Illumina Interview Questions | How To Answer Them?

In the field of genomics, which straddles the boundaries of biology and technology, Illumina stands as the world leader. In order to achieve health equity for billions of people worldwide and make genomics helpful for everyone, it is increasing access to genetic technologies. Through the early diagnosis and treatment of diseases and the development of new patient treatment choices, their game-changing discoveries are revolutionising human health. Let us know What are the ‘Illumina Interview Questions’.

Illumina Interview Questions

Illumina Interview Questions

Illumina focuses on pushing boundaries, thinking beyond conventional and dreaming big. Opportunities abound with the enthusiasm of so many skilled and intelligent people. Everyone has the potential to change the world, regardless of their position.

It is headquartered at California in the United States of America, and has around 11-50 employees in India. Recruitments are done for many departments such as Systems Integration Engineering, Bioinformatics, Process Development Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Development Engineering, SEC Filings and Revenue, NextSeq Product Management, Software Engineering and Supply Chain Planning. Let’s read Illumina Interview Questions.

The interviews are divided into 3 parts: Resume Shortlisting, Aptitude Round and Interview

However, one can improve their chances of success with the appropriate preparation and comprehension of the company’s objective and values. 

First, let us get an idea on how to prepare:

  • Researching on the company: It is crucial to become familiar with the mission, values, and ongoing projects of Illumina before submitting an application for employment. You can then adjust your application and interview responses to fit with the organization’s objectives and top priorities.
  • Adapt your resume and cover letter: It is crucial to adapt your resume and cover letter when applying for a job at Illumina to the particular position you are seeking for. Highlight how your talents and experience are pertinent to the company’s goals by emphasising how they complement them.
  • Refresh your knowledge: Illumina is a leader in DNA sequencing and genomics technology, so it’s critical to have a firm grasp of the subject. Refresh your knowledge of genetics, bioinformatics, and DNA sequencing so you can demonstrate your comprehension throughout the interview process.
  • Getting ready for the interview: It is crucial to prepare for interviews because they might be technical and in-depth at Illumina. Be prepared to discuss how your expertise and skills connect with the company’s objectives and core values by researching the company’s recent projects and industry news.
  • Network: When looking for a job, networking can be a great strategy. Talk to current and former Illumina workers to learn more about the company’s culture, hiring procedures, and requirements for applicants.
  • Demonstrate your enthusiasm for the organisation: Illumina seeks applicants who share their passion for promoting human health via genomics. Demonstrate your enthusiasm for the company’s goals and core principles, as well as your dedication to having a positive impact on the world.

A few questions that have been asked at the interview are as follows:

1. Describe your motivation for wanting to work for Illumina and how you learned about the position?

2.  What about your career background piqued your interest in this Inside Sales position?

3. Describe the culture and environment of your ideal workplace.

4. Why did you decide to work in the biotech sector?

5. How do you locate new clients and control the expansion of your current accounts, in your experience?

6. What are your knowledge of the goods sold by Illumina in the genomics industry?

7. Explain the advantages of DNA and RNA sequencing.

8. Tell us something about yourself that would help you flourish in this role and that we cannot learn from your resume.

9. What suggestions would you offer a candidate for an Illumina interview?

10. What is the culture and working environment like at Illumina?

11.  At Illumina Inc., how would you characterise success?

12. What, in your opinion, should team members keep in mind above all else?

13. What two words best define your working style?

14. In your own words, describe Illumina’s goods and services.

15. Have you ever used next-generation sequencing?

16. What made engineering appealing to you?

17. Describe to us the DNA sequencing procedure.

18. How well versed are with Illumina’s culture?

19. Can you function well in a fast-paced environment?

20. Do you have any prior management or team-building experience?

21. What is an example of a time you had to troubleshoot?

22. Elaborate the SBS chemistry

23. Varieties of plastics used for injection molding

24. Name the five chemical elements that compose DNA? 

25. What bonds hold together bases on different strands in the double helix of DNA?

26. What motivates you to work for Illumina?

27. How do you stay current with advancements in the field of DNA sequencing and genomics?

28. How do you stay current with the latest developments in the field of genomics?

29. Can you give an example of a project you have worked on that aligns with Illumina’s mission of improving human health through genomics?

