Latest Cloud Computing Interview Questions With Answers

Cloud Computing Interview Questions

Cloud computing is the fastest-rising field in this modern era of computer science. Plenty of people attend cloud computing interviews to get into some of the highest paying companies and start a career. Ensuring the availability of resources and computer systems on time and demand is referred to as cloud computing. Cloud computing is a convenient and efficient means of storing data and computation purposes. We can access several applications on the cloud via the internet without installing them. I am glad to enlist few important Cloud Computing Interview Questions for you that may come to you to answer them during the cloud computing interviews.

Cloud Computing Interview Questions

  • What is Cloud Computing?

Certainly, you are already aware of this question if you have a computer science background, if not. I am happy to guide. Cloud computing is a famous and useful technology to provide on-demand resources. You can access the servers literally anytime and anywhere in the world. It is internet-based technology to ensure the actual availability of servers for users, especially to store the data and other computation purposes. The next question that can appear in your interview is:

  • Why cloud computing is useful/ its benefits?

As I have mentioned in the previous question, it provides plenty of place for data storage and helps in computation anytime, anywhere. For a further explanation to make your answer strong, you can add these points to your answer.

  1. Cloud computing is beneficial in data backup.
  2. Best for data storage.
  3. It increases the productivity of developers by providing on-time services.
  4. Literally beneficial for saving cost 
  5. Time saver technology.
  6. SaaS software as service.

The next question that might arise is:

  • What do you think a Cloud is?

A cloud is a combination of several useful services like storage, hardware, and interfaces. This service makes sure to deliver the computing services on-time and ensures the availability of servers for users throughout the time.

Users can be categorized in 3 different types.

  1. User for business management.
  2. Service provider of cloud.
  3. End-user.

Next important question regarding cloud computing interview question is:

  • Can you explain the different types of data types in the cloud computing?

This question can be asked in different tricky ways to confuse, but I advise you to focus on only that keyword “data types.” And your mind should click this answer after hearing this keyword, and you will no longer be a confused candidate. So the best suitable answer to this question is that there are various types of data types like images, contracts, blogs, and email in this technology. The world population is increasing, but the data is also increasing way faster, so we need to store it somewhere. To make it further clear to you, I would love to explain it with an example.

E.g., Just like you want to store a blog, you will need a new data type. I hope now you can confidently answer this question, and I assume that I made everything very clear in simple words.

Next question can be about the layers like:

  • Can you explain the layers that does define the architecture of the cloud?

I would like to explain the layers of the cloud that determines its architecture in points to make it easier for you to understand.

  1. The first layer is the Cloud controller. You can call it CLC as well.
  2. The next layer after CLC that determines cloud architecture is “walrus.”
  3. After Walrus, we have a Storage controller. You can use its abbreviation SC
  4. And the last one is Node controller NC

I assume that you can remind these steps easily now or just go through this article one night before your interview. It will help in expected way I am sure.

So let’s move to the next question that you might need to answer in your cloud computing interview.

  • Do you know anything about platforms that are being used in cloud computing for larger scale?

The interviewer can ask this question in different ways, but the answer will remain the same. Till now, 2 major platforms are being used in cloud computing on a larger scale. Mentioning both of them below in steps to make it convenient for you to remind it.

  1. The first platform we are using in cloud computing for a larger scale is “apache Hadoop.” You must be familiar with it before.
  2. And the second useful platform used for this purpose is Map Reduce.

 I assume you are familiar with both of these platforms. If not. Google it to get some knowledge about both of them before you appear in an interview related to cloud computing.

After making the above concept clear to you in easier words let’s move to the next common yet important question in cloud computing interviews.

  • Layers In cloud computing are?

Please don’t confuse this question with the previous one about layers. That question was about layers that determine the cloud’s architecture, and this question is totally different from that one. The question to this answer will be related to the layers’ working, unlike the previous question.

  1. Layer number 1 is infrastructure as a service. Also known as IaaS. You must be familiar with this term. If not. No problem, let me explain. This layer provides cloud infrastructures like processors, memory, and speed. Let’s move to the next layer if this one is clear to you. If not. Reread it.

  2. 2nd layer in cloud computing is Platform as service. It is also known as PaaS and people prefer to use its abbreviation. The purpose of this layer is to provide the cloud application platform to the developers.

  3. And the 3rd and last layer in cloud computing are Software as a service. It is also like the Saas and like other layers people calling it with its abbreviated form SaaS. This is the most useful layer, I would say. The question about SaaS can be asked separately in your interview. That’s why I will write another detailed answer of this type in the next question. The basic purpose of this type is simply to provide the cloud application directly to the user. No need to install anything in your system. Those apps always remain on the cloud.

So let’s discuss the question I mentioned in the previous one in detail because it seems important.

  • What do you know about the software as a service?

Now this question must not trick you because I am already explaining it two times. It is the most important layer of the cloud. I would say because it is facilitating the users by providing them the cloud applications just like Google. Users can not only save their documents over there, but they can create them as well. This is the main reason SaaS is now very popular among developers.

  • What are the deployment models in the cloud computing?

Here are basically four deployment models that I will mention one by one. In this question, I will mention only the names of these four models because I think I should explain all types as a separate question for a detailed explanation for you. Enlisting all four types below.

  1. The first one is a public cloud
  2. the second one is the private cloud
  3. Next, we have the Hybrid cloud
  4. And the last one is a Community cloud

Let me explain all these types for you in 4 separate questions.

  • What is the public cloud?

The name explains itself that this is kind of open source thing and allows everyone to use it.

  • What is a private cloud?

Unlike the public cloud, the private cloud is used for some security purpose, and the organization or any industry that owns this cloud can access this cloud. No other person has access to the data of this private cloud.

  • Now what is hybrid cloud?

The name itself is explaining that the hybrid cloud is basically the mixture of both public and private cloud

  • What is community cloud?

Sharing of infrastructure between organizations for the collaborative purpose

  • What are two early model names in cloud computing?
  1. Grid computing 
  2. Utility computing
  • What are the challenges that you my face in cloud computing?

Challenges and risks of cloud computing are mentioned below.

  1. Cost issues
  2. Security management
  3. no resources
  4. controlling multiple clouds
  5. organizing the data
  6. Sharing of data

I hope if you go through this detailed article about the interview questions about cloud computing, you can pass any test. Make sure you don’t just memorize the answers from this article but also clear your concepts to some extent so that you can clearly answer any question in your own words. Cramming is not a way to pass the interview. If you built the concepts, then you can pass them easily. I wish you good luck with your interview, and if you have any further questions, you can let us know. We will try to clear all your concepts regarding cloud computing.

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Latest Cloud Computing Interview Questions With Answers

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