What shoes to wear to an interview?

What shoes to wear to an interview?

As we know, we never really get a second chance to make a great first impression, so we need to show it on the very first attempt, and when it comes to an interview, we need to know how to nail our interview outfit. Selecting the right outfit is really important as the jury sitting in front of you will judge you by that. Wearing the right attire gives us confidence which is the fundamental need to rock an interview. In most, cases we pick up the right clothing set for our interview but often neglect the importance of the side accessories like shoes, belts, stockings, socks. Among all these, irrespective of gender, I think shoe has the most important role to play. A right pair of footwear conveys the right image.

 You are here to know what kind of shoes you should go in, right? So here are some tips that you will find helpful.

Get an Idea About the Office Dress Code

  • If you have an idea about the dress code of your company it becomes easy for you to pick the right attire. Once you are done with this selection part, half of your burden is gone, believe me. Okay, suppose you are going to a corporate office as an interviewee, there is no doubt you will dress up in a very formal way.
  • Corporate offices mostly ask you to wear black, grey, brown. 
  • But if the work setting is business casual, people get confused. In such cases, you should try something formal instead of casual t-shirts or jeans. You as an interviewee should look hardworking and an enthusiastic person not relaxed. 
  • A business casual setting allows almost every color but if you are thinking to put on a neon dress then you should think about it again.
  • Business casual companies do not mention their dress code. But try to select a decent one. Do not go for crazy patterns.

Keeping all these in your mind once you get a handle on the dress you’re going to put on. Then, it becomes easier to choose the right pair of shoes that go well with the best outfit. Above all these, check if your shoes are in the right condition or not. If it is not in the right condition, please see a cobbler and ask him to mend it.

For Guys

To all handsome, hardworking guys out there. We know how important it is for you guys to get a job, so we want to make things a bit easier for the stressed heads. Instructing an interviewee to avoid flip-flops, sandals, sneakers is ridiculous because all of you guys already know it. So all that we should talk about is what you should say yes and to what no.

  • Men should always try Oxfords, Derby, Monk strap, and Loafers for interview purposes. 
  • Wear polished shoes.
  • During the selection always make sure it goes with your suit. If you are going to wear a black suit opt for black shoes, for a blue suit goes for brown shoes. Cordovan shoes are a great choice as well.
  • Make sure your belt is a perfect match for your shoes. Black belt with black shoes, brown belt with brown shoes, cordovan belt with cordovan shoes. These small details make a great impact and you will look even more classy. Avoid fabric belts as much as possible. A leather belt with solid color is always a yes-yes option to go with.
  • Please do not wear colorful socks. This is too distracting. You are not going on a vacation, right? You may think that your socks won’t be seen by the employer. If you think so I have to tell you that you are so wrong about this my dear. You will be fully observed while you will be making an entry. A wrong choice of socks can totally ruin your appearance and I believe that you do not want to. So always pick up a pair of socks that matches the color of your shoes.

For Women

Women always put a great amount of effort to get themselves fit everywhere and a headstrong woman opting for a job never really leaves any chance to fulfill her desire to be self-dependent or achieve her goals. We all know that financial stability gives us independence, and women have been fighting for this from the very beginning. They always choose the best for them but often forget the most important thing, to choose a comfortable outfit. In search of perfection, they literally take this issue for granted and end up being anxious about their appearance. This anxiety can snatch your opportunity.

You are already beautiful enough to these pretty ladies, and you know how to manage things, make sure you are okay with the outfit you have chosen. Give it a try before the final day if you have any doubts. In fact, trying the selected outfit before the showdown is a wise choice to make. Thus you can increase the amount of your confidence. If you are not comfortable with that, do not think twice about putting it into the reject list. By this, I mean shoes too. 

  • Choosing a comfortable pair of shoes will turn out to be your biggest flex when you will enter the interview room or when you will be asked for a tour of the office space. You will be entirely observed and judged even by your walking style.
  • Most women think wearing heels increases the quality of appearance. Well, this is true heels are a good option for an interviewee but it is not mandatory. If you feel uneasy in heels then just go for flats with closed toes.
  • If you wear heels after knowing that you cannot carry them well you are taking your chances by yourself. Someone with flat shoes and great confidence will walk in and she will be able to draw the employer’s attention, thus she will get better points than you and will get selected. While you with better capability will be left with nothing.
  • If you can carry heels then go for short wedges, pumps.
  • Don’t even think of wearing high heels, platforms, stilettos, or chunky heels.
  • Always choose closed toes. Showing off your nail paints can really be a silly mistake. That will be a distraction for the employers, which is a wrong impression. You have to keep in mind that you’re not going there to distract but to make them believe in your potentials.
  • There is no need to ask you to avoid Flip-flops, Clogs, or Eskimo boots. I guess you all ladies are already aware of that.
  • Wear solid-colored shoes instead of colorful ones. You are not going to a beach party.
  • If you are going to wear stockings then a black one will be better. It gives you a sober look.
  • Strictly avoid colorful socks.

For Transgenders

You guys have already come a long way. You have made it to this and will go far. While selecting the attire, don’t panic about your appearance. Be confident. Just pick up the one that you are comfortable with.

  • If you are a trans woman then you can follow the tips given to the women. Along with your chosen footwear wear confidence and a beautiful smile of yours. That will do half of the work and the rest? You can handle it by yourself I know.
  • If you are a trans man then you have to go through the part that is mentioned for men. You do not need to worry about your looks. If you are following these tips you will end up looking classy. Don’t lose confidence at any cost because that is the one thing your employer will look for. And you cannot give them any chance to question your credibility.


The season should be another concern while selecting your shoes. You can not really take this issue for granted. 

  • Women and trans women can always opt for Pumps in the Summer season.
  • Women and trans women can always say yes to a classy boot if the season is Winter. An ankle boot can also be a good choice for this season.
  • In the case of men and trans men, they can wear Oxfords in Summer. Brogues for any season should be a big no-no as open-laced shoes are not that good for an interview purpose.
  • Men and trans men can try smart boots if it is Rainy season.
  • Wearing leather shoes in wet weather is a big mistake that should not be made. 

This is all that an interviewee should keep in their mind. Remember one thing. You have fought against all odds to be there. You have earned this chance. So, do not forget to utilize that chance. Give your best. Show the jury what you are capable of. Show why they should hire you. All set, you are ready to go—all the best, peeps.

What shoes to wear to an interview?

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