Latest Rapper Interview Questions to Prepare

Rapper Interview Questions

Choosing your career path and building your resume is tough in itself. And that isn’t even the most important part. Having a strong resume and exceptional talent puts you ahead of the race, but that isn’t enough to ace your interview. Knowing everything about yourself and analyzing your potential is what will help you the most when answering questions to perfection.  Being a rapper, it is not necessary to only excel in your lyrics. It is also important to excel in your answers when replying to questions in an interview. Don’t worry. To help you out, How I Got My Job has come up with essential tips for you to ace your Rapper Interview Questions as a rapper. 

Things to Keep in Mind

  • Be Confident in Yourself- Understand that you are here for a reason. Don’t panic or lose faith in yourself while stumbling upon difficult questions. Take it easy but not at the stake of being casual. Speculate yourself and answer questions with utter honesty. Make sure you are confident while answering the questions and don’t seem nervous. The interviewers can smell nervousness from across the table. So, make sure your answers are frictionless.

  • Know your Roots- As a rapper, you should know where you came from, where you belong, and what is your muse. You should expect generic questions like, “Why did you choose this career path”. Note that this profession has undergone a lot of struggle and you need to show them how eager you are to work through it with them. Put your best foot forward and show them everything you have on your plate. And when you let your guard down and tell them the absolute truth about why this career attracts you/ why you think you are the best fit, there is no chance they won’t be impressed. 

  • Be Honest- As this career path requires your talent and your intellect, make sure you are yourself for them to appreciate what you have been through and for them to be influenced by your transparency. And whatever question they throw at you, answer it with utmost sincerity and the first thing that comes to your mind should be your answer. Remember that honesty always gets you one step ahead. So, make sure, to be honest at all times and by all means.

  • Analyze Yourself- Remember to know when and why you started rapping. Make sure you have everything about yourself noted down. Speculate yourself and your environment to answer some personal questions which the interviewer might inquire about. 

  • Be Ready to Put on A Show- Very often the interviewers may ask you to perform something for them. You must make certain of the fact that you have some lyrics and bars prepared on the top of your head. This would be very helpful as you wouldn’t be taken by surprise and it prevents you from making a fool of yourself. Make sure to write something beforehand to catch the eye of the employers. 

Rapper Interview Questions

  1. What drove you to this field? To answer this question, you need to critically introspect and understand why you are attracted to music? Why do you think you can benefit from this field? And lastly, how did you get into rapping? To answer the interview question you need to be able to answer these questions first. And note that stating whatever you have gone through will help the interviewers understand your passion even clearly. And don’t hesitate to share your personal story with the interviewers because, in this career path, realism and idealism are of great importance. So, that wouldn’t break the wall between professionalism and personalism until you answer only when such questions are asked.

  2. What is your creative process like? Whenever such questions are asked, make sure your mind is clear and you have space to think. Describe how you get into the mood of writing or rapping and what inspires you. While doing this, brief them about the mistakes you make and the things that go in your mind while coming up with content. Be original and make them go through the process of how your frame of mind is while being creative.

  3. Where have you performed? Do you have any upcoming shows? Make sure that you have all of this prepared for and written in your resume. Plus, if asked to address it again, be certain that you can confidently answer by listing your performances. Remember not to stutter while answering as that indicates distrust in yourself which might be a negative point for the interviewer. And if you haven’t had any shows yet, don’t worry about being truthful and showing them what all you can offer them and how much potential you have would also make a great impact. But lying will ruin your chances of getting another interview. So, make sure, to be honest, no matter what. 

  4. Where do you see yourself in the future with this career? Being truthful and talking about your aspirations while answering this question would be a good choice. Maybe you see yourself in a stadium or maybe you see yourself paying the bills. Whatever comes to your mind, you are expected to be transparent about it and this is the best opportunity for you to exhibit your true potential and talent to the employer. 

  5. How would you describe the music you create? Note that you need to research the genres of music. Describe your music gracefully to catch the eye of the interviewer. Be sure to know what inspires your music and what is its epilogue. Express your music as unique, original, and most of all relatable amongst the audience. And describe your music in your own words by highlighting how you come up with it and how you want the audience to interpret it.

  6. If not rap, what else would you be doing right now? This question is a bit tricky. But worry not, we have it explained for you. To answer this question, you need not be generic. Some people might say, “I don’t think I would be doing anything but rap.” As eager as you might be to say that, don’t. This answer usually seems to put off the interviewers as it is very repetitive and gets boring. While answering, you should figure out what else might be your career option if you don’t succeed in rap. Maybe it’s a 9-5 job or maybe you’re just looking to earn more money. Whatever your choice, make sure to say it out loud without being hesitant. The idea is to prove to them that the other career option isn’t your first and you would make sure that it is your last option by fighting tooth and nail.

  7. How much have you grown as an artist? While answering this question, you have two things to keep in mind. The first is your professional segment and the other is your personal segment. While addressing this question, you need to explain how you have gained experience professionally and how much you have improved in your skills. You can add by talking about your negative skills and how they changed into positive ones after a lot of training in this field. While addressing the latter, you can address how you have personally benefited from the field. Adding points that compliment your personality to the company’s policies would be a way to gain their attention. And remember to always list out your growth.

  8. What is your biggest weakness? Usually, in questions like these, people tend to list out positive traits as something negative. But that is an old tactic and it would bore the interviewer and not excite them. The best way to list out something negative about you is by doing so. But keep in mind that the trait you list out should go hand in hand with the company’s policy. If you list out the word “unwelcoming” for a collaborative company, it won’t be appropriate. Instead, you could go for company inclusive adjectives like, “frank” or “candid”. Everybody has weaknesses, but those who know how to manipulate them into something resourceful are the ones who ace such interviews.

  9. What is the one message you would give to your fans? As a rapper and a public figure, this would be a question that you need to be the most careful with. While addressing this question, you need to note a few things first. ‘What inspires and motivates you?’ ‘What keeps you going every day to struggle?’ And lastly, ‘What is the most important thing to you?’ When you have these questions figured out, it won’t be difficult for you to come up with a positive message that you could give to your fans. Interviewers always appreciate candid answers. So, avoid stating a quote by an author and come up with something original.

  10. How are you different from others in this industry? The best way to let the employer know that YOU are the one they are looking for is to describe yourself in enough detail to paint a picture and spell out the result. You need to make them realize what they would be missing in the company and how you are a beneficial asset for them. While answering your questions, you can add a little spice. You can reply as if you have been prepared your entire life for this and can let out a smooth and easy conversation that leads to a conclusion of why you are the best artist in the world!


Interviews can be stressful sometimes, but the answer to stand out is being honest, speculating ourselves, and understanding our strengths and weaknesses to gain confidence and trust. Being sure of ourselves and knowing our roots help us to create transparency with the employer, which is exactly what they look for in an ideal rapper. 

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Latest Rapper Interview Questions to Prepare

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