Law Enforcement Interview Questions With Short Sample Answers

It’s always been a dream job for many people to be in the law enforcement department, at one point of time we have all dreamed of becoming a police officer and fighting crime. Many have head on to pursue this dream and are ready to go through rigorous physical and mental training. And participate in many drills in order to learn different protocols and rules of being an officer. But one of the toughest parts of training and getting assigned as an officer are the interview questions, a candidate with enough preparation can get through this round of serious questions but without any prep time, the chances are very slim. Let us know about that the Law Enforcement Interview Questions With Short Sample Answers.

Law Enforcement Interview Questions With Short Sample Answers

Law enforcement interview questions

Law enforcement questions are the toughest part of the exams that the candidates have to give, since being in law enforcement means serving the local community and taking a vow to protect the general public and upholding the law in all circumstances. People tend to panic and quit the process halfway due to mental pressure. But the most easier solution to get through these questions is to prepare them beforehand, this will allow you to sound confident and keep your cool during the interview process.

Interview Questions with sample answers

Remember that the questions that are being asked can range from the most common question asked in every interview in the world, but some can be unique and be asked according to your strengths and weaknesses, so pay close attention:

1)      Why did you choose law enforcement as your career?

Sample answer

My main reason for being in law enforcement is because I believe that a police officer is the helping hand of the community and should serve to help the local people. Of course, it also means that the helping part involves protecting the citizen and a police officer having the power of the law can achieve this effectively.

2)      How would you react if you saw a fellow officer commit a crime?

Sample answer

“The most important part of being an officer of the law is that we have to perform our duty norther the circumstances, and that is what’s the most important. If I saw a fellow officer involved in a crime I would try to act and intervene on the spot and if I fail to do so, I shall report the said officer to the appropriate authorities after learning about the information”

3)      What are the traits that a successful police officer should possess?

Sample answer

Being an officer requires a lot of patience since during the job we will get in touch with people in a situation that can cause panic among them, and we should know how to act in that situation since most people do not know how to react. A police officer should also own qualities such as focus and detail oriented and awareness of the environment to act quickly and wisely in a dangerous situation and if not it could endanger the lives of others too.  Lastly, you need the courage and willingness to act, giving you the ability to interact in a situation that is considered dangerous.”

4)      Why would you want to work in our department if you become a police officer?

Sample answer

The most important factor in choosing your department is that I have been a part of this local community ever since my childhood and have always idealized the police force for lending a helping hand however they could and working actively in protecting the residents. I have firsthand experience of what it means for people to have trusted officers that can assist. 

Now I feel like it’s my turn to give back to our community and set the same examples it has been set by your department and ensure that the well-being of this community is the priority as an officer of the law”.

5)      How well can you cooperate with people that have different personalities?

Sample answer

As I have experience in the police academy, there can be disagreement between people, but I also learned how to handle a conflict civilly and try to understand the point of view of the other person and act in a way that is acceptable for all parties. I also consider myself to be quite a reasonable personality and this allows me to get along with people since we all are a part of a community, I try to keep my mind open and learn every day.

6)      Why should we appoint you as an officer, and what makes you eligible for this position?

Sample answer

“ with my time in the academy, I have learned about the rules and regulations that can help to ensure the safety of the community and its people and my fellow officers. A good quality that I offer to your department is my dedication to my work. Even after long, exhausting shifts, I swear to always be detail oriented and do the work to the best extent possible.”

7)      What does a police officer say when they are arresting a suspect?

Sample answer

They advise the person being arrested that they should remain silent, as anything that is said during the process can and will be used in a court of law. They can also say that the suspect can consult a lawyer made available during the questioning. They can also explain about the availability of a lawyer in case they are an issue of affordability of one.”


By now, you will have a good idea of what and how to prepare for this level of difficulty and pass the law enforcement interview process with grace. Preparing these questions and some others will give an edge over other applicants, free to read-on sample answers provided above and add your own story to the answer to bring out authenticity. You can show off your skills and strengths. Hope this article helps you to get the hat you want.

Law Enforcement Interview Questions With Short Sample Answers

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