Interview Question Tell Me A Joke

Interviews are an essential element that people pass through several times in their lifetime. The interview process begins when a child is admitted to a school, and it continues in numerous situations afterward. The major ones are in jobs and educational institutes where a person is being admitted for higher studies. Let us know about ‘Interview Question Tell Me A Joke’.

Interview Question Tell me A Joke

Interview Question Tell Me A Joke:

But, one thing that is common in all interviews is that no one can guess the question that is going to be asked. Some basic questions are asked in all interviews, but apart from the basic questions, the following questions can be from any dimension. One such question asked in some interviews is “Tell me a joke.”

Interview Question Tell Me A Joke:

Interview questions can come from any dimension and can be related to anything. One such example is when the interviewer asks you to tell them a joke. In this article, people can understand how they can respond to this question. A few things to keep in mind are:

  1. Answering the question is a must.
  2. The joke should be appropriate.
  3. A classical joke is good.
  4. The joke should not be too lengthy.
  5. Do not be embarrassed by the question; instead, smile.
  6. Do not make any offensive jokes.

Before moving forward with understanding all these points in detail, one question which should be answered is why these interviewers ask you to tell them a joke.

To Assess Interaction Abilities:

One of the most checked qualities is all the people who are applying for a job or education. They are checked for how well they can interact with another person. Asking about a job will have to leave the person with confusion.

Because asking this question will put the person under stress and pressure, it will test how well a person can tackle such situations.

To Check the Adaption Skills of a Person:

Interviews mainly consist of checking the personality of a person, and to check the personality, a person’s adaptability is also assessed, which is how the person can adapt to a stressful environment.

It is also essential to be able to respond quickly to questions or situations that are less likely to occur at work or in school

To Check the Personality of a Person:

By asking to tell a joke, a person’s personality is also checked because, in that situation, people always look for some help or respond with something that can be offensive or not in the right order. That is what the interviewer wants to check.

It is to Observe How a Candidate Responds in a Negative Situation:

When any candidate prepares for any job-related interview or admission to any institute, the main focus of the candidate revolves around learning or solving study-related problems. There is very little chance that a person will prepare for a joke or something off-topic. Asking about a joke will test a person’s ability to tackle an unwanted situation.

Response to the “Tell me a Joke” Question:

Having understood why the interviewer asks unwanted questions in an interview, let’s now move forward with what should be the response of a candidate in such a situation.

Answering the Question is a Must:

Not answering should not be an option with a candidate because, by not answering and avoiding a question, the interviewer can get the notion that the person cannot tackle the unwanted situations in their future scenario, and this can be a reason for the interviewer to not select the candidate.

Thus, a person should always answer the question and let the interviewer decide whether it is good or bad. It is the future scenario.

The joke Should be Appropriate:

An interviewer is a person who is there to judge the candidate on different parameters, and if the question is about a joke, then most adults have been familiar with adult jokes or something related. There is less chance of the candidate being familiar with the normal kinds of jokes.

A “clean” joke means that it does not include anything absurd or not professional, so the chances of getting rejected increase. So, this question must be tackled with some professional behavior. It should not contain any cuss words or other adult-related things.

A classical Joke is Good:

The world is changing every day and so is the joke culture, and if any candidate cracks a joke that is based on recent events or is related to something that has happened in the past, there is a high chance that the interviewer would not be familiar with such content and may not find it funny.

The thatch candidate will be present in a scenario such as a classic joke, not too recent or trendy so that the interviewer has a high chance of understanding the joke and the candidate saves the moment.

The Joke Should not be too Lengthy:

The interview in most places is short in which multiple parameters are judged and if one parameter candidate has failed or has not performed up to the mark, then they have other options where they can excel and leave a mark on the interviewer. Keeping this in mind, if any candidate is asked about a joke and they go on telling a long joke with multiple add-ons, there is a high chance that other parameters would not be checked properly and the interviewer could not select a candidate just because they have told a nice joke.

So, be aware that the joke should not be very lengthy.

Do not Feel Awkward or Blank when asked an Unexpected Question:

A candidate is expected to have some problem-solving skills as a student or as an employer, and if they are asked an unprepared or unexpected question and are left blank and unable to respond, there are very few chances that the interview will be positive. A candidate is expected to have some problem-solving skills as a student or as an employer, and if they are asked an unprepared or unexpected question and are left blank and unable to respond, there are very few chances that the interview will be positive.

As the interview can have many unprepared questions, it is essential to have patience and a calm mind. Don’t get blank at any question, take your time, and respond confidently.

The Joke Should Not be Offensive: 

The joke that a candidate should not be offensive in any way to the employer is why it is advised to go with classical jokes that are based on true humor and not any type of adultery or offensive humor.

One of the best strategies is to tell a joke about the situation, or it can be an education-related or job-related scenario because this way the interviewer will get to know that the candidate has the problem-solving ability and knows how to respond in what situation. It will show a candidate’s grasping power and ability to tackle a difficult situation.


Interviews are one of the most stressful environments that a person can be in because they test multiple parameters of a person, be it education-related or job-related, and if a candidate gets an unprepared question, then there is a high chance that the candidate will be blank. One such scenario is when the interviewer asks you to tell them a joke. Multiple things need to be kept in mind while responding to this question because the motive of this question is not to get a laugh but to test the candidate’s presence of mind and ability to tackle unplanned circumstances.

Interview Question Tell Me A Joke

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