Aluminum Installer Job Description, Salary & Responsibilities

Aluminum Installer Job Description


Aluminum is one of the common metals that exist in the world. It is widely known for its economic importance. It is a silvery-white metal with an atomic number of 13 ( position 13 in the periodic table). Aluminum is the most widespread metal on Earth, making up more than 8% of its core mass. It’s also the third most common chemical element on our planet after oxygen and silicon. It is less dense( lesser weight) than other common metals. This property makes it more useful than some metals that exist in nature. Aluminum is also soft, non-magnetic, and ductile. We will discuss Aluminum Installer Job Description here.

Due to its properties, Aluminium can be used to make different industrial and household materials. Electrical conductor materials such as electric wires and cables can be produced from aluminum due to its electrical conductivity. Some roofing sheets are made from aluminum also. Security doors and gates can also be produced from aluminum. Aluminum has a lot of advantages, to mention but a few. An Aluminium installer is one of the professional individuals that ensure aluminum an effectively utilized. 

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An Aluminum installer is a professional individual that installs or fixed aluminum materials and products in homes and industry for full productivity and societal usefulness. His/her function is to install any Aluminium materials in homes and industry. He/she must have acquired the skills with relevant experience in the past to perform this role effectively. 

Before I proceed, let me explains the uses and application  of Aluminum materials in the society. 


Aluminum materials can be used for the following purposes. 

  • Electrical and electronic equipment:  because of the conducting properties, aluminum can produce some electrical material. Also, unlike iron, it can be used for producing electrical equipment for the inability to corrode easily. 

  • Power lines and wires: Due to its conductivity, high tensile stress, and inability to corrode easily, Aluminium can be used for power lines and wires for transferring electricity from one place to another. It is relatively cheap and durable. 

  • High building construction: due to its thickness and strength, Aluminium can reinforce building construction. It can also be used as elevation in a tall and industrial building.

  • Window frames: Aluminium can be used as burglary and window frames for security purposes. Doors and gates: Aluminium can also produce security doors and gates in a high-security zone.  Coupled with other security technology can produce the maximum security required. 

  • Consumer electronics: Aluminium can manufacture some consumer electronics like television, radio, speaker, microphone, etc. Industrial appliances can also manufacture some Industrial machines and tools because of their durability and non-corrosive properties. The machines can be used for a long time, and this can reduce the cost of maintenance. 

  • Aircraft components: Aluminium can manufacture some aircraft components because of its durability, ductility, and non-corrosive properties. Its low density is also a good advantage in the manufacture of aircraft.  

  • Ships: its low density and durability make it suitable for ship construction. Trains: train rails are constructed with Aluminium materials. The reason is to prevent corrosion when exposed to sun and rain, as in iron. Trains body parts are also built with Aluminium materials. 

  • Personal vehicles: Some parts of vehicles are made of Aluminium due to their durability and non-corrosive properties. Car bonnets and wheels are made of Aluminium. Iron might not be suitable in this case due to its corrosive properties. 

Aluminum Installer Job Description

For an individual to be fully qualified to work on Aluminum, he/she must possess the following properties. 

  • Skill acquisition in metallurgy (the study of metals and their properties) is the most requirement for an aluminum Installer. In addition to this, he/she must have explicit knowledge of aluminum and its properties and must be able to identify aluminum materials anywhere. 

  • Education can be an added advantage in some cases. Obtaining a degree in relevant courses like material science, metallurgy, and other similar courses can make an individual more professional than another semi-skilled individual. 

  • An Aluminium Installer must also be versatile with various technological applications that can make his/her work effective and accurate. 

  • He/she must have adequate experience in the field of Aluminium installation. A beginner/can be an apprentice to a professional individual in other to gain relevant experience. 

  • He/she must be intelligent and diligent. This is inevitable and is always essential in all professions.

  • He/she must be accurate and precise. Accuracy is highly required because any error made during installation can be highly consequential. 

  • He/she must be proactive. That is the ability to make plans for future events.

  • An Aluminium Installer must always be ready to meet his/her clients’ demands at all times. 

  • He/she must not be wasteful. That is, he/she must be able to use limited resources for maximum productivity. 


An Aluminum installer performs the following function 

  • -He/she studies Aluminum’s properties and decides the best materials to be produced by aluminum. He/she also decides the best place in which aluminum materials can be used or installed. 
  • – He/she fashioned out aluminum into a usable product that is best for consumer use. 
  • – He/she helps to install Aluminium doors and gates in homes and industries 
  • An aluminum installer helps build and install aluminum products that will be adequate for the industry’s activities in the industry. 


Salary or wages are always the compensation an individual receives as a result of services provided. Most of the time, an aluminum installer is employed on a contract basis. He/she is paid based on the extent and complexity of the task. In some cases, an aluminum installer can be fully employed by industry, especially in the automobile and construction Industry. In such a situation, his/her salary depends on the year of experience and the company financial capability company’s financial capability. In the United state of America, Aluminium Installer is well compensated by most companies employing them. On average, an aluminum installer receives $40,000 per annum. 

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Aluminum Installer Job Description, Salary & Responsibilities

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