the ones getting one of the highest salary packages. 

What Does an Amazon Packer Do?

The Amazon packer is responsible for preparing items and readying them for shipping. Overall, this is the primary work of a packer at an Amazon warehouse or a facility. This is the responsibility of every packer working at an Amazon facility anywhere in the world. 

The job of a packer might seem simple and an easy task but it is quite the opposite. Employees are required to work efficiently and quickly as well. Just like any other job at Amazon or any other company, inefficient workers are removed from the workforce instantly. 

Employees working as a packer will have the most crucial responsibility of checking the product thoroughly. Packers are responsible for maintaining the best out of the product so that it reaches the customer in good shape. 

These people are also responsible for maintaining records of the product and uploading their status in a predefined database. So, the job of a packer at Amazon does not only mean to pack products but they need to handle some mechanical and technological stuff too. 

If you are a fresher and you are interested in a full-time packer job at an Amazon warehouse then you can apply for it. Let your recruiter know about your skills and knowledge so that you can get proper training. 

Customers from all over the world are constantly ordering their favorite products on Amazon. This is why sometimes the job of a packer becomes difficult when customer demand rises. However, Amazon still promises its customers the fastest delivery that no other e-commerce company has ever offered. 

Many experienced workers have reviewed that working as a packer is difficult because work needs to be done quickly. If you like working in an environment where things are done quickly and as well as efficiently then the job of a packer might be best suitable for you. 

How Much Money Does A Packer At Amazon Make?

According to different regions from all over the United States of America, there is only a slight difference between Amazon packers. The average pay is about $31,200 per year. In other words, a packer at Amazon would be making around $16 per hour. 

Interested candidates researching these kinds of vacancies would look at the pay scale and they can look at the pay range as well. There might be doubts arising whether the payment would be suitable from your side or not. 

Well, if your recruiter thinks that you gain experience and have basic knowledge then it would be a good thing. You might be offered higher pay than a fresh worker. Warehouse workers at Amazon facilities in the USA are paid with pretty much decent pay. The pay scale could range from $5 – $44 per hour. 


Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce companies in the world. This means that there will be a lot of opportunities for younger generations in the upcoming days to work for Amazon. Amazon not only offers job opportunities for a single hierarchy but there are varieties of offers that are available. 

 Workers at Amazon have mixed reviews about their experiences working at Amazon. According to Glassdoor, the overall rating is 3.9 out of 5 as the working culture at Amazon. The work could prove to be difficult for some people and challenging as well. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to get a job at Amazon in the USA?

Ans:  Follow the steps given below to get a job at Amazon USA:

  • Check online and apply accordingly to your choice and preference.
  • Research the current jobs 
  • If the recruiter is interested in your profile then you might be contacted
  • Crack the interview if you are called
  • Do the job.
  1. Is working at Amazon difficult?

Ans: Working at Amazon is difficult and challenging at the same time. If you are interested in a working environment where work is done quickly and efficiently then Amazon might suit you. 

  1. Is it stressful to work for Amazon?

Ans: Many workers have shared their experiences and say that working at Amazon is stressful. Some of the critics say that the company sets high production quotas. This kind of work culture creates a lot of pressure both physically and as well as mentally. 

  1. Does Amazon offer free food services and benefits to their employees?

Ans: Amazon does not offer free food services for their employees. Being one of the biggest and profitable companies in the world, free food should have been a benefit at the workplace. 

  1. Do employees get breaks while they are working?

Ans: Yes, employees do get a lunch break which lasts for half an hour and two 15 minute breaks. However, this might depend upon the work that one is allotted. There has been a report where employees (packers) had to skip bathroom breaks just to keep their jobs.

  1. How do we get an interview after applying for a job at Amazon?

Ans: Getting a call for an interview might be hard but the advantage is that they are consistent. Employees get to know the structure of the interview beforehand. This helps the employees to prepare for the interview beforehand and come prepared for the interview. 

  1. What are the requirements for working at Amazon?

Ans: Anyone can be eligible to apply as a worker at Amazon until and unless the following criteria are met:

  • Must be at least 18 years or more than that.
  • Must have the ability to speak and read English.
  • Must have at least a high school leaving certificate. 
  1. What is the best job post at Amazon?

Ans: Some of the highest paying jobs at Amazon are as the following:

  • Software development engineer
  • Business analyst
  • Software engineer
  • Senior program manager
  • Technical program manager
Amazon’s Packer Job Description- Their Salary, and Duties

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