Video Production Job Titles 

The process of video production covers a wide range of aspects. For a standard form of production, lots of pieces of equipment and hands-on experience are needed. This is why video production cannot be done in isolation from its major and minor arms. Let us know about that video production job titles.

Video Production Job Titles

There are numerous video production job titles available for videographers in the market.Everyone involved in the prediction of a video has a specific title distinct to him/her. This helps in organizing all aspects of production and making it a less stressful job in the long run. Here is a list of video production job titles.

  • Videographer 
  • Camera operator 
  • Cinematographer 
  • Producer 
  • Production assistant 
  • Costume designer 
  • Executive producer 
  •  Line producer 
  • Editor 
  • Key grip
  • Location manager 
  • Gaffer
  • Art director 
  • Animator 
  • Production coordinator
  • Screenwriter 


A video is tasked with the responsibility of capturing live events and video sessions with his camera. The job of a videographer involves ensuring that he gets the accurate details needed for a particular video recording to ensure a smooth shooting process in the long run. 

Camera operator 

The job of the camera operator is to take detailed shots of an event. A camera operator is essential in video production because he/she is responsible for setting up the camera, dealing with all that is needed for photography purposes, and standing as a backup man to the cinematographer. 


A cinematographer is the main head of the photography crew in any video production process. The cinematographer ensures that the photography and video captures are well lit and organized. A cinematographer helps in the direction of images in video production such as the choice of lens, color, depth of field, angles, level of saturation, and so on. 


The work of a producer revolves around all the steps in video production. The producer must ensure that a video acquires certain rights to be published. Without this right, the rights to the production of a video may be revoked due to certain breaches in contract, etc. The producer oversees and is involved in every aspect of video production. 

Production assistant 

A production assistant helps in ensuring that everything is needed for a smooth video production process. This includes ensuring that the crew members are well-fed, distributing scripts to all the members of the crew, passing information, and making the environment more conducive for video production and other various tasks. 

Costume designer 

The job of a costume designer involves clothing. From all the major characters to minor characters, the customer designer is required to creatively put together outfits that sync with the various scenes in that video production idea. 

Executive producer

Executive producers are the connection dots between the financiers of a video project and the video production crew. They oversee all the finances used in the video production process and most times, they have the right to add more actors to the equation. When it comes to those at the top of the video production chain, the executive producers are at the top.

Line mixer and line producer 

The line producer ensures that the budget required for a particular filmmaking process is allocated to all the parties involved. The line mixer is also responsible for overseeing the whole video production process pre-production and post-production.  


The job of an editor begins after the video production process. The Editor carefully maps out ideas on how to make the videos more engaging in many forms. This includes enhancing the sound, correcting colors, removing unnecessary scenes, and so much more. The editor is an important job in video production as it requires a high level of expertise and involves quite several technicalities. 

Key grip 

During video production, an individual is saddled with the sole responsibility of holding the camera to ensure its stability. This requires a lot of strength as the period of video production may vary according to individual needs and scripts. A key grip is allowed to have other people assist in overseeing all the types of equipment needed in video production. 

Location manager 

In the aspect of video production, aspects such as the location of the shoot are managed by the location manager. This job requires a good understanding of the ideas involved in the script to pick the perfect location to exhibit this idea.


When it comes to all kinds of electrical work, a gaffer is responsible for handling this. A gaffer ensures that the needed lighting is available for the process of video production while ensuring that the environment is safe from any future electrical disturbances. 

Art director

An art director is responsible for figuring out the modes of design, and all the various kinds of settings a script needs. The art director works closely with the customer designer to ensure a perfect blend of the video execution. 


After the art director has established the best mode of execution, the animator comes in. An animator helps with designing the characters using 2d or 3d motion graphics. They require a high level of experience in animation software to be able to successfully carry this out. 

Production coordinator 

The job of a production coordinator is to organize all aspects of video production from start to finish. For instance, if a video is set in a far-off location, a project coordinator is responsible for ensuring that all the crew members and cast members are set up comfortably, with the necessary documents and travel measures needed. 


Every video production began with a thought. This is what is put into due consideration with every scene of a video production process. Basically, without the help of a screenwriter, all crew members have nothing to fall back on. So, the screenwriter is one of the most essential aspects of the video production process. The screenwriter is responsible for the ideas revolving around the video production process. 

There is no small job title when it comes to video production. Every job has its particular part to play to ensure the success of video production, and while this can vary, they are all essential aspects of a video production process. 


These were some of the various types of video production jobs available for videographers or photographers in the market. Some job titles mentioned here offer a good salary hike to the one willing to consume them. 

Video Production Job Titles 

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