Amazon Packer Job- Description, their Salary, and Duties

Amazon Packer Job

Have you ever wondered who supplies the goods we purchase on Amazon and how the whole process works? Here is a comprehensive explanation of the Amazon Packer Job if you want to make a career in it.

Amazon packers are warehouse workers that pack and organize labeled license or shipping. Their duties include reviewing order receipts to identify shipments, inspecting things, and packaging them appropriately. The Amazon Packer earns roughly $14.40 per hour plus bonuses, or $26,360 annually.

What Is An Amazon Packer’s Job?

As an Amazon Packer, a position that is sometimes referred to as an Amazon Picker, you are responsible for packing items for shipping from the warehouses. Your job is to collect the goods specified on a receipt from inventories, inspect products to ensure they are in excellent shape, package them carefully, and prepare them for shipment.

They have to pile and load products into suitable containers and arrange them for shipping with a wide variety of machinery. Packaging products for shipment, disinfecting, and preparing container ships before putting goods in them are all jobs of the Amazon Packers. Amazon picker positions are available on a full-time or part-time basis. Each week, you may be expected to work around 20 to 40 hours.

Packers operate in fulfillment centers, shipment facilities, production facilities, and other warehouse settings to transfer their goods from the warehouse and prepare them for transportation to their nearest place. Their primary function is to collect inventories and wrap them for shipment. Still, they could also support other warehouse activities such as placing goods in the proper position on the racks or loading completed packages onto delivery vehicles.

Packers evaluate the most space-efficient method to deliver a range of goods. They gather shipping supplies, including packing foam, cling wrap, and tape, to construct a box protecting the contents. Packers also mark the shipment container with details about any perishable, delicate, or possibly hazardous goods.

Roles And Duties Of Amazon Packer

An Amazon Packer is responsible for selecting and packaging orders and even managing stock arrangements to guarantee sufficient inventory for shipping reasons. There are numerous different duties and responsibilities of amazon packer which are mentioned below:

  • Performing a visual inspection of shipments to ensure goods are not damaged and checking on container ships to verify that it fits with shipping requirements.
  • Making orders daily by sorting based on their delivery locations or other shipment requirements. Thoroughly filling out packaging and purchase forms, including all necessary shipment details. Taking note of packages containing delivery notes, bills, and additional information.
  • Putting the final touches on container ships by sealing and marking them properly. Adding data about selecting, packaging, and shipping into the Amazon database as well as its status.
  • Container ships and other transportation materials should always be cleaned regularly by the packer.
  • Product inspection to verify if it is in good functioning order and has not been compromised. Collecting stock, choosing and arranging products for dispatching, loading/unloading trucks are all things that packers do.
  • Obeying workplace safety rules to safeguard one’s safety and the safety of others around one is essential, and the packer does it.
  • It is necessary to weigh and label packed products and notify supervisors of any issues. Packages are also considered and labeled correctly according to the contents in them.
  • Writing the package relevant information on paper and then putting it into a database with the shipment’s current status. Making sure that containers are correctly labeled.

Qualifications And Skills Required

If you are applying for the picker/packer position with Amazon, you may be required to satisfy the following qualifications:

  • Since the packer’s job is required to communicate with team members, read and interpret purchase orders, and submit reports to the warehouse supervisor, they must possess excellent spoken and written communication abilities. 
  • Physical capability and stamina are essential since the delivery company packer will also demand you carry items or products from one location to another and effectively handle significant and necessary equipment.
  • The packer must have excellent time management abilities. They may be expected to accomplish specific given duties under tight time constraints.
  • Due to the reason that they should be able to find and remove goods from racks and storage places, they must pay close attention to detail.
  • They must possess strong endurance abilities since they will be required to work long hours.
  • Packers are not often needed to have any higher educational degrees, according to regulatory requirements. A secondary school diploma or equivalent is required at the very least, but formal college training is not.
  • Some level of high school education will help the packer know the fundamental principles of mathematics and how to communicate well in the required language. Packers responsible for driving the shipping vehicles may need to have a commercial driving license (CDL) before starting their employment. 
  • Most employers prefer candidates who have at least one year of training in this or a closely related position, like order picking or truck loading, to apply for the job of Packer. 
  • They should be able to stand for long periods without feeling exhausted or uneasy. The experience of working in warehouses or factory packing items for transportation is required for packers.  
  • They must be aware of the proper use of packaging materials like bubble wrap before they can proceed. Having previous expertise with computers, such as logging in things and managing an inventory, would also be beneficial.

Amazon Packer’s Salary And Benefits

An Amazon packer earns an average income of $31,200 annually or $16 hourly in the United States. Beginning salaries for entry-level jobs are $29,250 per year, with the highest-paid employees earning more than $35,685. The beginning wage might become better if you have prior warehouse expertise or skills for operating heavy types of machinery such as forklifts and other industrial equipment.

