Latest QA Engineer Interview Question to Prepare

QA Engineer Interview Question


The responsibility of a QA engineer is to verify all the issues before launching any software or program to resolve them all and then launching that particular software. The field includes the duty of proper analysis and identification of any box for error that occurred during the phases of testing and any documentation after the reviews. There are also some tasks with the testing and developing software with proper collaboration and reporting of all the software. Any issue should be resolved with proper analysis and with the help of the team members. A QA engineer must identify all the problems and resolve all the issues.  In this article, we will be discussing trending QA Engineer Interview Question to prepare for your next interview.

QA Engineer Interview Question

Below are some of the interview questions that are important for the candidate appearing in the interview with proper information and knowledge about the QA engineer and software knowledge.

  • Tell us the difference between QA and software testing?

Tips to Answer: Here, the recruiter wants to see whether you can differentiate between the things. All do you have to keep a great knowledge about the things asked in the question. You should frame your answer shortly and effectively in very simple language.

Answer: If I have been appointed as a quality assurance engineer, then it is my responsibility to check the process used to produce software. However, the testing of software is used to check the final product’s functionality, which meets the clients’ requirements.

  • What do you know about tests?

Tips to Answer: Here, the interviewer wants to see whether you can define in simple language about the test where you have some view about it.

Answer: As we all know, in several test cases, there are test artifacts like data testing of plants needed to design and execute those tests.

  • Define the difference between build and release?

Tips to Answer: The recruiter wants to see your knowledge about that point. Whether you can differentiate between these common things easily, we panic while answering irrelevant questions. You should frame your answer in two points in which one defines the build, and another defines the release, which you have to give their definitions. 

Answer: First of all, build, which is an installable software by the number given through the development team given for the testing. On the other hand, the release is handed over to the customer through the tester or developer, an installable software in a given number. 

  • Can you define some steps of the bug cycle?

Tips to Answer: Here, a simple question by the interviewer who wants you to tell you some points about the bug cycle. You have to explain it pointwise as you have to Prem your answer very wisely.


There are several points which I would explain point wise which are:

  1. Firstly it is to identify the bugs by the tester which is assigned to the developing manager in an open status.
  2. If the validation of a bug is defective then the development team has to fix it. 
  3. If there is no valid defect or bug then it must be ignored and marked as a rejected defect.
  4. Then there are other steps to check whether the scope is checked or not and if the bug is not at the current path which is released then the defects are postponed.
  5. In duplicate status, if the defect or bug is raised very earlier then the tester has to assign it as a duplicate status.
  6. Whenever it is assigned to fixed by the developer then it will be provided in progress status.
  7. Finally, if the defect is repaired then it is changed to the status of fixed and at the close status which is the end of testing when it is finally passed the test.
  • What do you know about different types of software testing?

Tips to Answer: The recruiter wants you to mention the various types of testing of software used. You can also explain it, or you can simply e give the names of testing of the used software. Follow you have to frame the answer by telling the names of software testing.


There are various types of testing for software which are:

  • System testing
  • Stress testing
  • Load testing
  • Alpha and beta testing
  • Unit testing
  • Regression integration testing
  • Shakeout testing
  • Smoke testing
  • Performance testing
  • Functionality testing
  • Blackbox and white box testing.

These are used for testing the software.

  • Tell us what you know about boundary testing and branch testing?

Tips to Answer: Recruiter wants you to define in simple words whether you know about the testing of the branch or boundary testing you have to define them both.

Answer: Branch testing is the testing of all the branches of the courts, which is tested for the one time, and on the other hand, boundary testing is known as testing that is focused on some limited conditions of the software. 

  • What is the importance of agile testing and what is agile testing?

Tips to Answer: Your interviewer wants you to know some details about agile testing. You can define all the information which you know about simply so that the interviewer can understand that your concept is clear about agile testing. However, try not to mention that point that is not clear in your mind, which will make you dislocated while you are answering. 

Answer: Agile testing is known as the testing of software which is a methodology of agile. Like all other testing processes, this is also an important part of testing, and this section does not wait for any team to complete the coding done during the test. Simultaneously the coding and process both go together, and customer interaction is necessary continuously. 

  • Do you have any strategy for an automation test plan?

Tips to Answer: You have to mention it pointwise to clarify the recruiter’s mind that you have a strategy to deal with it. Define your answer in a very simple and wise manner so that your recruiter can easily understand it.


Yes, I have a strategy for the automation test plan like: 

  • Rerunning the script.
  • Preparation of automation test plan.
  • Recording the results.
  • Strategy for the automation test plan.
  • Recording the particular scenario.
  • Error handling incorporation.
  • Enhancement of script by inserting points and construction of loops.
  • Fixing the issues and debugging the script.
  • As a quality assurance engineer, what would you list out the roles of software?

Tips to Answer: You should keep in mind that you have to keep calm during the recruiter asking the question, repeat the question in your mind, and try to answer the question. Whatever you know about that particular point, you have to answer. Han software quality assurance engineer, you have two points out several roles. Try not to repeat the points twice.


As a quality assurance software engineer, there are several tasks among us which are:

  • Releasing the process of management.
  • Testing of a program.
  • Integration of software.
  • Writing the source of code.
  • Control of source code.
  • Review of code.
  • Proper configuration management. 
  • Changing management.
  • Designing of software.
  • What would you list out the tools which are required in supporting tests during the formation of an application?

Tips to Answer: You are to mention the important point used for the application’s development. You have to define the support testing when there is the formation of any application and the necessary tools during its formation. Then, you have to tell it its name.


During the testing and formation of the application There are several tools are used are:

  • Automation tools are RFT, QTP, and WinRunner.
  • Test management tools are JIRA, quality center, etc. 
  • Project management tools are SharePoint.
  • Defect management tools are test director, Bugzilla.
  • What do you know about quality assurance engineers? 

Tips to Answer: The recruiter is looking for a different candidate with a different perspective and view, which can have the potential to change and have a sharp mind to tackle all the problems while resolving the issue. Simply the recruiter wants you to tell the recruiter about the work of a quality assurance engineer and why it is important.

Answer: The role and responsibility of a quality assurance engineer are to identify all the problems faced during the formation of software or during coding or any other issues in software to resolve all the problems through proper analysis and identifying the errors so that they can not occur with some other problem whenever the software is to be executed. 

Way Forward

There are several important questions about quality assurance engineers whose duty is to resolve all the problems during software development and proper analysis before issuing that software for use. So it is necessary for a candidate who is appearing for a quality assurance engineer interview. You must have basic information with the proper knowledge to face the interview questions without any hesitation. 

Latest QA Engineer Interview Question to Prepare

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