What to Wear to a Golf Course Interview

What to Wear to a Golf Course Interview

Golf is one of the most prestigious games there is, and as such, it also has a prestigious following. Having this crucial information in mind, it is safe to assume that you can already guess how to show up for an interview at a golf course. But since you have asked this important question, I will briefly take you through the answer!

When going for an interview at a golf course, irrespective of the position you may be applying to, you should make sure to appear informal apparel. This means that you should wear a suit (preferably a dark suit) and a white shirt, including a tie and formal shoes. Be careful not to wear a three-piece suit. As a female, you should also appear before the interviewer in formal attire such as a dress suit (or pantsuit) with either a skirt of knee-length and/or matching pants, or a formal blouse with pants or skirt, along with closed shoes! The shoes should be of moderate heels or flats, whichever is comfortable and works for you. 

You’ve already probably heard that the way you dress is the way you will be addressed. And your dressing portrays your carriage and inevitably portrays you. In this vain, it is no different when dressing up for an interview at a golf course. Your dressing can inspire confidence in your interviewers, but it should be here clearly stated that the best confidence you can have is to be sufficiently prepared for the said interview. This means knowing all there is to know about the job role and what is required of you as an applicant. Only then can your dressing augment that confidence. Find below more detailed information on the dress codes as regards gender.

 What a Man Should Wear to a Golf Course Interview

Whether you’ve applied as the General Manager of the Golf course, or as the Course Superintendent or Turfgrass Manager, what you’re wearing for the interview should reflect the spirit of the game, i.e. ‘’Prestige’’. You may want to choose any of the following colors of suit.

  • Navy Blue Suit 
  • Black Suit
  • Dark Brown Suit
  • Dark Grey Suit

If you cannot manage other colors and don’t feel confident in them, then black is a color that won’t fail you. There’s a general dressing rule that says you should not have more than three colors on you for formal occasions, or at the most, four colors. You can leverage this, and it should also be of help to know that you should try as much as you can to have the same colors of belt and shoes. Here also, the tie is worn can be of a brighter nature to not present a monotony of darkness. The ties worn can also be of plain colors or moderately patterned. Several colors can be chosen for the tie. Examples are;

  • Red
  • Purple
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Pink

Your formal shoes may be Oxfords, Derbies, or Brogues. Having thus dressed, this simple yet classy appearance that gives off a good impression to the interviewer can have you steps closer to that dream job at the golf course. You should also not forget the all-important factor of looking kempt. This means a nice haircut, being neat, pressed clothes, faintly cologne, and sharp looks. 

What a Woman Should Wear to a Golf Course Interview

When going to a golf course interview as a woman, some Dos and Don’ts come with it. But as compared to men, the general adherence to dark colors doesn’t necessarily apply here. For Women, if blouses are worn, they can be plain and may be of any color ranging from Peach to green or purple, and the blouse should not be sleeveless or show too much cleavage! The skirts or pants worn should be shades darker than the blouse. Extra care should be taken to ensure that the skirt should not be higher than the knees to avoid showing too much skin. The aim here is to appear as professional as possible while giving off that dignified composure inherent in womanliness. If pant suits are worn, you may also wear a blouse with a corresponding lighter shade. This is good and will keep with having as few colors as possible in the entire outfit. The accessories worn should not be superfluous as this would not strike as being professional. The shoes worn should be of moderate heels or flats, as long as they are comfortable and classy, and lastly, as in the case of men, the woman should not also be unkempt. 


With this brief article hope I have been able to enunciate the Dos and Don’ts of what to wear to a golf course interview and hope that you can properly and carefully choose the outfit that will land you that next dream job. But I will yet deal with the frequently asked questions regarding this topic in the following section. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions by individuals who also want to attend an interview at a golf course.

  1. Can I wear jeans to a golf course interview? While it is tempting to wear casuals for an interview at the golf course, seeing as the game itself is played in casual clothing, it is better not to take the risk of being underdressed for such an important affair. Wearing jeans may give off the impression that you did not do proper research on what to wear for the interview. It is therefore advisable not to appear in jeans before the interviewer.
  2. Can I wear a three-piece suit to a golf course interview? You already have an idea that you should appear formal for your interview and this is a good sign. But wearing a three-piece suit for the interview may, while definitely not hurting your chances if you’re on top of your game and very prepared for the interview, make it appear forced and give the impression that you’re trying too hard to impress. For this singular reason, it is advisable to keep it simple.
  3. Can I wear sports shoes to a golf course interview? The simple answer to this question is no. Wearing sports shoes inadvertently means you’re planning to appear casually at your interview, and that is not correct, you should be formal in your attire (including your shoes) for the interview at the golf course.
  4. How much makeup should I wear to a golf course interview? Makeup, when worn to a formal appointment such as an interview at the golf course should be worn in moderation. Light makeup is best suited for this occasion which means something as simple as lip gloss and eyeliner will be adequate to look professional. Heavy makeup can ruin your chances of giving a good impression at your interview. 
  5. Can I wear a sweater to a golf course interview? Wearing a sweater to a golf course interview can be a good option. Wearing it on top of a formal shirt and tie can fly. It gives a corporate look and also looks somewhat casual. But if you can avoid this combination and go strictly official then the better for you.

I hope with this article I have answered all your questions concerning what to wear to a golf course interview.

What to Wear to a Golf Course Interview

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