As an extra benefit, some Amazon pickers are eligible for several additional benefits in addition to their base salary, which are detailed below:

  • Employees who work full-time are entitled to paid day-offs,  401(k), and medical insurance. 
  • There are other programs offered by Amazon, like Amazon Career Choice, which pays up to $12,000 in tuition fees, textbooks, and other expenses for up to four years in “high-demand occupations” that might not be relevant to the present job of an Amazon employee. 
  • Packers often work for extra hours, which benefits them in earning an average yearly overtime wage of $4,312 each year.

What Are The Working Hours For Amazon Packers?

A job as an Amazon picker could either be part-time or full-time in nature. The number of hours you’ll be expected to work every week may range from as few as 20 to as much as 40.

In some instances, extra work may be needed during busy times of the year. The period between Christmas and New Year is the most likely time for this to occur.

When it comes to shifts, Amazon packers work in the morning hours, afternoons, and late nights, among other times. When it comes to meeting the increasing employment requirements of the online retailing business, workers who keep complete availability are given a significant priority.

Working Environment For Amazon Packers

Always Keep in mind that the workplace environment for Amazon packers may be very challenging. You must be able to tolerate being on your feet throughout the day and taking frequent breaks to stroll.

Additionally, you should be capable of lifting approximately 75 pounds daily without the help of others.

Furthermore, this posture requires a great deal of repeated movement. Your everyday duties may also include operating other kinds of equipment, like rollers and pallet jacks, which you may be required to do. When dealing with heavy workloads, it may be essential to work longer shifts occasionally to accommodate them.

Job Description For Amazon Packer On Resume

Suppose you really are creating a new resume and have previously worked as a packer at Amazon. In that case, you must reflect that information in your resume by adding a section under “professional experience” there.

Including a section about your professional or job experience on your resume/CV can aid to indicate to a recruiter or employer that you are effective in carrying out the tasks and duties of an Amazon Packer.

Having this information may be critical in obtaining an interview and a job offer from a recruiter/employer. It proves that you have been productive in your Packer role at Amazon, implying that you can succeed in your new position.

Using the ways mentioned above for the Amazon Packer job description, you may create an engaging career experience section in your resume.


If you are considering a career as an Amazon Packer and want to learn more about what the work involves, the material in this article will be beneficial to you. You can understand the tasks and responsibilities of an Amazon Packer and determine whether it is what you want to do. This article is also helpful for employers who wish to attract Packer in their businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1) What does an Amazon picker packer do?

As a warehouse packer, also known as a picker, they control packaging products for shipping from the warehouse. You go through the inventory, double-checking that the goods on the invoice are in good condition, securely packaging them, and arranging them for delivery.

2) What is the profitability of Amazon Packers?

Average Total Pay The average Amazon Packer wage is $15 per hour. Amazon’s packer pay ranges from $8 to $28 per hour. This estimate is based on 250 Amazon Packer salary report(s) or calculated based on statistical techniques.

3)  What Is a Packer’s Role?

Packers transfer items from storage and prepare them for transportation to their next destination at fulfillment centers, drop-shipping locations, manufacturing facilities, and other warehouse environments. Their primary responsibility is to gather goods and wrap them for shipment. Still, they may also help with other warehouse chores, such as restocking shelves and loading completed packages into delivery vehicles.

4)  What are the requirements for Packer Experience?

A Packer typically needs at least one year of experience in this or a related position, such as order picker, truck loader, etc. They should be able to stand for prolonged periods without undue fatigue. Packers should have experience in a warehouse or manufacturing packaging products for transportation.

Apprenticeship experience as a warehouse operative is also acceptable. They must be comfortable with packing materials such as bubble wrap. It will also help if you have prior computer expertise logging in things and managing an inventory.

5)  What exactly is the difference between a Picker and a Packer?

Pickers and Packers both play significant roles in a warehouse, and their responsibilities may overlap. Pickers locate specific products in a warehouse and remove them off the shelves, whilst Packers take those things and secure them for transportation.

Because some smaller firms combine the jobs of Picker and Packer, some Packers are referred to as Picker Packers. More giant warehouses may need to divide the two positions to improve efficiency, with Pickers pulling items and inventory off shelves and delivering it to Packers. They subsequently assemble the goods and prepare them for shipment to the customer.

6)  What should you look for on a resume of a Packer?

Look for expertise working as part of a team when employing a Packer. Packers must interact with others, follow others, take feedback, and assist others on their team since they work closely with various specialized positions inside the warehouse. 

A strong Packer CV will include information regarding their speed and efficiency, such as the number of orders they fulfilled in previous employment.

7) What are the requirements for Packer Education and Training?

Packers are often not needed to have any formal educational credentials. Typically, a high school diploma or a general education diploma (GED) suffices. This demonstrates that the Packer is conversant in English and knows fundamental mathematical rules.

Packers who drive the shipping vehicles may be required to get a commercial driver’s license (CDL) before beginning work. It’s also possible that you’ll need a forklift license. Aside from this, becoming a Packer does not require extensive training or schooling. On-the-job training will be provided.

Amazon Packer Job- Description, their Salary, and Duties

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