How To Set Up A Skype Interview?

As technology has advanced it is revolutionizing the world, from payments to office meetings every thing Is available on online platforms. One such that is mentioned in this article is the technology named “skype”.  Nowadays, office meetings can be attended from home, all you need is a good internet connection and a laptop or a pc with a Webcam. Similarly, you can give interviews on a Skype call, and employers can take an interview from across the world. It has helped connect millions of people. Let us know How To Set Up A Skype Interview?

How To Set Up A Skype Interview?

How to set up a Skype interview?

With the upcoming technology, it has been very easy to connect with people from different parts of the world. And it is easier to set up a call for a meeting or an interview than ever before. All you need to do is schedule the time of your meeting and let the other person know, it does n matter if you are taking the interview or giving it, as long as both parties know about the meeting. Then you need to ensure that you both have Skype on your devices. Down below are details of how exactly you can set up an interview on Skype and what you need for the interview.

Steps to set up a Skype interview

This guide will help you to set up a Skype interview successfully, and then you’ll be able to set up a million more without any help from anyone. 

1) Install the Skype app

One thing you need to do before you can start an interview, you need to install the Skype application on whichever device has a decent camera you are going to use. On mobile devices, you can download it from an app store, and on a laptop or pc from a browser by going to the official website that has usually the link available there

2) Organize an interview

Once you are ready and all set up with your equipment, you have to schedule an interview with the appropriate party. If you are an employer, you have to email the candidate that has been selected for the interview among others and let them know the date and time for an interview and such interview will be conducted for them through the Skype call. After giving the email, you can wait and hear back from them. And if they don’t find the time you provided is not aligning with their time, and they have other responsibilities, you can give out options to them with different time slots, so they can choose whatever is comfortable for them. This includes the day and date and time of the meeting.

3) Select a place for the interview

For a Skype call to go smoothly as possible, you need to select a place where there are no external noises, nobody will barge into you and start screaming or talking interrupting your important calls. There are some norms to be followed especially during the online interview and one of them is that you go into a quiet room or office setting and there should be no interruptions this is the same for the employer and the employee both in the interview. Both parties have the same expectation that there will be order and discipline would be maintained during such crucial calls, and that they both will respect each other’s time. 

A good idea would be to go into a place where No one would disturb you and if there are other people you can either tell them to not disturb you during the call or you can put up a do not disturb sign on your door.

4) Make sure there are no problems from the hour side

Sometimes the interview can be interrupted not because the candidate or the other party is not responsible enough, but because there can be a problem with your internet and that is why the video feed is not loading. 

It is always a good idea to check your devices and internet connection and camera, to make sure that there are no interruptions, and you are not embarrassed in front of the other person. Another thing to check before going online is your microphone through which you will talk, your speaker, or your headset. Check your internet speed and whether or not the router is on if you have a Wi-Fi connection. It is a good idea to use the company technology, this ensures you can focus on the interview and not panic as soon as something goes wrong. 

5) Record the interview 

Always make sure that the call that you are on is being recorded for reviewing later on to analyze a candidate’s answer or potential and whether or not he or she should be hired by the company. It can also act as feedback for those that couldn’t be included in the interview, or for supervisors if they want to review the performance. 

This can also be advantageous because you can improve on mistakes on your part and ask better questions or if you faltered when answering one you can review it later and improve on your performance.

Before you start recording, let the other person know that you will be recording them, and you can state the reason for it or not, that is up to you to decide.

6) Ask questions and be mindful while asking them

The whole point of an interview is to get to know the type of person you will be hiring or know more about the company that is hiring. The same rules apply to an online interview Always make time during the whole process to ask questions about a person’s skills, experience, and qualifications and voice your doubts and talk about how they will be resolved. A good rule of thumb is to make a whole list of interview questions, and you can even ask something that comes to mind on the spot. 


If you are new to technology or if you have not just experienced how to set up an online conference call anywhere or just on Skype. This guide can help you quickly learn how meetings everything up perfectly and what to do during the interview and what to look out for. Feel free to use the guide however you want and according to your convenience, and it will help you out in the best possible way.

How To Set Up A Skype Interview?

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