Most Asked Toddler Interview Questions 2021

Toddler Interview Questions

Who are Toddlers?

A toddler is a child aged between 1 years-3 year. A toddler is basically a child who has just begun to learn and develop. A toddler is like a potter’s clay. The clay would get molded and grow the way potter wants it to be. Similarly, the toddler would learn and develop in the same way their parents want them to be. Toddlers should be treated with immense love as they are in their development phase yet. We will discuss most frequently asked Toddler Interview Questions in ths article here.

Why are Toddler Interviews necessary?

Generally, a toddler interview is conducted when the child is admitted to a kindergarten school. The interview is conducted by the teachers teaching in the particular school. A toddler interview is considered necessary to:

  • To get to know about the learning power of toddler
  • To get to know the toddler’s social and cultural values
  • To understand if the child can solve simple problems or not
  • To know if the child can adjust in a different environment or not
  • To learn if they are aware of the basics of shapes, colors or not

Toddler Interview Questions 2021

Toddlers should be asked basic questions that they can answer. It is essential to create a friendly environment during the interview so that the child doesn’t get nervous or scared. In a friendly environment, the child would be able to respond openly and effectively. 

Following are the questions that should be asked in an interview:

  1. What is your name?

This is the very first question in the interview. The child should answer this question by telling their name. 

  1. What are your mom and dad’s names?

This question is asked to know if the child knows the names of people living with them or not. The child must answer this question by telling their mom and dad’s names. 

  1. Do you have any brother/sister? 

The child could tell about their siblings in order to answer this question. 

  1. Where do you live?

The child should answer this question by telling the name of the place where they live. The child should be taught about the place where they live before the interview. 

  1. How old are you?

This question is asked to know if the child knows their age or not. The child can answer this question by telling their age. 

  1. When do you celebrate your birthday?

This question is asked in order to understand the memory system of the child. The reply of child should be his/her birth date to this question. 

  1. What is your favorite color?

The child should answer this question by telling the color they like the most.

  1. Can you tell me which color is this?

This question is asked to know if the child has basic knowledge about colors or not. To answer questions like this, the child must be taught about colors by their parents. If the child has studied colors, they would answer this question without any difficulty. 

  1. Can you tell the color of your dress, wall, table, etc?

The above mentioned question can also be asked in this way. 

  1. Can you identify the shapes given? 

This question tests the knowledge about shapes. It is recommended that parents must teach the child about shapes. The answer to this question would be easy if the child studied different shapes like circles, squares, triangles, etc. 

  1. Which animal is this? 

The child can be provided with the animal toys and can be asked to recognize the animal. It is suggested that parents should brief the child about animals like dogs, cats, lions, etc. 

  1. Can you tell which alphabet is this?

The child can be given alphabet toys and can be asked to identify them. The alphabet toys can also depend upon the regional language of the place where the child is living. For example, Hindi alphabet toys can be given, and teachers could ask about them in India. 

  1. Can you name this fruit/vegetable?

The child should be knowing about fruits and vegetables too, so that he/she doesn’t get any problem while answering this question. 

  1. Do you have any pets at home?

The child should answer this question by telling about the pets if they have or they should be saying no if they don’t have any pets at their home. 

  1. What is your favorite food/favorite color/favorite cartoon?

The teachers can ask this question to know about the child’s interest. These questions are easy to answer for the toddler, but still, the toddlers should be asked these questions at home too before the interview. 

  1. Can you pick up the smallest/biggest toy out of these toys?

These types of questions are asked to test the child’s knowledge about size. The toddler can answer these questions very well if they know the terms ‘small’ and ‘big.’ 

  1. Which poem do you like the most? Can you recite it?

In some interviews, this question is also put up. It is recommended that the child must learn one poem that they studied in nursery school. 

  1. How many fingers do you have?

This is also a basic question that the child can answer by telling the number of fingers they have. This question is asked to get to know about the knowledge of numbers that the child possesses. 

  1. Can you tell which number is this?

The number of toys can be provided to the toddler, and they could be asked such questions so that the teacher understands if the child knows about the number. 

  1. Which is your favourite toy?

The child can reply to this question by telling about their favorite toy. 

  1. Who is your best friend?

The answer to this question can be the name of their best friend with whom they used to study in nursery school. 

  1. What do you play in your free time? 

The answer to this question can be given by the toddler by mentioning what they like to play the most. 

This was the list of questions along with answers that could be asked during an interview.

How to prepare the child for the interview?

Many parents are looking for the answers to this question. Whatever we teach to a toddler will get stuck in their minds as they are in their developing phase yet. 

  • The parents must stay patient while teaching the toddler. This is because the child will take time to learn new things.
  • A parent should provide basic knowledge about different shapes, colors, animals, fruits, and vegetables to their child. 
  • Parents must keep in mind that if the child fails to perform well in the interview, it’s not a big deal. More opportunities would always arrive further. 
  • Parents should ask these basic questions to their child themselves to test the child’s knowledge. 
  • This should become a daily routine. The child must be taught every day so that they find it easy to learn. 
  • Along with this, the child must learn at least one poem in their nursery school.
  • The child should be told not to get scared or nervous during the interview. 


Toddler interviews are vital to learning about the child’s values in different aspects.  The child is asked primary questions like their name, their age, their mom and dad’s name, and more. Some of the basic questions are also asked, such as knowledge about different colors, shapes, vegetables, animals, etc. This is not only a toddler’s test. The parent’s patience and dedication are also tested while preparing their kids for the interview. This journey would prove fruitful for both toddlers as well as parents if done properly. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How should I prepare my toddler for the interview? Proper research must be done about the school first. Basic concepts should be taught to the toddler regarding shapes, colors, etc. The toddler must be taught daily. The toddler should be treated with patience and love during preparation. 

  • Why are toddler interviews conducted? Toddler interviews are conducted to learn about the child. The interviews give a brief understanding of the child’s brain and behavior. Also, the interviews are beneficial in knowing the child’s clarity in different concepts. 

  • How must toddlers be treated during interviews? The teachers must try to create a friendly atmosphere. The teacher should be asking questions in a very normal and easy language with a smile on their face to get scared. 

  • How should the interviewer sit with a child while conducting interviews? The interviewer should sit calmly with the child by maintaining eye contact. The interviewer should sit close to the child. 

  • Can teachers interview a child in the absence of their parents? Yes, it is wonderful to interview a toddler without the presence of their parents if parents and the child are comfortable with it. 

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Most Asked Toddler Interview Questions 2021

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