Office 365 Interview Questions- With Simple Answers

Office 365 Interview Questions

Office 365 is a basic need for the students as well as the working professionals to make their life simple and easy. The usage of this application is not hidden and is well known by all the industry experts. It was launched in 2017 with the addition of security and developed features. They also changed their name from Office 365 to Microsoft 365 to include various other things like Artificial Intelligence tools and other features like cloud storage and others. Here are some Office 365 Interview Questions.

Interview Questions:-

Tell us something about yourself.

  • The question seems simple but it tells a lot about you and whether you are right or not for the job. This question has to be answered in parts starting from the present continuous with the past moving to the future part. The present contains your recent achievements along with your recent achievements and why you left your previous job. The past contains answers to the questions like why would you be a good choice so in this part tell about some of your experiences relevant to the job and the company you like to work in as well some accomplishments in the past and also tell about the recommendation letter if you have one. Furthermore, add the future part in which you tell why this company is a good choice for you and how it will help you grow and open gates for you. In this, you can also add about what you expect from the future and your visions and goals. 

Rate yourself on this software.

  • Again this is a tricky question as it is one of the next questions which helps the interviewer to recognize your skills as well as judge your confidence. The answer should be precise and should have all the details needed by the employer. You should start by rating yourself and continue with the basic knowledge of the topic. You should include if you have done any additional course in this genre along with any special characters you have that make you more eligible than the others.  

What is Office 365?

  • Office 365 is an application developed by Microsoft which provides all the features of Microsoft Office like MS Word, MS Excel, and others. It was renamed Microsoft 365 in 2021 to make it inclusive of all the additional features it provides like AI tools, cloud, storage, etc. It has to be bought and you are given a lifetime license to use it and any upgrade in the same version is free and does not require another license but for changing the version you need to buy the product again. The company has also included different plans which allow us to choose and acquire the most suited plan for us. This also enables the company to earn more because they can easily target several people that are from students to the industry. Every subscription has different features. 

What is ADFS and give a brief description of its components?

  • ADFS or Active Directory Federation Services is a feature provided by Microsoft 365 which allows sharing of information with the help of credentials and logins outside the organization. In simpler terms, it allows a user outside to surf through a given piece of information they have the access to. They are given access based on claim authentication which means accessing the information by claiming certain tokens to confirm your identity. The components are:-
  • Active Directory:- The information used to verify the user or the information of identity is stored here.
  • Federation Server:- It usually generates the claim tokens based on the request coming from a third-party user and confirms it with the information present in the Active Directory. 
  • Federation Server Proxy:- It is the server on which the outside user pulls the request and configures the security which is passed to the Federation Server. For the security of the information, Federation Servers are not hosted directly on the Internet. 
  • ADFS Web Server:- A component that is responsible for managing all the authentication-related elements like cookies and tokens. 

Give some differences between Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Office.

Point of DifferenceMicrosoft 365Microsoft Office
CostThe cost is a bit higher because the plans are either monthly or annually accessibleThe license once acquired can be used for the lifetime if a version update is not needed
Updates It is fast-growing and therefore brings both security and feature updates from time to timeDue to being released in 2019 it only brings security updates and no major updates in features have been seen 
Number of devicesOne account can be used on multiple devices and can be used even if you change the deviceCan only be used on the device on which it was bought if you lose the license key and at a time one device can be accessed.
Extra Attributes It provides other featured like OneDrive for making our work faster and easierThere is no provision for extra apps
Support It has both technical and non-technical support to make our experience better. It has no such feature and becomes a bit handy sometimes. 

Explain the difference between Outlook and Microsoft 365.

  • The basic difference between the two starts from their working and usage. Outlook is used for sending mails to a group of people or it is known as a distribution list as it contains several mail addresses to whom a message has to be sent without entering the mails manually.
  • Outlook is used for collaboration with people on projects internally or externally, edit documents and also secure other information which is not to be provided with the help of credentials and security tokens.

What is a postmaster address in Office 365 and to access it?

  • Postmaster address is to send information to mails that are outside your office online program. The mail is sent from the external user whose mail domain is not registered and approved in your mail then this feature converts the mail domain to the default domain that is accepted. To add this feature Exchange Online Powershell is needed since the command is written in the PowerShell interface. The syntax followed is:

Set-TransportConfig -ExternalPostmasterAddress then adds the email address or assigns the value null. 

Name and give some roles of administration provided by Office 365.

  • The pack provides a variety of posts to make the handling easy and accessible. Only a part of the information is provided to you by constraining the powers you have. Some of the administrative roles are as follows:-
  • Global Admin:- It is the top-most tier and the person responsible has all the admin powers.
  • Password Admin:- As the name suggests they have the power to reset the password.
  • Billing Admin:- In a big firm or company they are responsible for the billing and the subscription which is required. They generally take care of the expiry date of the plan.
  • User Management Admin:- They are responsible for various jobs, especially on the user end. They manage the user accounts, groups, requests and can change the password.

How to add Web Part in the document?

  • The process starts with you opening and logging in your Office 365 Credentials in Sharepoint.
  • Click on the Page Tab which is at the top left corner.
  • Then an edit button is visible, click it.
  • Through this edit mode, you can navigate the Layout option in which you can choose the text layout for the document. 
  • Once you have completed the above process. Insert tab is clicked in which you have to click on Web Part. 

Are E1 and E3 different? If so, how?

  • Both of them are different subscription plans for Office 365 which defer in the features they provide. E3 is a higher version and has more features in comparison to E1. Both of them can be distinguished on various points out of which some are stated below:-
Points of DifferenceE1 E3
SupportIt is only supported on the web and is only accessible if you have an internet connection.It is accessible online as well as offline as well as it gives access to multiple devices even on the phone
Storage providedCloud storage is provided with a limit of 1TBIt gives more storage and is often limited to 5 TB 
Cost It is a bit cheaper and costs $8 monthly.Due to the extra features, it is expensive and costs $20 monthly.
Data lossIt does not prevent data loss. It has features, and applications to prevent data loss.

What do you know about the guest user role?

  • It is an administrative role created with specific powers for the guests or the people out of the company to collaborate on special projects. The role is restricted to certain information and can only access those by logging in through the credentials. The information to be shared can be some files, calendar invitations, specific chats, or a notebook.

Can you check Quarantine in Office 365 and how?

  • Yes, we can check quarantine in office 365 by following some simple steps which are as follows:- 
  • Sign in to the account and go to the dashboard of the security and compliance center. 
  •  Expand the threat management option on the left side of the screen.
  • Click on the review option.
  • For checking the messages click on the quarantine option.

Give a difference between lists and libraries.

  • The basic difference is the linking of them to the document. The link is not linked whereas a library is always linked to a document, web page, or other attributes of office tools. Lists do not contain metadata whereas libraries have data associated.

Microsoft 365 is a great tool to learn and is easily accessible. It also gives various features which are useful and can be learned quickly. It is not only used in the industries especially in the pandemic when everything was working from home but can also be used offline for the transferring of data and to make data available for everyone easily. 

Office 365 Interview Questions- With Simple Answers

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