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NURO is an electrical company established in the United States. It was established by Jiajun Zhu and Dave Ferguson in 2016. Dave Ferguson is the co-founder of the company and the present Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is Jiajun Zhu. The NURO company has its headquarters in Mountain View, California. NURO became the first company to receive the autonomous exemption certificate from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The reason for which the company received this certificate is for the company’s idea of carrying goods instead of people. Let us know ‘Nuro Interview Questions’.

Nuro Interview Questions

What Does Nuro Do?

The company NURO is known to develop autonomous delivery vehicles. The NURO delivers goods from stores to the person’s house. All the delivery vehicles manufactured and designed by the company are self-driven. It means that this California based start-up has no human drivers, all the Nuro’s delivery vehicles are present in the form of autonomous cars. The company is the first autonomous cars company to have received the exemption from the government of America as this idea was based on the technology of driverless vehicles.

Interview questions for Nuro

What are the benefits of autonomous cars?

The company is based on the idea of driver free autonomous cars. Since this trend is likely to grow in future, it is necessary for the people associated with the company to know the benefits of autonomous vehicles. Some benefits of autonomous vehicles manufactured by the company are-

1. The studies and reports show that the increasing use of autonomous cars reduces traffic on roads by 30%. It also reduces transportation costs.

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2. Electronic and autonomous cars reduce the pollution caused by other vehicles. Autonomous cars are somewhat pollution-free as compared to other vehicles.

3. It reduces the recruitment of drivers for delivery.

What software can you suggest for the betterment of the company and to increase the safety of autonomous cars?

The technical advancements and increasing developments in the software leads to new and better innovation in the existing technology. The designers may come up with new ideas for developing the present design and technology of autonomous cars. Moreover, to increase the safety and security of driverless delivery cars it is preferable to keep changing the present technology as per the requirements. Therefore the company prefers to hire people who have new and better ideas that can also be easily replaced in near future.

What steps will you take to avoid hacking of autonomous cars?

Several cases show that autonomous cars were hacked in America. The best way to avoid hacking autonomous cars is by keeping the artificial intelligence and the software private. Moreover, the location of the cars must be tracked at every point, so that if the vehicle has been attacked or hacked it could not be misused for long. Also, there can be many different methods that can be adopted to avoid such a nuisance in driverless delivery vehicles.

What are your educational qualifications?

The general educational qualification required by the employee to work in the company is that he must have a high school diploma. Along with the high school diploma it is preferred of the person who is applying for the interview to have completed engineering. The most demanded post is that of the software engineers to manufacture and develop new designs for autonomous cars as well as other vehicles. Other than software engineers, mechanical engineers are also recruited by the company in large numbers. The different teams of mechanical and software engineers are expected to coordinate among themselves while working or designing new models. Along with the general educational qualifications the person’s past experiences, knowledge, leadership qualities and other additional qualities also plays an important role during the process of recruitment.

How will you help the workers and other labours associated with delivering goods who have lost their jobs due to driverless cars?

According to the reports and records published by the forecast in the year, 2017 around 4 million people and workers lost their jobs due to the increasing trend of driverless and autonomous cars. The increasing rate of unemployment increases the burden on the shoulders of the government. While answering this question, many different ideas can come in front such as-

1. The people who have lost their jobs as drivers can be trained in certain different activities. These skilled laborers can help in other processes of manufacturing.

2. A large number of workers can be used in the process of setting up the instrument while framing the machinery, parts of the machinery and also the cleaning of the different parts and many more.

3. The skilled employees can be trained in computer programming as well as coding. Moreover, they can also be trained to track the working as well as the location of the autonomous cars. Applying this idea will make it easier for the company to improve the working of autonomous cars and reduce the condition of hacking.

What qualities make you fit for the company?

Along with the educational qualifications of the person, there are also many additional qualities that the recruiting team prefers while hiring or interview questions for the nuro company. These are also some qualities that can help a person while working. These include-

1. Innovative ideas- Since the sector of autonomous cars is likely to grow, the employees associated with this sector must come up with new and innovative ideas so the sales and production of autonomous vehicles can be increased. There are cases of hacking of autonomous cars and also misuse in some conditions. To avoid these in the future employees have to come up with ideas for the betterment of the company and autonomous vehicles.

2. Good hand on technology- The making and working of autonomous cars are completely technology-driven. Therefore, the employees willing to work in the company must have a good hand in technology. Also, they must be adaptable to the new and upcoming technological changes.

3. Coding- This is not a requirement for working in the company. Although, it is sometimes preferred for people to have a keen knowledge of computer programming and coding to frame software.

what are your past experiences of working with a technology-driven company?

The company is a technologically driven firm that is operated with the help of artificial intelligence as well as computer software. That is why before hiring employees, the company makes sure the background of the person has any experience of working along with the software and technology. It increases the chances of that person’s recruitment in the firm. Moreover, for manufacturing and designing driverless autonomous vehicles with new or updated features a well-experienced software and mechanical engineer is preferred for recruitment.


Nuro is an American company that makes driverless autonomous cars. The questions that are asked while interviewing for the company there are many different types of questions that are asked related to a person’s education, knowledge, behaviour, future aspects and more. All the above-mentioned questions and their possible sample answers can be helpful for the person who is appearing for the interview for the nuro company. The recruits also seek in their interviewees a problem-solving approach and quality of analytical thinking and new ideas. 

Nuro Interview Questions – Know More

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