30. How will you go about analysing and interpreting data?

The interviewers are looking for answers to follow the STAR structure, according to current and former employees. According to the STAR format:

Situation (S): Describe the circumstance you found yourself in or the work you had to complete. Keep the details to a minimum and maintain the centre of attention on you. Do not use a broad description; instead, use a particular instance or circumstance.

Task (T): What were you trying to achieve? (Once again, be detailed!)

Describe the steps you took to deal with the situation in Action (A). What specific actions did YOU take, and what did YOU contribute in particular?

Reaction (R): Please describe the result and feel free to claim successes. Describe what took place, how it concluded, and what you learned.

Illumina prioritises a particular set of both soft and hard abilities when hiring new employees. Illumina is specifically looking for people with the soft abilities to work in a fast-paced team environment, be analytical, curious, and detail-oriented, as well as a demonstrated capacity for learning quickly. Illumina as well as those who are customer-focused, motivated, and team-oriented value candidates who prioritise interdisciplinary working and are keen to interact with other departments and teams within the organisation. The required hard skills vary by position.

To state a few Interview Experiences from people around the world: 

  1. There were around three interview rounds (phone screen, first interview with one manager, second with 6 different managers all spread out). It was informative and allowed you a chance to get to know the folks you will be collaborating with closely.
  2. It was an easy one. I had a panel interview. There were a variety of questions, but no unexpected or improper ones. I received kind treatment and was given the chance to inquire about the corporate culture and training on my own.
  3. Initially it was on the phone with a recruiter. The phone interview with the team lead was conducted after that. The last phase involved a video interview with select team members. I was supported throughout the process by the recruiter, and everyone was really courteous and professional.
  4. Cooperative, beneficial and quite untroubled. I appreciate the sincerity and the insight. In my opinion, it was a positive experience all around. If given the opportunity, I would think about helping them with their business.
  5. It was a tricky process, but overall I had fantastic discussions that helped me understand the responsibilities of the role and potential difficulties. After applying, it took HR a while to get in touch with me (more than 2 months), but once the interview process began, it took about 3 weeks.
  6. I first received a link in an email to pre-screening questions. You then go to the hiring manager’s interview at the next stage. Within two to three weeks overall, an offer was finally made.
  7. Standard procedure: a screening phone call that includes behavioural and technical inquiries. I had an entry-level interview, but the interviewer asked me questions that only someone with experience in the field or who has done study on the job’s duties could have known.
  8. In addition to having one-on-one interactions with team members, there was a recorded video interview as well as a daylong interview with the other applicants in which you competed against them in groups.
  9. The panel interview lasted for around half a day. Numerous departments and I met (ones that I would work with). Everyone displayed professionalism and posed considerate, insightful queries. It was a great one. I received the marketing manager offer.
  10. Step 0: HR discussion 

Step 1: Online panel interviews 

Step 2: One-on-one interviews with Hiring Managers 

Step 3: HR discussions on timelines and salary expectations. HR facilitated the conversation during the salary negotiating process.

  1. Talked to the HR Manager after the recruiter. Then, a panel of 4 interviews with 2 interviewers each was conducted. One interview served as a training session for creating product requirements.


Now We’ve learnt about ‘Illumina Interview Questions’, Overall, the best way to prepare for an interview at Illumina is to research the company’s mission, values, and current projects, and to be able to clearly demonstrate how one’s skills and experience align with the company. The above-mentioned experiences and questions are illustrative examples of possible interview questions; the real ones that one can encounter depending on the particular position they are applying for at Illumina. To be ready to respond to these inquiries, it is crucial to conduct research on the organisation, its culture, mission, and the position for which you are applying. As this demonstrates your interest in the organisation and the position, it is equally crucial to be ready to ask your own questions during the interview.

Illumina Interview Questions | How To Answer Them?

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